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Victory gives Larry Fedora boost

Careful dlshaw - NO ONE on this board can read sarcasm even when posts are dripping with it.

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AP source: Mike Leach will be new Washington State football coach

What is Zenger supposed to do? He's trying to sell a mediocre job, at best. Why did so many assume Leach would hop on the first plane to Lawrence?

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Braeden Anderson to attend Fresno State


Love it!

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Source says Mizzou primed to join SEC

No one in Chicago cares about DePaul, so that's not an attractive option from that standpoint.

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Source says Mizzou primed to join SEC

I hope they'd be on the hook for the financial buyout even if the withdrawal is conditional and they don't get the SEC votes and have to come back.

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KU freshman football player arrested for fake ID, misdemeanor battery on a law enforcement officer

According to the time listed (2am Sat), he was arrested the night BEFORE the game, and then spent something like 36 hours in jail before bonding out? Wow! I don't see him sticking around much longer.

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Aggies officially out; A&M will leave the Big 12 in 2012

If ND is ever going to join a conference, then the Big 12 will be it. We're the only conference that currently allows individual TV deals, so they could keep their NBC deal and share in the conference package as well.

The Big 10 requires even sharing, so they'd have to give it up - probably why they haven't joined.

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Wait, what? DeAndre Daniels picks UConn

Why all the hate? How was this kid a "headcase"? He waited until he was ready to make announce a decision and did so. He didn't engage anyone in the media with a will he or won't he saga.

He didn't announce, then later change his mind. He didn't hold a press conference. he did it the right way, as far as I can tell. If he'd picked KU, everyone on this site would be lining up to welcome him.

I love Kansas, but I'm not particularly enamored with Kansas fans.

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DeAndre Daniels delays decision until Thursday morning

From the beginning of his reopening his recruitment, wasn't the generally accepted impression that he preferred UT, but his father preferred KU? If so, it's like the BMac situation in reverse. Better for him to ultimately go where HE wants to, instead of where family may wish.

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Which potential KU men's basketball nonconference game are you most excited to see?

Ohio St because Sullinger v Robinson should be fun to watch.

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