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Dressed to impress: Freshman Naadir Tharpe looks sharp on first day in town

I'm excited to see what Naadir can do. Looks like he can potentially be a four year man with a lot of capacity.

Last summer, Marcus was the talk, and he produced. Markieff was the other brother, he turned out to be nearly as important as Marcus. Selby fell flat from ego and inability to play defense. Taylor seemed mediocre from... over expectation of fans? Robinson... holy sweet motor. Releford came with swagger and fell to injury. EJ.. right on track for a freshman. Whithey, looked for offense to compliment his blocks.

This year, it's wide open. Taylor seems to give us the most consistency. At least we know what to expect from the bottom line, and that's pretty darn good.

All others have a ceiling that hasn't been reached which will make this season like Christmas morning for the first 20 games. It'll be fun to watch come October.

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Tyrel Reed, Karina Garlington awarded scholar athletes of year

I didn't realize Tyrel finished his degree in 3.5 years! That degreee includes a 6 month internship which means Tyrel completed his classes in 6 semesters, excluding summer sessions. It's a tough degree with many higher level math and science classes. Receiving this award is very impressive!

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Feature presentation: Prep star Perry Ellis feels love from crowd in Lawrence

Shabazz's description of Lawrence is right on... The grass is greener in Lawrence. Man, I miss that place!

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KU hoops fan says prized threads desecrated

According to the Springfield Newsleader the guy was seen walking naked through a few different backyards. Sure sounds odd, pervert vs. drunken streaker vs. caught in the act in the wrong bed. I wonder how many backyards you have to walk through at night... naked, for more than one person to call the cops. Must have been good whatever he was on.

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Tyshawn Taylor, Thomas Robinson to return to KU


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A real tearjerker: Rams put end to Jayhawks’ run

Love those hawks. Thank you for another incredible season. Greatly successful and well appreciated.

Thank you.

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For Josh Selby, spit happens

He's a Texas fan still pissed about the 5 second call.

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