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During time off, new KU football coach Les Miles thought about adapting offensively

Of course not! But that's only if Fedora were to leave UNC. If UNC fires Fedora, then UNC pays the buyout. I'm not sure how much time is left on his deal, but let's say it's 6 years. UNC would have to pay Fedora $12M over 6 years, or $2M/yr, if they fire him. If KU hires him as OC after he's fired, for say $300k/yr, then UNC would get to deduct that salary from the buyout and only pay him $1.7M/yr. Either way, Fedora gets his money, so doing an OC stint on what could be a really great staff with plenty of booster money rolling in may be just what he's looking for.

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During time off, new KU football coach Les Miles thought about adapting offensively

Fedora's buyout is somewhere north of $12M. With UNC making up the differnce, he can take whatever job he wants! Although Miles and Fedora didn't work together, they both have Big 12 experience at OkSt, and as you mentioned, the connection through Miles' son. If UNC pulls the plug on Fedora, I think he comes to KU 100%!

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During time off, new KU football coach Les Miles thought about adapting offensively

Calling it now. Offensive Coordinator will be Larry Fedora. And how about Mike Macintyre as the DC.

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It's official: Les Miles becomes KU's next head football coach

We didn't just hire a guy that talks the talk. We hired a guy that has already walked the walk. And whether he's actually successful or not, we made the best hire available who is also a good fit for Kansas. And that's all you can ask. Well done, Mr Long.

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Connecting the dots on a quiet Friday during the 2018 KU football coaching search

Zero chance Miles or anyone else walks away from $5M without an agreement with SOMEONE that’s willing to pay more than that. That agreement is likely an informal, unofficial one without any papers signed, however, because if a contract had already been signed, LSU would NOT pay him anything.

Personally, I think Les is our football coach. I think it would be silly not to introduce him at AFH tonight. It would be talked about for 4 hours on National TV throughout the entire game on Saturday. We need bodies in the 2019 class, and this is the right time make the announcement and take advantage of the exposure.

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Tom Keegan: Coaching search thoughts and a farewell to Lawrence

That's a good drive, Tom. Between Rochester and Syracuse is a little town called Geneva, on lake Seneca. There's a wonderful little place called the Lake Drum Brewery that dabbles mostly with sours, but its a nice spot to stretch your legs, get a bite, and just a little pint before you kick in that last 5 hours into NYC (or in your case more like 8-9 hours into Boston). Be safe and good luck.

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Report: Les Miles and KU have spoken about football job

Second that.

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Board of Regents member wants KU explanation on issues related to college basketball corruption case

If someone called me and said they'd slash my ex's tires, I'd probably ask them how much they want. Print it.

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11 possible candidates to become KU football's next head coach

Let’s get Miles for 4-5 years, get the ship in shape, then see if Harbaugh’s wife wants to move back to KC.

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KU now refuses to share info with public on $1.5M in Adidas payments; last week it said lack of personnel was reason for delay

Sorry, Mike, I should have been more clear. This is all hypothetical, but the idea behind it is that IF KU is thinking about backing out of a 9-figure deal with a shoe company that no longer reflects advantageously on KU’s brand, then the shoe company is probably going to sue for breach of contract, regardless of whether a document is signed. If KU turns over any of its documents (emails, phone logs, meeting notes...) to the press, then they’ll effectively be handing them over to Adidas. Until such time as ordered to do so, I’d also refuse to turn them over. Wouldn’t you?

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