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Monday recap: Big 12 football media days

Helmet and unis looks great. Nice to see the big KU back on the dome.

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As expected, Big 12 skunked

Brett: again, the committee chair made it very clear about why Baylor and TCU (and the Big 12) were excluded. As someone else posted on Tom's earlier column, expand the CFP to 8 teams and then the number 9 and 10 teams will be crying foul. This is a relatively simple fix given how competitive Big 12 football already is. Beefing up the non-con is necessary but NOT sufficient (just take another listen to the CFP committee chair's explanation). We need one definitive champion. Period.

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As expected, Big 12 skunked

The chair of the CFP committee, in explaining the committee's decision today, told the Big 12 EXACTLY what it needs to do for inclusion in the future: have a conference championship game and one decisive "true" champion. I hope Bowlsby and the college presidents are listening. This is as a straightforward a solution as there is: get back to 12, have the championship game, and rest on the fact that Big 12 football is superior to the Big 10 and ACC. Tom, your thoughts?

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It smells like a skunking on the way for Big 12


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It smells like a skunking on the way for Big 12

Just add to schools and get back to 12. Colorado State (an upgrade on the sour Buffs and access back to the lucrative Denver TV market) and Cincinnati or Marshall (both consistently committed to football success and with facilities on par with the Big 12). Have a conference championship and, in Tom's words, end the likelihood of future "skunking" in this new CFP system.

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Coaching Search 2014: David Beaty an attractive hire in many ways

Great hire. With Bowen at DC, it looks like the program has two solid men at the helm. P.s. Matt: at least you didn't put the ice cream in a cupboard.

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Column: KU linebacker Heeney remarkable, irreplaceable

Ben, you will play on Sundays. And if your coaches and teammates let you down in the pros, at least you'll get paid! Your grit and relentless effort on behalf of KU football will always be remembered. Great column, Keegs.

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Streaking in wrong direction

Beat K-State. Redeem this season.

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KU football v. Texas Tech

Love the helmet stripe. A definite keeper.

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