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Do you think KU should continue playing Missouri in basketball after this season?

HELL NO!!!! MU started this mess--and they should suffer the consequences of their choice like everyone else has to. NO reason for us to up their S.O.S. each year at the cost of lowering ours. They jumped ship--don't throw 'em the lifesaver. Let the SEC deal with 'em.

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KU women to host Wichita State in WNIT at 7 p.m. Wednesday

Congrats Ladies, job well done tonight @ AFH. Come on Lawrence, go out and support the ladies Saturday night when they play the winner of Kent St. and Duquesne. Small crowd tonight--too small even for Lawrence folk & women's ball. Get out and support the Ladies!!!! Go KU!

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KCTV5 to re-air second half of KU-MU game tonight after sun spots cause fans to miss final minutes

This is a flat out lie.....For one thing, living in Lawrence, when KCTV5 crapped out, I flipped to WIBW13 outta Topeka, and ya wanna guess what they were showing?

MICHIGAN VS MICHIGAN STATE--that's right, not KU vs. MU. So this is just a blantant lie from the big people to all the little people.

SCREW CBS, and on, don't buy the hype--REPORT the TRUTH.

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KU fight song lyrics need some tweaking now that Nebraska and Colorado are leaving the Big 12

Talk about the Sooners, the Aggies and the Clones

Talk about the Tigers that just fail

Talk about the Cowboys and those purple-wearin' boys


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Defining faces of KU: Perkins, Gray-Little and Self exposed in spotlight

I've got to say I agree w/ most of this. As many of you, I watched the Chancellor today on TV, and felt she was completely out-of-touch with the conference realignment issues at hand.
And as for Coach Self. Job well done, Coach! I liked way the Coach Self addressed all the factors of the realignment from revenue, to history, to the effect it has on the fans of all the conference schools, not just KU. After reading stuff online, and watching stuff on TV, I found Coach Self to be quite reassuring.

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Dearly missed: Jackson opens up about his mother’s tragic passing

Thoughts and prayers are with you, Darnell. Jayhawks everywhere are with you. You are an inspiration to us all, with your strength and ability to persevere. Stay strong DJ!

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Scandal quiet...for now

"Scandal quiet for now..."

Too bad Keegan's not! It MIGHT have been quiet for now, until ol' big-mouth started flappin' his jaws about it...thus making it not quiet, despite his headline.

Sure am glad my life is not so miserable that I wake up each day and think to myself..."Gee, what negativity can I spew today via my job as a "journalist" (hahaha--NOT), and ruin people's morning coffee while they read the "news"?"

I understand the concept of stirring up interest and all that...but damn Keegan is just a great big downer!!!

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KU to host UCLA in Big 12/Pac 10 Hardwood Series

GO HAWKS!!! Destroy yUCkLA!

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J-W writer wins award


I had that very same feeling of dread, as I started to read this. lol.

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