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Despite Pooka Williams' return, KU's offense stagnant in loss to Coastal Carolina

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

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Matt Tait: What if college basketball followed the NBA's free agency model?

There is an easy way to get rid of the NCAA "free agency" problem: guaranteed 4-year scholarships. Presently, coaches only offer scholarships for a year at a time so athletes that don't live up to expectations can lose their scholarships, re: Kentucky under Calipari. If coaches can no longer yank a scholarship, and athletes can no longer transfer, the two will have to learn to live and thrive together.

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Dedric Lawson's 2018-19 season sits among the best in KU history

I don't understand how the player that led the league in both points and rebounds wasn't named POY. WTF?

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Quick turnaround: Jayhawks embracing all aspects of rapid-pace preparation for Auburn

I expected KSU and ISU to go a fair piece into the tournament. As a result, my bracket is busted beyond all recognition. I can understand KSU's defeat is due to Wade's injury. That team hasn't played well when he wasn't in the lineup. But ISU was just terrible. They dribbled around the edges of the zone. They couldn't penetrate by passing or dribbling and turned the ball over whenever they tried. And Kaleb Wesson owned the paint. They couldn't do anything to stop him from backing into the restricted zone. However, the refs made several bad calls that went against ISU. Several times when the ISU big tried to hold his ground against Wesson, the refs called a foul when it clearly was Wesson that initiated the contact. They may have been collusion!

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The David McCormack Transformation

Great story, but it makes me feel lazy for allowing my weight to creep up over the years. But, then again, I'm not a 5-star basketball recruit, and never will be. LOL

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 78, WVU 53

How many charges did Mitch Lightfoot take over the course of the game? His defense was outstanding!

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Neither Self nor Calipari a fan of timing of marquee KU-UK matchup

I concur with Adam's arguments. Since Mizzou left the Big XII, what team has taken the mantel of our greatest rival in basketball? There isn't a single conference team we get up for like we did the Mizzou games. And no school has maintained a high level of performance over time. Kentucky is really our greatest rival. They are #1 in wins and we follow by a mere 14 games. AND, the gap has narrowed significantly over the past few years. What more do we need to get our juices flowing for this game?

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KU center Udoka Azubuike out for the season

I'm getting the feeling that our streak of Big XII championships may end this year. <<sigh>>

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KU center Udoka Azubuike out for the season

Don't forget that we also lost Joel Embiid at a crucial point in the season, too. What's with the injury bug attacking our team's big men?

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Benton Smith: Close or not, No. 1 Jayhawks' victories valuable beyond their resume

Actually, being ranked #1 has a huge effect on student enrollment numbers. Apparently being one of the Jayhawk faithful in the Phog is a draw to come to KU. So the ranking helps in ways other than seeding and recruitment.

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