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'It's just not normal': Jayhawks slip at Allen Fieldhouse again, lose to Texas Tech

Agree with you for sure. Extremely soft defensive team, no way around it. They show flashes but just cannot sustain any strong defensive mentality. For such a big and imposing guy, Dok is one of the softest big men I have seen on the defensive end with almost zero instincts to protect the rim or rip down rebounds. He continues to get owned down low by guys of all shapes and sizes. I sure hope this changes cause he seems to have the tools to do so. Our guards continue to get beat to the basket and outrebounded consistently. There also seem to be an awful lot of instances where opposing guards are left open due to our guards lack of awareness to rotate back to either their man or the open man. This would seem to be more of a coaching thing than a total lack of skill or knowledge cause they all fall into this trap. No, no...I am not being super negative, just my observations from an armchair coaching position. I still trust coach and as a Jayhawk alum and fan, we are spoiled. Let's get it done!

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Kansas storms back into top 10 in AP poll

While I do agree that rising from #11 to #10 isn't "storming", who really cares and is it worth specifically pointing out? Each to his own.

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Unselfish Jayhawks roll to 86-77 win over TCU in Big 12 home opener

Outstanding job ladies, great win at home. Keep it moving....Rock Chalk!

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Notebook: Marcus Garrett earns spot in starting lineup; De Sousa travels but awaits certification

Agreed, it seemed to me like Smart was throwing a tantrum and didn't like what he was being told and stormed off. If you are gonna flap your gums at the official to a point of drawing a T, be prepared to hear what he says. The official sat there and listened to Smart then seemed to offer his take on things and it was shortly after that when Smart just walked off. I'd be a little hot after listening to his crying and when I tried to explain my reasoning for the call he walks off. Who knows what was said, but from my armchair position at home, I certainly didn't see anything to show the official was blatantly wrong.

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Notebook: Marcus Garrett earns spot in starting lineup; De Sousa travels but awaits certification

Guards came to play, that's for sure! Perimeter defense looked much better against some pretty active guards from Texas. Our rebounding will vastly improve adding another body or two. Dok just isn't an instinctual rebounder, shot blocker or defender in the paint. Hoping he can pick up a few things after watching the film from Bamba. That dude just has great defensive instincts to protect the interior, hoping Dok continues to improve in that area. Great overall game though, HCBS even had a consistent mix between man and zone D! Strong road win against a pretty tough squad. Rock Chalk!

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KU football receives holiday gift in form of verbal pledge for Class of 2018

Tony hasn't gotten nearly enough credit for the job he is doing to try and build a favorable reputation for KU football on the recruiting trail. It's gotta be one of the hardest sells to make to these young athletes, who are bombarded by the lights, glitz and glamour of big time college football, to consider coming to Lawrence to play here for a program struggling mightily. Thanks for the hard work sir, we appreciate it! RCJH!

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Jayhawks drop a spot in latest AP poll, currently rank 14th

Agree Roger, have to have concern at this point due to the length of time it's taken just to verify ownership of a vehicle. It must not have been as simple as belonging to a family member I wouldn't think but who knows at this point. Now that the NCAA has it in their court, I am sure they will move with lightning speed to get us a final answer. lol De Sousa's delay hopefully is just a slow wait for test scores although they usually are spot on with getting scores out. Fingers remain crossed for some good news!

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Saturday Squeaker: Azubuike's career night lifts Jayhawks past Nebraska and Jerry must be family.

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Saturday Squeaker: Azubuike's career night lifts Jayhawks past Nebraska

I would say the context with which he is making his personal opinion and comment, which he is entitled to, is fairly accurate IMHO and one I would agree with. We will not win our 14th living and dying by the 3. Unless depth shows up down low, it's gonna be an up and down adventure trying to stay in the top 3 of the league.

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