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Final Stop: Jayhawks crushed by 3-pointers in Final Four loss to Villanova

I would respectfully disagree, the zone did make some difference. Our man to man was incapable of staying in front of the Nova guards and our rotation awareness while cheating to help others was very poor and the zone helped alleviate the pressure from our guys having to sense where their own man was. But that aside, Nova was hitting from anywhere in the Alamodome and was their night, the Michael Jordan Bulls couldn't have stopped them last night. Great season, Rock Chalk!

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Knee injury to keep KU center Udoka Azubuike out of Big 12 tournament

Jayhawks win!!! Don't quit your day job sir......RCJH!

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Notebook: Devonte' Graham carries offense in loss to Baylor; De Sousa makes brief appearance

I would disagree with the notion that by inserting a player and then yanking him 28 seconds later is beneficial to the young man's confidence or his ability to get into a flow, contribute, learn or otherwise be of some help to his team. Did he make a mistake? Sure he did. But knowing you aren't even on a short leash, that the coach has a hold of your collar, doesn't help him whatsoever. I would be an absolute wreck being inserted in a game where, you already get virtually no playing time, after one mistake you'll be pulled so fast your head will spin. What about the bad passes, poor blocking out, poor defense, poor shot selection, poor hustle etc. made by others who get free passes? I know, I know...seniors get more leeway. Starters get more leeway. But come on, as much of a head case as Vick is now, imagine how mentally jacked up he would be if yanked every 15 seconds for every mistake rather than be allowed to play thru some of those. HCBS runs the team how he sees fit and it's no ones place to argue with him other than to have our own opinions but I sure would like to see De Sousa get a bit more of a chance to do something rather than 28 seconds.

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KU offense crashes in road loss at Baylor

We just have to accept the ups and downs this team has had all year long. Some positives such as some good free throw shooting (I am looking for positives here somewhere), assist numbers usually outdo the opposition and pretty decent three point shooting squad (although definitely didn't show today!). The negatives just outweigh the positives unfortunately and that isn't going to change. Extremely poor perimeter and interior defensive play and rebounding just kill this team. As heavily reliant as we are on guards, they are a very poor defending and reacting bunch who consistently get beaten to the basket or by leaving shooters wide open. Even the poorest shooter, given enough wide open looks, will hit them as we have seen. Not sure why but our offense seems to be really lost over the past several games. Hopefully that changes and the staff makes some adjustments (not sure what other adjustments they can possibly make at this point). Remarkably, we are still in the thick of things and have a good chance to bring home another league banner!

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Oklahoma State spoils KU basketball's 120-year celebration

I can't disagree that HCBS was a bit outcoached today and failed to adjust. The team sure didn't seem prepared or ready to play outside the latter part of the second half. Once again, they show no defensive tenacity nor the ability to rebound or go after the ball with aggressiveness. Vick seems to have completely imploded on himself with his confidence and focus gone. How his performance over the past month doesn't warrant some time on the pine is beyond me, maybe it would help to get him refocused and motivated. Dok is Dok, he will never be an elite big man in terms of defense, he just doesn't have that mentality as evidence by his lack of ability to block shots or rebound consistently. His offense continues to show some improvement and hopefully his free throw shooting trends upward! Our defensive performance by our guards also continues to be poor, today being no exception as they got beat to the hole, gave up open shots and were beaten to every loose ball it seemed. And then there is Garrett who just acts afraid to attack in any way on offense and by virtue, brings very little off the bench. Cunliffe and De Sousa, as described by many as being mistake prone, overmatched and not ready to compete are still bodies who have the talent to at least spell people for a minute or two here and there. During todays performance, what would that have hurt, especially in the first half? Play the hand you're dealt and give Lightfoot more minutes, he seems to be about the only spark plug we have. As a spoiled Jayhawk alum and fan, it's hard to see them not win every game but this team has its obvious limitations and we will have to hope they can string together some success as we march towards March! It's not all negative as it would seem, we are tied for first place and very much still in the thick of things.....RCJH!

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Sunflower Squeaker: Jayhawks hold off K-State in 73-72 win

White-knuckle fun is a great way to describe it, along with pull your hair out frustration! lol Man our perimeter offense is really stroking the ball but our perimeter defense continues to struggle. Our guards are routinely beaten off the dribble and taken to the hole and they struggle mightily to either stay with their man or aren't able to recognize and get back leaving too many wide open jumpers. Not sure if we just lack the athleticism to do this or if it is just a lack of defensive instincts. Either way, the lesser defensive results make way for some impressively fun offense!

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Is today the day for De Sousa or Preston news?

No doubt, I'd be jumping thru the roof if that happened (and I suppose it could). AFH would blow the rafters off if that was the case!

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Is today the day for De Sousa or Preston news?

Maybe they are making us sweat the rest of the night and will give us the news with 17:41 to play in the first half and's De Sousa up off the bench heading for the scorers table! Booyah! RCJH! (One can dream can't he?!)

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Tom Keegan: Backup Mitch Lightfoot saves Jayhawks at TCU

Which just amazes me! At 7' and 280, he is an extremely soft defender with minimal instincts as a rim and paint protector. Does it have to do with the fact that he is the only big? I dunno, but if so he is being handcuffed. He needs to go out with the mindset of dominating the interior and let the chips fall where they may. By being a more imposing force inside, that would force teams more to the perimeter and he wouldn't have the potential for foul trouble game in and game out. But one rebound, come on now. lol

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'It's just not normal': Jayhawks slip at Allen Fieldhouse again, lose to Texas Tech

Agree with you for sure. Extremely soft defensive team, no way around it. They show flashes but just cannot sustain any strong defensive mentality. For such a big and imposing guy, Dok is one of the softest big men I have seen on the defensive end with almost zero instincts to protect the rim or rip down rebounds. He continues to get owned down low by guys of all shapes and sizes. I sure hope this changes cause he seems to have the tools to do so. Our guards continue to get beat to the basket and outrebounded consistently. There also seem to be an awful lot of instances where opposing guards are left open due to our guards lack of awareness to rotate back to either their man or the open man. This would seem to be more of a coaching thing than a total lack of skill or knowledge cause they all fall into this trap. No, no...I am not being super negative, just my observations from an armchair coaching position. I still trust coach and as a Jayhawk alum and fan, we are spoiled. Let's get it done!

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