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Gameday shuttle proposed for KU football

Why is this news? My family and I rode the shuttle to every game last year and I have seen other posts that there has been a shuttle program in place for years. "Proposed" gameday shuttle? Should be "continued" gameday shuttle. Am I missing something?

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Which KU men's basketball team is more talented?

Settle down, the question is "more talented" not "better" or "best". Of course, a championship team is better than a team that hasn't won a game yet but that does not mean they are more talented. There is more than talent to winning. Determination, wisdom and experience is what wins championships. So actually, I think it's a pretty good question.

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Reviled Albany center dismayed

JBurtin, AKA, Mrs. Temple.

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Reviled Albany center dismayed

What a worthless article. The title, "Reviled Albany center dismayed" is supported by zero content. Sure, Gifford is reviled but what is he dismayed by? The article does not provide an answer, in fact it offers this quote from Gifford. “I expected it,” Gifford said. Sounds like the opposite of dismayed to me. Maybe the article was supposed to be titled, "Reviled Albany center NOT dismayed". About the only information contained herein is that Gifford is from Misery and KU (Kansas University?) fans don't like MU (Missouri University?). Nice reporting there Lou.

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Future forecast

eastcoasthawk,try reading stories under the "Football" link. the "Men's B-Ball" link has stories about men's basketball. football stories are located under the previously mentioned "Football" is never, i repeat NEVER, too early for basketball stories. the football success is very nice but KU is and will always be basketball first. did you notice that KU won the NCAA basketball championship last season? pretty cool huh?

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Tigers lament loss

that one will get me by for another 20 years if necessary. how great is it to be a jayhawk right now! they never gave up, what a game!

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Commentary: Title mends Jayhawks' grieving hearts

i still cannont believe it! i have already watched the game three times. it feels just like it did in '88. what a great, great game. ROCK CHALK!

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Stage set for championship

You all need to check out this link. Pretty unbelievable that a "professional" would actually write something like this. Hillarious and sad, but mostly hillarious....

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Extra! Extra! Write the championship headline

Win or lose, this is will still be one of the best feeling seasons for KU all time. Memphis has althletic specimans but we have a TEAM. No joke, the best team will win! Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, Go KU!!!

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KU fans are celebrating in the streets

that was just as good a fist half as the 50-50 '88 first half. honestly, i still can't believe we ran over them so bad. it make me realize that roy's KU teams were choke artists and Self is a much better coach already. looking forward to UNC's chokes for the next 20 years and three National Championships for Bill. Rock Chalk!!! (btw. i hope vitale picks memphis).

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