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Senior forward Silvio De Sousa leaving Kansas basketball program

Thank you Silvio - I’m gonna miss watching you, but you’ve dealt with so much baloney, and I wish you nothing but the best! ROCK CHALK FOREVER!!!

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This Is The End: Kansas overwhelmed by Oklahoma, ending KU's quest for another Big 12 title

Coach Self said in the postgame radio interview, among other things, that he thought the guys were "just tired", and if that's the case, they're going to have a rude awakening in the Big XII tourney! Playing until they lose, means a 3-day stretch of daily games. Rest up young fellas! Save yourselves for those infamous 2-day tournaments they call March Madness!

And I hope the Mecca is full to the rafters Saturday, with deafening applause for what this injured team has accomplished this season. After all, most years, KSUCK and Texas Tech would kill to have the "lousy" season we've had!

Rock Chalk!
I'm a 3rd generation Jayhawk and damn proud of it!

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Self's Jayhawks have trailed in Big 12 race before with 3 games to go and emerged as champs

I had such high hopes for a Texas Tech upset tonight by the Pokes, who even took It to OT, but lost by 2. Why the hell couldn't TTU have played like that last Saturday? And who knows about the confidence of the Cowboys, after such a fabulous comeback, and almost-won game?
With KSUCK and Tech tied now for first place, it’s imperative that we shake off the GIA demons and “control our own destiny” !!!

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Is the Border War back?

Why not have a GoFundMe contest between the 2 schools, to see who could raise the most $$$ for hurricane rwlief? It would be stupid to risk injury to any of our players, and I don't trust Mizzou to "play nice"!

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Tom Keegan: Too many Kansas football fans in show-me state of mind

To me, being a fan of any sport means SUPPORTING your team, no matter what! I've been living in Colorado Springs since 1972, but today I was dialed in to the WatchESPN app to watch the Spring Game - just as I have done in previous years. In the fall, I will be watching on TV, or on the app, or on ANY live streaming broadcast I can find. Because. I. Am. A. KU. FAN. Pure and simple. RCJH!

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Tom Keegan: Despite finale, Devonté Graham one of many winners for KU

And thank you, too, to Landen and Tyler - I'll miss you both! DeVonte' I hope your future plans include giving your Senior speech at AFH next spring!
Thanks to Josh who's got a fantastic future out there!

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Tom Keegan: Despite finale, Devonté Graham one of many winners for KU

I've watched a LOT of KU hoops in my 67 years on the planet. But, I've never been as sad to say goodbye to any player, as I am with Frank Mason III.
Thank you young buck - I love you man! RCJH forever!

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No. 1 overall recruit DeAndre Ayton picks Arizona over Kansas, Kentucky

Just think of the tv audience on the west coast! Wonder if DA realized half the country would be asleep when he's playing?
Move on.

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Freshman Carlton Bragg best of bunch on bad night

Going 13/25 at the line IS a stat than can be controlled fairly easily. I would think more practice time, spent on free throws, might pay off big benefits in close games!

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Tom Keegan: Allen faithful give KU edge

For Dale Rogers: you can hear the radio feed thru the KUAthletics app! Go to Menu, then Fan Central, then Jayhawk Radio Network via the Tune-In app. This is also a way for us out-of-state fans to listen to Hawk Talk!

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