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Kennedy Farris to join Kansas volleyball

Sounds great. Welcome aboard, Kennedy!

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Kansas tennis adds Luniuska Delgado to 2019-20 roster

Welcome, Luna!

This team is going to have a lot of talented young players with Luna and Vasiliki Karvouni both coming in as freshmen. Luna will turn 18 on November 21st.

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Gary Woodland ready for first major since joining golf's elite

I know Gary has worked his tail off, but still, what a life! Go, Gary! By the way, it seems like the winner of the last major, and by three strokes at that, ought to be better than a 60-1 shot.

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Jayhawks come up short in ITA finals

Solid play, and very close to winning them both. Keep on Rockin'.

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Jayhawks reach Monday finals in singles, doubles at ITA Summer Circuit event in Lawrence

Good luck, Jayhawks! (Solid play all around.)

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Megan Falcon named associate head coach for KU tennis

Nice resume! Welcome aboard, Megan. And, a Falcon as a Jayhawk is maybe fate???

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Gary Woodland's first major title came with all of Lawrence backing him

I don't know Gary, and he wouldn't know me from Adam, but I've been following him closely for a few years now (watching the PGA shot tracker and play-by-play stats in each round of each tournament), because he's a Jayhawk, and by all accounts, a really great guy.

It's wonderful that he got the win, but so far not a lot has been made of the quality of it. His 65 in round 2 is one of only five in all of the U.S. Opens to be played at Pebble Beach, and his 36- hole total of 133, and his 13-under tournament are all-time records for a U.S. Open there. And, he won this tournament by three strokes, which is impressive enough, but the next nearest competitors, i.e., tied for third, were six strokes in back of him, so you could say he almost dominated this one.

In his interview following the win, he mentioned that some aspects of his game still need improving. I have to believe that we haven't seen Gary's last major title yet.

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Woodland wins! Former Jayhawk star captures first career major at U.S. Open

So awesome! Way to go, Gary!

Mom and dad both proud afterwards, but she was the better dressed of the two, in her light blue Jayhawk sweater jacket.

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Former Jayhawk Gary Woodland maintains lead at U.S. Open heading into Sunday's final round

Even though the lead over his nearest challenger (Rose) has narrowed, with only 18 holes remaining, his probability of winning the tournament may have increased a little compared to what it was with 36 holes to go.

For what it's worth, I get the impression that there are a lot of golf fans outside of Kansas who are pulling for Gary, and not just because he's the American in the final pairing. He won a lot of hearts by the way he handled that one-hole exhibition with Amy, the young lady golfer with Down Syndrome a few months ago. For anyone who hasn't seen the video, here it is:

We're pulling for you, Gary! .

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Gary Woodland roars to top of U.S. Open leaderboard after 2 rounds

Great round. Keep it up, Gary!

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