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Lineman Chad Kolumber bolts

It's going to be difficult to replace Mueller, he was starting to look like he was going to be the best kicker KU has had in a few years.

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Realignment heats up once again, as Big 12 expansion committee schedules teleconference to talk Louisville and BYU

I want Notre Dame and BYU in the Big 12 so we can have Catholic vs. Mormon sporting events.

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What a year: Sheahon Zenger had eventful first 365 days

Unfortunately before they can remove the track and lower the field they have to build the new Olympic village where the old football practice fields are so the track team isn't homeless.

I'm all about renovating Memorial Stadium and making it as modern as possible. What I don't want to see happen is that we'll lose the "Memorial" part and it becomes Sprint or H&R Block Stadium. I also don't want the original intent of the stadium to be lost with the passage of time. The stadium isn't just a stadium, it and the Kansas Union are the University's memorial to the 127 students and staff killed in action during World War I. It should remain a monument to their sacrifice, not just football and big money college sports.

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Cliff's Notes: Turner Gill press conference, 11/15/11

I think people need to give Turner Gill a break. KU is doing exactly what everyone thought they would do this year, losing a lot of games. Mangenious left the cupboard pretty bare and that's going to take time to fix. It shows what football-illiterate fans KU fans are when they howl for a coaches head before the end of the second year of a major rebuilding project.

Anyone who says this team isn't getting better isn't actually watching them play, or just doesn't know what they're talking about. A team of mostly freshmen and sophomores is going to take a little while to get up to speed. If anyone actually expected KU to even come close to being bowl eligible this year you're delusional. Turner Gill may not be the answer as head coach, but you've at least got to give him and his staff an honest attempt before condemning them and their efforts. Two years from now we can genuinely indict he and his staff as incompetents.

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Larry Brown out as Charlotte Bobcats head coach

I love Larry, but I think he'd be a disaster as an AD. I'm sure he wants to keep coaching, few coaches could walk away after this. I don't think it's fair to blame Larry for Charlotte's failures. I don't follow the NBA really closely anymore, but I couldn't name one player on their roster. Hard to win when the cupboard is bare.

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Know the foe: Oklahoma State Cowboys boast explosive offense

If our JuCo QB had OSU's O-line in front of him and receivers to throw to he probably could have. A good QB makes a big difference, but football is still a team sport. Pretty hard to be successful when you're constantly getting sacked, and the passes you do get off your receivers drop.

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FINAL: KU's offense overwhelmed in 20-3 loss to Nebraska

I think the defense played admirably, they still gave up some points but they generated some turnovers and held Nebraska to 20 points when NU was supposed to win by 35. Unfortunately, KU's offense did nothing all night. If you watched the game the o-line was outmatched and overpowered on almost every down. Not an unexpected result, but far from as ugly as it could have been. I think that KU is showing some progress and promise as this season winds down, at least enough to keep me interested and eager for next season.

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Road hasn’t been kind to Dan Hawkins, Buffs

“If you bring some of the teams we play on the road in here, we’d beat them badly. But then we go on the road and it’s like we can’t tie our shoes together for some reason."

It's because you don't have your home field advantage of playing 5400 feet above sea level when you're on the road. It's the same reason everyone has trouble playing in Wyoming 7200 feet ASL. If Lawrence were 5400 feet above sea level KU would win a lot more games at home... well, maybe not this year. The basketball team would be bulletproof though.

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Special teams concern KU

Agreed Hawk316, the players are the ones that have to get out on the field and make it happen. If Gill or Long could get under center we probably would've won a couple more games. I think KU is going to be just fine when Gill gets his schemes in place. Unfortunately, this year was the weakest schedule we're going to have in the foreseeable future.
People need to remember how beat up this team is right now. That coupled with the transition is making for some pretty painful moments. I still have faith in these coaches though. Torbush is one of the best defensive coordinators around, and has been since his days with Mack Brown in North Carolina. Given some time, and a little patience, they're going to put a good product on the field. What good does it do to sit around and lambaste a first year coaching staff?

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Gary Pinkel wants Big 12 to evaluate hit on Blaine Gabbert

I think they've been pretty reasonable with this so far. I'm sure in the case of an offensive player lower their shoulders and head into the oncoming hit there will be no violation. What they're trying to stop is the guys who launch themselves head first like a missile at the other player. I think that defenders will need to work on their tackling technique, and maybe we need to change the culture of football a little (fat chance, I know) from killing and maiming the opposing player to simply tackling them.

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