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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

I agree. I'd rather just worry about us (and have others worry about us), rather than constantly comparing ourselves to Kentucky and others.

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Prep Oubre expected to announce today

I know I should be excited about Oubre leaning towards Kansas, but I'm just not. I have this sinking feeling.
I believe in loyalty and rewarding effort and hardwork. I love seeing teams develop over a period of years, suffering heartbreaks and coming together for greatness eventually.
If it's filling an obvious need with a super talent, then it's fine. We did that this year and then some.
But for next year, we have AWIII and Greene already for the 3 spot and they are not going anywhere for a while.
I kind of miss Roy's one year on, one year off recruiting this year.

I know I know, that's how it is these days, and you have to do this to keep up with the Jones's...but I still don't like it.

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Dunks to be on display at Late Night

I am really enjoying these Drgnslayr. Looking forward to the three spot where you can finally write pages on the higher ranked prodigy instead of BBall. :)

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Dunks to be on display at Late Night

What happened to the KU vs UK, position by position analysis? That was keeping me going until tomorrow!

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Lakers give Xavier Henry a shot

Here's an interesting excerpt from Lyle's story on ESPN:
Lyle, who said he may need until January or February to decide, indicated there is one school he'd have a difficult time turning down.

"It would probably be Kansas," Lyle said. "I like them a lot, and me and [assistant] coach [Jerrance] Howard had a relationship at Illinois and also when he was at SMU."

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Frankamp picks up pointers from pros

Just had a blasphemous thought, due to all this 8man rotation discussions...
What could Roy do with this team: he would certainly create some beautiful and fast basketball and get all 12 players on the court. But they most likely wont maximize their defensive potential.

So the question is: whose style of basketball suits this type of talent and depth better? Roy or Bill?

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Opinion: Jayhawks old, new entertain in games

If you had read the comments from former players about Naadir the summer before his freshmen season, you would have thought he would start over Tyshawn.
Just a grain of salt to take with this article...

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Top shots: A look at Bill Self’s best shooting guards

The article I really want to see: Roy Williams best 8 versus Bill Self's best 8. Who would win?

Roy's Boys:

1. Jacque Vaughn (Adonis Jordan)

2. Kirk Hinrich

3. Paul Pierce

4. Nick Collison (Wayne Simien)

5. Raef Lafrentz (Drew Gooden)

Self's Squad:

1. Sherron Collins

2. Mario Chalmers (Ben Mclemore)

3. Brandon Rush

4. Thomas Robinson (Marcus Morris)

5. Cole Aldrich (Jeff Withey)

Seems like Roy's team has more talent, but Roy vs Self history favors Self.

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KU's Self, others not fans of college basketball transfer rule

i'll agree with the coaches when they start giving out four year scholarships. Also coaches should have to sit out a year if they change jobs.

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Will Andrew Wiggins average over/under 18 points next season?

I concur Jesse. I think he will be around that number. One thing that sticks out most about Wiggins versus other star freshmen that we've had (McLemore, Selby, Xavier), is that all three of them joined a very experienced team with clear team leaders and stars (Xavier with Sherron/Cole; Selby with Morri; McLemore with the 4 seniors). Considering the fact that these kids were, for the most part, team-first and humble players, they deferred a lot to the upper-classmen.

Wiggins should be able to play with much more freedom which should help his numbers.

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