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Depositions in Beaty lawsuit can be part of KU infractions case, NCAA committee chair says; decision could affect basketball case too

Sickening, disgusting, embarrassing. Some misplaced pride needs to be swallowed. Pay Beatty his (expletive deleted) money! Ah, but "that would require the reversal of a Custer decision."

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Kansas women's basketball to travel to Mississippi for 2020 SEC/Big 12 Challenge

That's good info. Certainly wouldn't have wanted to learn of it at the last minute.

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Kansas volleyball's Top 10 recruiting class has coach Ray Bechard eyeing bounce-back season

Yep, let's hope so. 2017 was former Assistant Coach Laura "Bird" Kuhn's last year of seven years with the program. She's had two seasons as Head Coach at Texas A&M (1st season: 17-13; 2nd season: 23-8). Her departure and our program's 'retrenchment' seem more than coincidental.

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Kansas volleyball's Top 10 recruiting class has coach Ray Bechard eyeing bounce-back season

Good grief, sounds like we're loaded. Can hardly wait.

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Former Kansas football coach Pepper Rodgers dies at age 88

Very sad to hear. What I remember most about Pepper Rodgers is that he was always upbeat. He was fun! RIP, Coach.

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KU women's tennis adds Russian standout to 2020-21 roster

The team already had a solid nucleus before the new additions. Next season is going to be fun to watch. Welcome aboard, Maria!

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Kansas tennis adds Canadian transfer

Nice! Welcome aboard, Tiffany.

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Danny Manning dismissed by Wake Forest

Danny will likely always be my all-time favorite Jayhawk. Will be wishing him the best in whatever he chooses to do.

" reportedly owed more than $15 million as outlined in the buyout clause in his contract." Uh, this is not exactly the worst situation a guy could find himself in.

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KU soccer adds Israeli standout to 2020 recruiting class

Nice work, Coach. Sounds like a great get. Welcome aboard, Shira!

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