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Bob Huggins: KU's Bill Self 'a guy who can really coach'

Just made me wonder why he left it opened end. I was watching OSU ans ISU tonight and GIA wasn't anywhere near full. I guess t.Boone didn't come thru tonight

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Bob Huggins: KU's Bill Self 'a guy who can really coach'

He can't be any different then Frankie over at KSU last year!

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Bob Huggins: KU's Bill Self 'a guy who can really coach'

Did anyone read HCBS comments to Andy Katz in this week's ESPN magazine?
Katz: What would be your next move as coach?
HCBS: I haven't looked at another situation seriously since I've been here. A lot was made of the Oklahoma State situation five years ago, but the timing wasn't right. And I don't see the timing being right any time in the near future.

Sounds like he might make that move someday...maybe after his son graduates?

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Missouri's Frank Haith is AP Coach of the Year

I am getting use to the press not making any sense....

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Roy Williams, Tar Heels hurting after loss to Kansas

RW was asked about playing home and home series. HCBS was all for it but not Roy - and I respect what he said...

"It's too emotional for me," said Williams, who coached at Kansas for 15 seasons from 1988-2003. "That's the bottom line. ... When somebody says Allen Fieldhouse to me, that's exactly what I think about, is all those positive thoughts, and I don't want to go in there as the coach of the opposing team."

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KU players know it pays to listen to Bill Self

I love those. thanks for sharing!

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KU softball wins home opener with strong pitching, walk-off HR

Now that's more like it! I can't wait until next years class gets here. Our soph/fresh class will be strong!

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Jayhawk softball extends KU record with 18th, 19th straight wins

Amen to that! Bring home the iron!

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KU softball streak hits 14

Big 12 will be tough again and I think .500 is asking a lot but with the recruiting class next year I am positive they will be in top half of conference.

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