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Realignment Today: Does the ACC's granting of rights agreement mean realignment is finally finished?

One tweak: "The article claims that the talks were of a serious nature and that things may have heated up considerably had the ACC not locked up its members with the GOR."

I think the order is backwards. It's more like the schools that were looking decided not to and then agreed to sign the GoR. And that's why they didn't sign it until now.

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Realignment Today: What Notre Dame's move to the ACC (in everything but football and hockey) means for the Big 12

Matt, I've read a few places that Louisville is good enough to be accepted as #11 but there isn't a #12 out there to make the deal possible. Do you buy in to that?

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West Virginia still fighting to be free, plus more from our old friend Conference Realignment

I thought that too, but the B1G only plays 8 games. The B12's 9-game schedule makes it impossible. When you get to that last game, you have 11 teams all needing a 9th game and there's an odd man out. If you only play 8, the numbers work so everyone has the right number of games.

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Realignment Today: 5:50 p.m. - More signs point to Big 12 liking 10 as U.S. government gets involved

Hear, hear! (See how I got that right this time?)

B1G went for, what, a decade, with 11 schools. It went fine - other than the name being weird with the white space "11", it was great. B1G hung back hoping ND would make 12 and conf champ game but that never happened. Still, 11 was just fine. If both schools fit and can carry their weight, add them.

Unless, of course, they have some plan to bring in ND at #11 but won't add #12 to avoid the conf champ game.

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Realignment Today: 5:50 p.m. - More signs point to Big 12 liking 10 as U.S. government gets involved

Here, here. We follow these sports waiting for the great high-profile games, players dream of playing in big time high-profile games. Why rule out an obvious high-profile game? If you belong in the national championship game a conference champ win should push you in!

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Realignment Today: 4:17 - KU AD Zenger releases statement as all signs point to Mizzou exit from Big 12

Do we know that this isn't a process imposed by the SEC?

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Realignment Today: 3:27 p.m. - The latest on where Mizzou stands. Didn't you miss this?

You imply here that Mizzou is the party that has been slowing down this process. Do we know that it isn't the acceptance process (well, technically, the invitation or whatever order they do this in) on the SEC's side? From the rumors that I've been reading, there have been numerous, or perhaps ongoing, informal votes within the SEC that have been going on. It seems Slive has been getting his presidents in line and in agreement over this time - not necessarily uncertainty on the side of Mizzou.

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Realignment Today: 7:47 p.m. - Missouri curators authorize Brady Deaton to explore MU's options

The B1G isn't in a great position to add schools right now. Their TV contract is up in a few years and then would be a better time, otherwise the same pie gets cut into smaller pieces. Ideally, B1G would look at MU/KU/Rutgers and others. ISU and probably also KSU don't have the same TV interest and stadium size to be as good a fit.

Don't forget, the big fish particularly for the B1G is Notre lame (excuse me, Notre Dame).

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Realignment Today: 1:59 p.m. - The latest on Mizzou and the extensive expansion rumors surrounding the Big 12

True. But I still find it fairly disrespectful to make those announcements the morning of a game. Seriously, put the focus on the guys on the field (I'm 10 years removed from college so I can call them kids). Push the biz side to Sunday/Monday.

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