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Kansas basketball games on Big 12 Now/ESPN+ a new source of frustration for some KU fans

I'll just reduce my annual contribution to the Williams Fund by $50/yr.

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Kansas basketball games on Big 12 Now/ESPN+ a new source of frustration for some KU fans

I'm with ya' bro. But it seems they have scheduled our games so we have to keep the subscription active for the whole season.

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Kansas basketball games on Big 12 Now/ESPN+ a new source of frustration for some KU fans

UT has blocked a Big XII conference channel like the PAC12, SEC, and B1G. UT's actions caused the turmoil that resulted in Mizzou and aTm going SEC, CU to the PAC12, and NU to the B1G. Texas' demands for the Longhorn Network is at the expense of every other Big XII team. I worked at a UT campus for nearly 30 years before I retired and found the hierarchical, authoritarian approach is their M.O. with faculty as well as their Big XII mates. Despite the marquee value of the Longhorns, I wonder if their worth the trouble they cause. I subscribed to ESPN+ because they have me over a barrel. But the solution is to get UT to throw in with the rest of the league for our own league network.

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Game Day Breakdown - No. 2 Kansas vs. Milwaukee

It used to be that the University of "city name" was affiliated with the Catholic Church. For example, University of San Diego, and University of Portland. Of course, all things will change.

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Dynamic duo: Dotson, Azubuike combine for 60 points to lift No. 4 Kansas past Dayton in OT

I thought Garrett was a stud, too. He was able to drive the ball to the rim and finish. And he was guarding Toppin for much of the game. Notice how long it was before Toppin even got a shot off!

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Jayhawks roll past Chaminade for 93-63 win in Round 1 of Maui Invitational

I thought Dickie V. was the worst, but Walton has made a credible case that he is the worst. Dickie V. stops watching the game by the middle of the second half and starts name dropping and self-promotion. But Walton just seems disconnected to reality. He doesn't provide any insight, engages in hyperbole, and seems to enjoy making his sidekick uncomfortable. Why didn't we get Jay? Please, Jay, do our games going forward.

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No. 3 Kansas commits 28 turnovers in 68-66 loss to No. 4 Duke in Champions Classic

It was like watching an uncoordinated adolescent with a ton of talent, flailing around, trying to do the right thing.

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KU's perimeter defense paves way for 86-56 win over Fort Hays State

It appears ESPN+ is becoming the defacto Big XII network. If UT had been more neighborly (I work for UT, I know how authoritarian they are) we might have a free network to watch our Jayhawks. Just like all the other Power 5 conferences except ACC.

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Les Miles: Game clock didn't start on time late in KU loss at Texas

I ran the clock for men's and women's basketball at a small NAIA turned NCAA-II for 15 years. One of the characteristics of my table was professionalism. I would never slow the clock or run it long after a whistle to favor my team. That was my primary job and I was determined to get it right. I know errors are possible, but it's been my experience that clock issues ALWAYS favor the home team, e.g., Michigan State vs. KU at the Sprint Center, 1986.

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