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KU freshman Rio Adams bringing energy, on and off court

Rio is toughing it out like other frosh before him and seeing his future get brighter as a result. Transfers to KU (Withey, Young) work out great. Transfers away from KU, not so much. Rio is a Jayhawk, and he'll be a leader soon.

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KU freshman Rio Adams bringing energy, on and off court

He's made it clear that "we" love it here. The AD needs to make it clear that "we" love him here and would like to see him stay as long as Phog, or longer.

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KU basketball v. Iowa State

LJW photogs, always love this section after all the games. The photos are great and capture emotion often missed in the rush of the game and on TV. Great work.

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KU, Georgetown working on home-and-home series in men's basketball

Make it happen! The DC Jayhawks could sellout Verizon Center -- it will be like it's our home game!

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Bill Self, KU agree on contract through 2021-22 season

Best. News. Ever.

May HCBS stay longer at Kansas than Phog and surpass his record, win more than Wooden at UCLA, surpass Krzyzewski and Summit for all time, and deepen the love affair we fans and his players have with him and he and his family have with Kansas. It's probably too early to send out the call for submissions for sculptors to cast his statue in front of AFH, but can't you just see it, standing as if in conversation with Phog's?

Best quote: ".... but Kansas called."

Funniest hypothetical: "if Calapari left even Kentucky might come calling." That made me laugh out loud. I can't see Self going to a school that, when that happens, would be on probation or facing sanctions, or that Self would compromise his integrity to bend to the Kentucky way.


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Forget the strikeouts; Self's still landing top recruits

I appreciate the recruiting micro-nuance (the kid has an extra 4" vertical leap when he laces every other eyelet on his left shoe) from those who follow more closely than I, but seriously, two of the most highly touted, Selby and X-Henry, both bolted early and their careers would have benefited by staying and learning more from HCBS. If getting the higher rated players means we get their (or their family's) higher rated egos, I say give them the phone number to Calapari's car dealer and let Self be Self. He knows what works and more importantly how to work the talent he recruits. If some recruits can't see the value of working with HCBS has for their long-term potential that's about them, not KU. It's got to be a good fit both ways, and what we know is those who come win, graduate (if they choose), and succeed. Most importantly, their families become part of our family and that has never been more true than under the tremendous leadership HCBS has shown during many challenges over these past few years. No need for frustration here.

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Top dogs: Huskies shut down Bulldogs

If you haven't already, check out this poll on ESPN about the tourney. Hey Kansas fans, bitter much?

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Recap: Startling numbers about KU's recent losses as a double-digit favorite in the NCAAs

Squawk -- THAT'S the most ludicrous thing I've heard. Ever. On any message board. Or Twitter. Or any place else the nattering nabobs of negativism and arm chair coaches gather to bash and bemoan. "History and reputation" would go 0-25 every season. It's recruiting and coaching that wins. I've resisted coming on this site since the loss and couldn't even look at Twitter during the game -- WHY? -- Not because of the coach and players, but because of the "history and reputation" of Kansas fans -- some of the most NEGATIVE, angry, entitled and boorish people to ever assemble. I've seen many post-season games, and followed the 'hawks east and west when they came close to where I was living -- I'm usually embarrassed by the fans, not the team. Games are played, teams lose, but because our coach delivers only a handful of losses each year, each one is dissected and overblown by an overwrought, arrogant fan base that actually pretends to be supportive, but only seeks to have their egos fed through the actual effort of college kids. Get a grip, or a life. Jesse -- the stats are awesome and the fact that Self can usually spout the most arcane stats in his immediate post-game pressers means he's clued in. He's already asking the right questions. How many coaches have been in longer and still not won a championship? Where does one factor in the PRESSURE that the WHINE and cheese fan base, and the armies of virtual online coaches, put on a program to always win -- how does that impact how tight Self is, and thus how tight his players play? Self is an enormously driven and successful coach in a historic program -- but history is BS on the court -- and while fans should be proud of it -- it's time we all shift our mindset and brand just a bit -- let's focus on the here and now and stop thinking that we're entitled to ANYTHING because of who we are. That helps with recruiting, but frankly, after seeing how fans react, one has to wonder how many recruits reading these pages will opt for other programs. Parity is here, it has been for while. But in the rarefied pages of the history books, Kansas fans seem stuck in the past, as opposed to recognizing this stat: p-a-r-i-t-y. Big isn't better, old isn't better -- hang it up -- the reason the nation cheers against us isn't our coach or players, its our arrogant fan base. Thank you HCBS and one of the greatest teams in history, that has lived into our school's fine reputation well. Too bad our fans can't live up to the standards the school or the program set. Glad I'm not in Kansas Anymore.

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President Obama picks Kansas as NCAA Tournament champion

call me when a major national publication selects Brownback as one of the nation's top five governors. She received that honor in her first term. Tick. Tock.

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President Obama picks Kansas as NCAA Tournament champion

Not only an honor that he picks Kansas, but that he talks about the Morri, "being on a mission." He recognizes the disappointment we all felt last year and believes that will be motivating. As for the comments above about politics, all I can say is if we had brackets for politics, you can have your Virgil Pecks and Sam Brownbacks -- I'll take Kathleen Sebelius and Barack Obama in my brackets any day of the week.

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