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Wiggins followed heart in signing with Jayhawks

We're Kansas!
We don't rebuild we reload!
Fire In the Hole Big12! We're baaaaaack!
One for the next thumb! 10 straight titles.
Ok ....enough with the silly stuff but this feels soooo good to look forward to fall.
God it's good to be a Jayhawk.

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Travis Releford stellar on both ends against North Carolina

that shot of a pained NC fan came near the end of the game when Jeff Withey came out and blocked a three point attempt which turned into a fast break. By that point NC the fans knew it was over. And it would be a long cold trip home. It was clear who had the best team at that point and it was painful to not be your team. Coach Williams did a great coaching job getting a far less talented team (primarily lack of size) as far as he did but in The Tournament you cant hide.

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Former Kansas guard Sherron Collins watches from the stands during the second half of the second rou

Without Sherron taking the inbound pass, driving full court with someone trying very hard to foul him and getting the ball to Mario we have no championship. If they foul him we shoot two free throws and it's over. Great shot by Mario but Sherrons efforts to get the ball there should always be a part of that story.

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Opinion: Iowa State gets final shot at payback

ISU lives by the three and offensive rebounds. Block out and deny them those offensive rebounds without fouling and it puts all the pressure on their outside shooters. Then you can better control the flow of the game. Our offense is more flexible in that we have both inside and outside games but who shows up is the question. Nobody can take the night off.
No predictions but watch the offensive rebounds as an indicator of how it's going.
Lets put an end to this babble about bad officiating and win this thing!
Go Big Blue

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Notebook: Kevin Young delivers one-liners in speech; top recruit Andrew Wiggins visits

Only in Kansas could a feel good column on basketball degenerate into a debate about God, creationism and the Big Bang. Chill Dudes and enjoy the basketball and leave that stuff for somewhere else!
Go Big Blue!

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Mr. Big Shot: Naadir Tharpe’s field goal puts KU on top

Since when Is height a criteria to being a good coach? Roy Williams wants very tall either.

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Mr. Big Shot: Naadir Tharpe’s field goal puts KU on top

I agree. Don't get caught up in the BS of bad mouthing the other team when you win. Just smile and enjoy the run. Releford said when they won they would walk off the floor with class and they did. Leave the trash talking to the losers.

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Sealed with a kiss: Travis Releford's 'unbelievable' game lifts KU over K-State

Hands down the best way to gain ground on the Kentucky record is for them to be an early out in the Tournament and for us to make a deep run. G Big Blue!

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Opinion: Travis Releford making coach look prescient

He just signed with the Maine Rdclaws in the NBA D league

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FINAL: Jayhawks steamroll Colorado, 90-54

I would love to see the video of Coach Self's face the last 5 seconds of the game when his son scored the last bucket. Got to be a proud papa.

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