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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook

Either apply for a job or quit being a tool.


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KU band heralded after recorded music switch

If you don't think HCBS knew about this in advance your nuts. Wonder why he approved.

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Griffin's status vs. KU won't be known until closer to game time

IN no way is OU more challenging without Blake-- Wake-up. As I have stated earlier; this is a KU win. I'm always right, never wrong, this has become my theme song.

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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook

If you read the comment again you will see he said the 2nd best FRESHMAN in America and 12th best shooting guard overall, so yes it makes sense. Either way he will be tough, but as I have already said, this is a KU win.

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Kansas basketball notebook

Save this post jaybate,

Within 5 games Little will be a 25-30 min man for the rest of the season barring injury. And yes, I'm always right.

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FINAL: Aldrich's 21 points lead KU to 85-74 victory over KSU

One more thought, This is not yet a good defensive team which I bet drives Coach crazy. We allow to many opponents to shoot over 40% and cannot seem to put back-to-back clutch defensive stops together. This will have to improve for a deep tourny run.

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FINAL: Aldrich's 21 points lead KU to 85-74 victory over KSU

25 games played--20-5 record. Am I good or what: yes, yes I am. Roach.

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Antler attack

Denverhawk--- Hopefully that's all smack. Otherwise your not very knowledgeable.

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Antler attack

And here is loss #5. The good news is that it's there last conf. loss of the year.

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KU remains steady in up-and-down Big 12 Conference

NO! That was not there highest level of play-- you must of missed some earlier games.And oh-by-the-way, while most of you were crying in your beer 2 months ago about how this team could be .500 at this point: I correctly predicted, (or closely), a 20-5 record at the 25 game mark. I AM THE BILL SELF BASKETBALL GOD. ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, ALWAYS WILL BE. HE IS THE GREATEST COACH IN THE GAME TODAY. Albeit close.Roach- OUT!!!

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