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Jayhawks looking for a Malik Newman resurgence just in time for the postseason

I hope this has the same effect that Tom Keegan's story had on Newman earlier in the year! Awesome player and we play so well when he is on.

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Report: Texas A&M quality control staffer to join KU football, oversee special teams

Hahaha! Have not laughed this hard all day.

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Texas prep pipeline runs dry for Kansas football

Hasn't built it "the right way" ... His words not mine (Brings in almost all JUCO kids when he said he would not do that). Has not developed a QB at all (even further exposed by Cozart's success at Boise)... Has not developed any semblance of an offensive line and most importantly has won a single FBS game in three full seasons.... I am not sure how anyone can defend him at this point. He can't even pull in Texas kids anymore. I'd love to know why we should give him 4 - 5 years if he clearly is not building the program "the right way". With that said I hope the best for the kids that signed with us as I know they will give everything that have to win. I just don't think it puts us in a good spot to have THAT many JUCO players come in at once.

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Juco-heavy class brings immediate help to defense

Although it will help to have more depth, the way our corners play is so bad. They play like 10 yards off and still get burned. Hopefully these guys can come in and be stout. Rock Chalk!

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Nutty opinions abound that Kansas football job does not attract quality applicants

Exactly! It is the hiring we are getting wrong, not the firing.

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Notebook: Meacham breaks down Stanley's 3 interceptions at Texas

"You take away the 21 points (for UT) off the four turnovers and you’re in pretty good position to win the game there.”....Well we aren't living in a fantasy world here and we did turn it over 4 times so...

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Tom Keegan: Beaty and Zenger prove Leo Durocher still right

Ned Yost also has experience. Beaty has none and shows no signs of life.

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Impressive football coaches have wanted Kansas job for past three openings

Exactly! Some people do not seem to understand this concept. If you make two bad hires in a row at a company do you just tolerate the poor performance and hope they get better after 3 years? I think not.

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Tom Keegan: Beaty and Zenger prove Leo Durocher still right


Continue to apply pressure. The administration clearly does not listen to the fans as 90% of us believe change is needed and that the product in year 3 is unacceptable. Keep up the good work!

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'Kings of just almost': Numerous issues compromising KU football offense

Zenger made those decisions. He won't be making this one so we do not know when and if a decision will be made. Also, I did not say you were to blame just said you sounded depressing. We need to keep apply pressure, not accept these performances as normal.

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