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KU hoops trio graduates today

Congratulations to all 3 of you!! Thanks for all the great memories over the last for the great memories over the last 4/5 years. Best of luck to you!

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KU senior-to-be Kevin Young will try out for Puerto Rico senior national team

They can vote to nominate a candidate, but they can't vote in the actual presidential elections. I remember in 2008, something like 90% of them voted for Hillary, but again just for the Democratic nomination. In the actual election they were not able to vote for her, or any candidate. They're a US territory, not a state, so they don't have the same rights.

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Jayhawks schedule men's basketball home-and-home with Temple

Thanks for the info guys! Like I said, this guy doesn't know anything about college basketball and doesn't get all the hype. I told him if he went to a school with a big time basketball program he'd understand! Or if he just went to Allen Field House for one game he'd know!

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Jayhawks schedule men's basketball home-and-home with Temple

So this article says the Jayhawks will take their foreign tour somewhere in Europe. I thought it was already decided that we're going to Italy.

Anyway, had a question about that. A guy I work with knows nothing about college basketball and keeps saying how mad he'd be if he was a KU student and how it's f'd up that student's tuition dollars are going to pay for this basketball trip. First of all, I tried to explain how little money that is per student when you break it down over our entire student population over 4 years. Besides that, I tried to also explain how obsessed all of us are with KU basketball, and that I'm sure most fans wouldn't mind.

My main question is this, where does the funding for this trip come from? Is it from fees that students pay, donations from alumni, or maybe the money that the team brings in for the school every year (ticket sales, KU merchandise, advertising etc)?

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Brown named coach at SMU

"I’m thrilled that they think enough of me to put me in this position"....really? Being humble, and not showing off and being cocky, is usually a good thing but that's a little extreme. Is anyone really shocked that SMU, a school with so much basketball history and tradition, would be willing to give such a rookie coach like Larry Brown a shot at coaching? (SARCASM!)

Congratulations Coach Brown! Hope all goes well at SMU.

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Why KU has struggled to score against Texas A&M? Plus, predictions for Thursday's game

I too was pretty worried about today's game, since we struggled in the last couple against them. Then I remembered that A&M will be playing with not even a day's rest and we'll be completely fresh and ready to rock. Feeling a little better about things now. Having a 1 seed is awesome. Rock Chalk!!!!!!

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Mizzou fan antics don’t rile Robinson

Thank you! Doug Gottlieb is very supportive of KU and Bill Self and I agree that he is very knowledgeable about the game. I really have no idea what everyone else is talking about and why they think he's a KU hater. Good to see that not everyone hates the guy; thought it was just me.

Anyway, I can't wait for the game tomrrow!!! It's almost like we have a big tournament game coming up. This is one of the best teams misery has had in years and I can't describe in words how awesome it would be to beat them in their house one last time. They can look back years from now, remembering their last big 12 game against KU was a big fat L, at their place!

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Official: Charlie Weis to be named next KU football coach Friday

Thank you Slick50!

You guys realize he was hired to coach FOOTball, not basketball right??? Where are all these high expectations coming from all of a sudden??

When people say he underperformed at Notre Dame, that's by Notre Dame standards, NOT all the same thing as KU football. At Notre Dame, anything less than a national championship is a failure.

At the very worst, we will be an okay/average team, which is way better than what KU football normally is. No, we won't be national champions but we will win a respectable amount of games.

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Athletes need support

I remember some of the few football games I went to when I was going to KU. Most of the time it was early in the season and 100+ degrees and humid as hell. Our team was getting completely destroyed. We weren't even remotely close by any means. Guess what? I left the game almost every time.

If we were just down a touchdown or 2 or even 3 then I'd stay but why would I stay & suffer in the 100+ degree heat & humidity to watch my team continue to get destroyed?? Blaming the fan support is weak! This team needs to step up their game and people will start showing up. They have improved a lot from last year, although our record doesn't show it. It might take another season or 2 but I think Turner Gill will turn things around and we will be a respectable football team.

As for that d-bag OklahomaSooners fan, get a life. We know we're going to beat you guys in basketball every year but do we go on your message boards and talk sh*t before each game?

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No. 1 Oklahoma works toward own TV network

Where do all you out of towners live?? There are KU bars in almost every major (and a lot of non-major cities) city in the US.

Go to the alumni website and take a look at all the watch sites, and that's not even all of them. Granted not all cities are like Chicago, which is the biggest alumni population outside of Kansas, and have like 3-4 KU bars but there are plenty of places to catch the games. I have, when I've been traveling. Us KU fans are everywhere!!!

Other than that, if the game is not on tv there's always somewhere you can find the game online, either on or somehwere else.

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