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David McCormack finally has some fun as KU rolls vs. Washburn

We noticed the volume thing, too. I suspect they announcers were in different locations, not in the arena, and thus microphone differences account for the volume problems.

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David McCormack finally has some fun as KU rolls vs. Washburn

I think the win had more to do with talent differential than with how many fans are in the stands.

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KU punter Kyle Thompson enters transfer portal

Sorry to lose him. But I wish him the best wherever he ends up. Sure wish we had him for another year, though.

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Undersized Dajuan Harris didn't need to hit a shot to have an enormous impact vs. Kentucky

I think he'll keep trying with MacCormack and if he doesn't work out then he'll spot start against really big teams or teams with one really big guy.

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Jayhawks assess pros, cons of starting 3 true freshmen on O-line

I know a lot of people think the sky is falling but I really think this time invested in the youngsters will pay big dividends down the road. It's a long road, so patience is required.

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No. 1 Gonzaga sprints by Kansas, 102-90, at season-opening Fort Myers Tip-Off

Gonzaga might be one of the winningest programs, historically, but that would not be the case if they didn't play in a cupcake conference. St. Marys College, Santa Clara, University of Portland, etc.

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Getting to know: Gonzaga basketball

Interesting that Bill Self and Mark Few were born on the same day in the same year.

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Gameday Breakdown: No. 6 Kansas vs. No. 1 Gonzaga

I would like to see Gonzaga in a Power Five conference where the wins don't come so easily. They are an excellent team and I think they'd do very well but the win numbers might not be so glossy. Perhaps Gonzaga will someday be part of the Big Twelve. Yes, it's a long way, but it's a couple more hours by plane is all. The travel would be a ton more for Gonzaga getting to all the B12 schools, though. Straight line distance, Lawrence to Morgantown is 823 miles. Lawrence to Spokane is 1240. Shoot, it's 1160 to Fort Myers, FL, where we play tomorrow.

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Jayhawks confident extended time off won't hurt them

I like what improvement I have seen, especially after reading how this season was expected to be a really bad one (and it has been in terms of W/L). I'm already looking forward to next season when hopefully we will have had full Spring practices.

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Jayhawks' 2021 recruiting class loses 3-star O-lineman

Well, we need more o-linemen, not fewer. I wonder what really triggered his decommitment? It surely wasn't lack of potential playing time given our big needs on the o-line.

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