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KU fans split on idea of Border War scrimmage

How can you claim KU fans are split? The poll was on Twitter where anyone could respond (KU fan, Mizzou fan, K-State fan, Kentucky fan, Russian Bots, etc.). I believe the real number of actual KU fans is closer to 80% against, 20% for it.

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Is the Border War back?

I don't know who in the Admin got drunk at a bar with a Mizzou person, but this is dumb and worthless. My mom is Puerto Rican and my dad is from and lives in Houston. We can find other ways to contribute to disaster relief. Sarah Carr had a good one earlier in this string. Squash the idea and move on to more meaningful ways of developing KU athletics. Let Mizzou continue to wallow in irrelevancy. No thank you.

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Notebook: Beaty remains faithful in Bowen and KU defense

LOL! That is not what I needed to read. Thanks for sharing.

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Notebook: Beaty remains faithful in Bowen and KU defense

Well, I have officially turned the page on the 2017 football season. Will not watch another minute. I like Beaty, but he completely cheapens his mantra of #earnit if the coaches don't have to live up to the same standard. Can we ever get a press conference where they tell us exactly why the defense is so bad defensively? Are we not playing the right scheme? Is there confusion on the field when the play is relayed in from the sideline? Why are we missing 15-20 tackles a game?

Whatever, he likes the direction we're going defensively. Thanks for freeing up my Saturdays for golf and day-drinking. Rock Chalk!

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Sluggish again: Early defensive missteps haunting KU football

It ABSOLUTELY couldn't hurt. Letting the players call their own defensive plays at the line of scrimmage couldn't hurt at this point. This is the poorest defense in the history of KU. If you want fans and supporters to take you seriously, you have to make changes to show you are willing to try everything (or at least something). Waiting until the end of the season is pathetic. Damnit! Bowen should have been fired at half time... of the Ohio game. Enough is enough.

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To run or not to run: Where KU's offense goes from here

Week after week I read more articles about offense than defense. This, or any KU team, is not going to win with the defensive play we see every week. I don't even care if we run the wishbone offense, the pistol, the I, the power I, the flea flicker, the reverse pass, the 24 counter trap, WHATEVER! If we can't hold teams under 40 points it doesn't matter. After another ridiculously high scoring game tomorrow (I'm optimistic and we could win), can this writing staff promise the KU faithful they will focus one week's worth of reporting to defense?! I am boycotting all offense articles until this team holds a team under 30 points.

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'Glimpses' of defensive progress not enough in KU football loss to West Virginia

Can't say it often enough, or loud enough. It's time to move on from Bowen.

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Following loss, David Beaty declares need for balance in KU's offense

Defense is the real problem. As a couple of you have mentioned all of the imbalance with the offense doesn't mean squadoosh if we are giving up 40-60 points a game. I was under the impression we had decent enough athletes to play these positions. To me the glaring deficiency is defensive play calling. It seems like whatever defensive set we were in, they had a play to scorch it. Not just a play to get five yards, a play to get 15-25 yards. There were a handful of plays where I saw us rush three. WHY IN THE HELL WOULD WE EVER RUSH ONLY THREE when we are behind or struggling to hold a lead. And if we rush three, how is it that they soundly beat us in 4 on 8, 5 on 8 passing plays. Clint has been running defenses and DBs for far too long for our pass defense to be this freakin' bad. I hate to say it, but it is well past time for us to find an aggressive and competent defensive coordinator. I only get to watch games on TV so I don't get to see the whole field and how a play develops, but with the way plays happen I envision it looking like a Benny Hill skit five yards off the ball. It's unbelievable. I can't take the defensive ineptitude anymore.

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Bill Self on Border War: 'Nothing's changed in my regard'

Agree. Who cares about Missouri. It's a tired and boring story. Thanks to Self KU has sufficiently moved on.

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Generations of friends reflect on life of Keith Loneker Sr., ex-Kansas offensive lineman

My freshman year I moved into Jayhawk Towers - D Tower. Loneker's room was two doors down. Big and intimidating when walking by him. But, he knocked on our door one day to introduce himself to me and my roommates; and let us know that he often forgets his keys so don't be startled when he bangs on our window to come let him in. We had the room that had the window adjacent to the lower entrance. Sure enough he would let us know when he needed in; and he would give us lip when we weren't there to let him in. Funny guy and was super nice to us as newbie freshmen. RIP Keith!

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