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Zone-busted: Washington's strategy flummoxes No. 2 Kansas

LOL! Good one!

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Zone-busted: Washington's strategy flummoxes No. 2 Kansas

I slightly disagree. With a 6'10" Preston catching that ball in the middle of the key, turning and looking for a two man game with Adok and/or Mitch, the Washington defense would have had to collapse more giving a few more open looks on the perimeter. Because Vick was timid in the middle they let him go unchecked while maintaining their perimeter defense. That is the big difference and it could have had an impact on our offense. I also think we would have rebounded much better.

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Zone-busted: Washington's strategy flummoxes No. 2 Kansas

Washington deserves credit for sticking to their plan. However, that zone was as weak as KU will ever see. Any team that allows you to get the ball in the middle that low in the key EVERY POSSESSION is plain and simply gambling. We weren't prepared for it; and Vick didn't have the attack mentality when he was wide open damn near every time he touched the ball inside of 10 feet. We were lazy and we didn't coach this one up at all.

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Zone-busted: Washington's strategy flummoxes No. 2 Kansas

EXACTLY!!!! Vick could have easily had 50 points if he played with the mindset Bill said he needed to when they let him have five footers. This was strictly coaching. I would have adjusted to put Svi in the middle because we know that dude has no problem pulling the trigger. I get it he is a better 3-point shooter than Vick, but in this game, we needed someone with the catch-turn-and-shoot mentality in the middle of the freakin' key. That was the weakest zone I have ever seen against KU and we let it beat us. Hopefully a lesson learned.

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Kansas picks up defensive back commitments from familiar junior college

Interesting the defensive line coach recruited these two, when the D-Coordinator happens to be the D-Back coach and a former D-Back. I understand coaches often recruit regions, but you would think Bowen would have been involved.

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KU fans split on idea of Border War scrimmage

How can you claim KU fans are split? The poll was on Twitter where anyone could respond (KU fan, Mizzou fan, K-State fan, Kentucky fan, Russian Bots, etc.). I believe the real number of actual KU fans is closer to 80% against, 20% for it.

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Is the Border War back?

I don't know who in the Admin got drunk at a bar with a Mizzou person, but this is dumb and worthless. My mom is Puerto Rican and my dad is from and lives in Houston. We can find other ways to contribute to disaster relief. Sarah Carr had a good one earlier in this string. Squash the idea and move on to more meaningful ways of developing KU athletics. Let Mizzou continue to wallow in irrelevancy. No thank you.

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Notebook: Beaty remains faithful in Bowen and KU defense

LOL! That is not what I needed to read. Thanks for sharing.

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Notebook: Beaty remains faithful in Bowen and KU defense

Well, I have officially turned the page on the 2017 football season. Will not watch another minute. I like Beaty, but he completely cheapens his mantra of #earnit if the coaches don't have to live up to the same standard. Can we ever get a press conference where they tell us exactly why the defense is so bad defensively? Are we not playing the right scheme? Is there confusion on the field when the play is relayed in from the sideline? Why are we missing 15-20 tackles a game?

Whatever, he likes the direction we're going defensively. Thanks for freeing up my Saturdays for golf and day-drinking. Rock Chalk!

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Sluggish again: Early defensive missteps haunting KU football

It ABSOLUTELY couldn't hurt. Letting the players call their own defensive plays at the line of scrimmage couldn't hurt at this point. This is the poorest defense in the history of KU. If you want fans and supporters to take you seriously, you have to make changes to show you are willing to try everything (or at least something). Waiting until the end of the season is pathetic. Damnit! Bowen should have been fired at half time... of the Ohio game. Enough is enough.

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