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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball Brannen Greene going to transfer?

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Kansas v. Iowa State basketball

EJ's dunk was no worse than what Matt Forte did to end the OK State game in Allen. We didn't throw a hissyfit.

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Opinion: Final floor worth it for memories, charity

Jack Harry isn't even a Mizzery grad. He went to SE Illinois or something.

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Morris twins reunited in Phoenix

I don't get this move by the Rockets at all. They have a guy giving them 8 and 4 in his second year, only have to pay him the pittance of a rookie contract, and traded him straight up for a second round pick.

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Prep F Tyler Roberson visits KU

Except we can't get Randle and Embid because we wasted a scholie on Frank Mason. Or we have to pull something sketchy like making Landen Lucas transfer.

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Big pick-up: Combo guard Wayne Selden commits to KU basketball

He's got that D-Wade Euro step, drops dimes like Nash and can flat out get up. Love this guy.

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Bill Self to receive the Wooden's Awards 'Legends of Coaching' honor in 2013

Who's the One four-year player that didn't get a degree???

C.J. Giles?

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'Cat' Barber picks N.C. State

I honestly think Frankamp might run point.

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Big 12 men's basketball tournament will stay in Sprint Center through 2016

It will. They won't be able to recruit Texas either.

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Chicago prep guard pays KU a visit

How is no one getting that KU has a serious problem with our lack of guards! Lots of teams start three or even four guards. We have a grand total of two on our roster and one of them had trouble getting the ball across half court last year.

Yes, we are going to make B Mac play a two guard. But that is not his natural position. He played in the post until his junior year of high school and then they moved him to a wing.

Fatigue, injuries, foul trouble, breaking the press, waiting for Naadir to find the game that everyone knows he has......This backcourt has some issues man.

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