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Loud and clear: UK pulls away, makes statement

I'm no expert but that was the worst KU game I've seen in a long time. How many times was KU going to try and dribble to the baseline and then throw it away!! Hope they get better.

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KU coach Self OK with Selby's basketball workouts in Las Vegas

"no distractions" so they can continue to be exploited by the NCAA? It's their life not ours.

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FINAL: VCU stuns Kansas, 71-61, to advance to Final Four

All things in perspective...We have a great bball program, we'll be back again. Hawk players great season nothing to be ashamed of at all! Woulda, coulda 2nd guessing. My whole attitude about KU bball changed for me being here in Afghanistan...more important things than a bball game happen every day here. If you can't enjoy what the Hawks did this season then you should ask yourself why.

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FINAL: Wildcats whack Jayhawks, 59-7

Wow - watched the game here in Seattle - that just sucked. Reminded me a great deal of the late 80's, early 90's pre Glen Mason era when we would lose to Nebraska 77-0 and the NU game at memorial stadium was another Nebraska home game. WTB - wait til basketball was the best football chant we had back then

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Kaun making impact for Russia at World Championships

Ralster...I agree with a lot of your comments however..WRT the "judgement" comment I would differ in opinion. MRI scans of the brain show various stages of 'myelination' or maturing of the brain as we get older. It progresses primarily from inferior (brain stem) to superior (cerebral cortex) and posterior (cerebellum) to anterior (frontal cortex) beginning soon after birth and continuing....if you would believe it.....until around age 26! So..the last portion of the brain to be fully developed is the frontal brain which is responsible for personality, executive decision making and judgement. This is something our forefathers and even the Greeks realized long ago when they enacted public policy making those younger than 25 ineligible for congress or public office! I dare say the insurance companies got this right too as car insurance is much cheaper for a 26 yr old versus a 24 year old. One of my Developmental Psychiatrist mentors said he generally considers patients under the age of 25 as 'frontal brain injured' which goes a long way in explaining the actions of your typical teenager! old is BRush?

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Kaun making impact for Russia at World Championships

Not the world's leading expert on pot by a long shot and not a Psychiatrist but I am an MD and have recieved post MD training in addiction medicine. So what's your background Royal? Expert pot smoker? I am not advocating for or against pot per se...but people often need to recognize when their behaviors interfere with their life before their treatment can begin. Making blanket statements that pot is "all good and no bad" only serves to delay that recognition.

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Kaun making impact for Russia at World Championships

You are soooo right marchphog88. Pot is not addictive. BRush would rather just give up his NBA career and all of the money and lifestyle that goes with it just soooo he can keep smoking his pot. Just like a meth user would rather give up all of his teeth in order to keep using meth. Bottom doesn't matter whether there are physical or psychological withdrawal symptoms....If a substance or activity (eg cigarettes, sex, gambling, shopping) cause health problems or interferes with a persons personal or professional responsibilities and that person continues with that behavior then it is an addiction. Pot users would just rather call it a "personal choice"

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Colorado looks for Big 12 exit strategy

Not really related..sort of...but...everyone (at least everyone in the press) earlier in the month talking about how Texas A&M was such a coveted prize for the SEC or PAC-10 and how A&M wanted to have more clout in the Big-12? Has anyone really looked at what a&m has done football or basketball wise since the Big 12 was formed.....NOTHING...they suck! Kansas deserves more recognition than A&M and certainly more than they have been getting

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‘This is terrible’

Self is a good coach (probably great) but every team who has ever played us has NEVER feared us. We let everyone have a chance to play with us. Not one of Self's teams has ever had the ability to crush the life out of an opponent - Self even said it himself.."You gotta be able to step down after putting your foot on someone's throat" KU has NEVER put their foot down under Self.

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Which NCAA Tournament loss in the last 20 years stung the most?

1997 for me!......I remember the exact place and what I was doing in my mind when they lost to Arizona....just as vividly as when Reagan was shot, the Challenger blew up, Columbia crashed and OJ ran!!!!! It is permanently scarred in my mind! Can't remember the others although this is a close second.

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