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Roadkill: Jayhawks dismantled in Memphis, 43-7

You are literally the only person who brought politics into it.

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Houston looking to deal T-Rob

Do you understand how professional sports works? He got traded, he's not wandering from team to team in a quest for personal growth.

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Here's what KU's 2013 basketball recruiting class would have looked like in previous years

And he even has some, ah, per se coaching experience!

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Utah walks off with 1-0 baseball win over KU

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Former Jayhawk Mario Little grinding out pro basketball career

The phrase "he averaged 3.9 points and 2.1 rebounds during the regular season" is a parenthetical phrase, set apart from the rest of the sentence by em dashes on either end. You have to look at the whole sentence and the context. It is correct (more specifically, it is correct to use a parenthetical phrase in this sentence because the primary point of the sentence was to explain that Little was playing more/better at the end of the season, and Bedore uses the parenthetical phrase to contrast exactly how much better his end-of-season performance was over his season averages).

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Dates, times for Weis' regional Kansas Football Preview Party tour

Because outside of Kansas, they're only going to real cities.

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Former Jayhawk Mario Little grinding out pro basketball career

You obviously have no idea what actually happens in NBA games. Your racist NBA horror fantasies are kind of amusing, though.

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Graduating KU football players accept invites to all-star games

Get over it. It's just a game. Every non-stupid person understands the difference and wishes him success in life.

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Years in Japan shape KU forward Landen Lucas' outlook

Speaking of birthers....could you maybe try that comment again in English?

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How former Jayhawks fared in Dec. 3 NBA games

Banner night for KU alumni in the NBA.

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