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Horned Frogs' late FG puts end to KU football road rally

Kwamie Lassiter's spin move in the 4th quarter for more yardage was simply awesome.

So many things to be optimistic about with the coming seasons.

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3 keys for KU football at TCU

Hopefully they stay humble and hungry. Coming off the win at UT, they could easily take the approach that they are awesome, get cocky and not take TCU seriously.....kind of like OSU after the near win against OU. As someone used to say....keep sawing wood.

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Kansas basketball forward Jalen Wilson arrested on suspicion of DUI early Sunday morning

I agree with Eliott. Bryce is a pariah. Claims to love KU B-Ball, but trashes the Football team every chance he gets. It's old.....He can go away.

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Kansas basketball forward Jalen Wilson suspended 4 games for weekend DUI arrest

Seemed like a meaningful apology.....young man...learned his lesson. Coach handling it well.
Better things in store - hopefully he will be a better man, and move on.

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KU guard Remy Martin receives new car as part of NIL deal with Crown Toyota

Agree Ed. There is a whole host of unknown issues that can pop up. Can a local dealership offer a NIL to a potential high school player to lure them to a school? How would that be any different than what was alleged with Silvio? Will players take more high-risk shots because they might end up as viral videos, thus boosting their profile? Will the transfer protocol be used in conjunction with promises of NIL deals? Remember years ago when T. Boone Pickens was throwing all sorts of money around for Ok. State? What would prevent him from offering $100,000 NIL deals to each player, not so much for advertising, but for sheer recruiting?

Slippery slope.

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No. 3 Oklahoma rallies for 35-23 road win over KU football

The guys looked really good today. Bean was the leader we needed him to be. Defense improved a lot. Yeah, a few let downs, but they worked hard. I know the team is in the right hands with HC Leipold. Keep working hard guys.

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3 keys for KU football vs. Baylor

Is Bean actually using the quack cupping treatment? Is that what I see with the red circles on his shoulder? I would have thought staff would be smarter than to allow him to do that.

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K-State students find unique way to celebrate USC's NCAA Tournament basketball win over Kansas

Sadder still - if you look on line 17, they can't even spell "brought" correctly. So much for the Big Ten wanting the Kitty-Kats in their conference because of their high intellect!! LOL

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Realignment Today: Alliance chatter between ACC, Big Ten & Pac-12 brings potentially scary times for Big 12

BYU isn't an AAU School. Won't see them going to the Big Ten

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