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Kansas basketball games on Big 12 Now/ESPN+ a new source of frustration for some KU fans

Absolutely! I was hoping to cancel after the second football game and then they announced we were going to have 10 basketball games on as well. I was hoping it would be like the old Time Warner days when all of the games would be during the non conference portion of our season. They are getting creative and AD's like Long are being good little sheep and following along.

I grew up listening to Max Falkenstein and I honestly enjoyed the radio broadcasts as much. Perhaps we need to stand up and say we've had enough and go back to listening on radio.

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Kansas basketball games on Big 12 Now/ESPN+ a new source of frustration for some KU fans

Buy a Roku stick and plug it in to one of your HDMI ports. It comes with a remote and easy to install instructions. Then you can stream just as if you had cable. It's a little cumbersome to navigate but beats the heck out of the $125+ we were paying for DirectTV along with internet costs.

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Kansas basketball games on Big 12 Now/ESPN+ a new source of frustration for some KU fans

Jeff Long portrays this as some kind of reward to KU for being a high profile program. I think his logic is a bit flawed. If that's indeed true, K-State is viewed as 50% more in demand. I think it has a lot more to do with the number of TV sets in the geographic region of the schools.

I personally don't mind the $4.99 per month for ESPN+. It gives you access to a lot more than just the KU games (e.g., Miles to Go series). However, the quality of the announcers and the the overall game experience is similar to watching a Kansas high school playoff game on TV. The other concern I have is the reduction in the number of games available to potential recruits on cable. If a basketball recruit has the choice of watching Kentucky or North Carolina on cable or pay $4.99 to watch KU, who knows....

I'm just waiting for the football season where we get bumped to ESPN+ AND it's an 11:00 kickoff. In my mind there would never be a reason for that to happen but I'll bet we see it.

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KU football's 1-1 start not in sync with high bar of hope, expectations

This was, to me, the most deflating loss since the opener against Wichita State (yes they still played football then) in 1982. That team was coming off a bowl appearance, had a good number of players returning, and looked poised to be very competitive in the Big 8. Instead they ended the season with a 2-7-2 record which resulted in the second firing of Don Fambrough.

No I wasn't expecting a Big 12 competitor or even a sniff at a bowl game this year. But this game really was a dog. I've been a Carter Stanley supporter since he was a freshman. I never thought he got a fair chance under Beaty. But after seeing two games I'm not sure there's any reason to stay the path. He's a fifth year senior so there's no building around him. He seems to have lost what mobility he had as a freshman. And, even with pathetic offensive line play, his performance has been nowhere near what it needs to be to lead the team to 3 or 4 wins.

If Stanley's performance was good enough to displace Thomas MacVittie as the starter that doesn't bode well either. So that begs the question: What's happened to Miles Kendrick? Before his injury last year he showed very good mobility and at least as good of an arm as we've seen so far this season. He's a red shirt sophomore so there is definitely time to build on his abilities while we're waiting for the next big deal. After seeing CC pick our defense apart with the triple option it kinda makes you wonder if Kendrick at QB, with our running backs, and an O-Line that obviously can't pass block, if that wouldn't be a much better suited offense.

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It's official: Les Miles becomes KU's next head football coach

Very, very nice hire. What's even more impressive is we have an AD!! We'll never know the full story behind the abrupt firing of Zenger, but I'll bet it's an interesting one. We got Miles for slightly more than Weis....and he's got significant incentives which are great for him and KU football.

Now if we can just reverse the K-State recruiting that Zenger has been doing at Free State perhaps we can land some more local talent. Welcome aboard Coach Miles. Can't wait to see the Hill packed again and something other than 11:00 kickoffs!

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Tom Keegan: Why does Carter Stanley keep drawing the short stick?

Spot on TK! One can only imagine what Carter Stanley would've evolved into had he been given the reins after his freshman season. The worst case is he would've stagnated as has every other quarterback Beaty (and Weis) recruited.

I was convinced that Long had a coach waiting in the wings (e.g. Les Miles or similar) and Beaty's termination would be announced after this past weekend. This just increases the concern that Long doesn't have that connection and who in the world would take over the mess the program is in now?

The recruiting time clock is ticking and the if things remain status quo for the rest of the season it's going to be a bleak recruiting outcome. If the Adidas mess comes to fruition, we'll all be watching 10:00 p.m. games against Mountain West opponents. Good thing is, we won't have to deal with 11:00 a.m. kickoffs every week!

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Jayhawks might play reserve O-linemen more after lackluster opener

Beaty can try all kinds of combinations of players and schemes but his largest problem is lack of discipline. No, I'm not talking about poking the players in the chest or making them crab crawl across the field in 100 degree temperatures. What I'm talking about is a culture of paying attention to each play and being ready to step in and execute.

I'm dreadfully tired of seeing players "shuck and jive" after they make what, is seemingly, a routine play. Then they turn around and get burnt on the next one. Make the play you're supposed to, get back in the huddle, and do it again. Act like you've done it before instead of it being your first time!

Stop the cheerleading on the sidelines. All the jumping up and down by the assistants and players is a joke. Pay attention to the game! Then there's the noise pollution from the big TV set and the 20 something permutations of uniforms. This program isn't on par with a good high school! Then there's the latest "fingernails on the chalkboard" screeching from (apparently) the spirit squad coach. My God give us a break! Let the band play and bring back a college football game day environment.

When Beaty is removed we need a blue collar disciplinarian (remind you of anyone) that is totally unemotional and focused on one play at a time. Until we get back to that culture we have no chance at being competitive.

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Chancellor Girod fires KU Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger, citing lack of progress and necessary change in leadership

Oh, and thank you LJW for keeping the heat on this athletic department. If it hadn't been for some of the recent disclosures of ridiculous salary increases, and putting it all in perspective, it would still be status quo. I can't wait to hear "Welcome to Wal-Mart" coming from Zenger. Thanks to Bernadette it will be a few years until he runs out of money.

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Chancellor Girod fires KU Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger, citing lack of progress and necessary change in leadership

Geee, does that mean the focus group meeting is cancelled for tomorrow? This is only about 4 years too late. He should've been shown the door right behind Weis. Now I can finally get behind Beaty (shucks might even go back to buying a season ticket). There's no reason to fire Beaty unless he continues this ridiculous trend of juco players. I have to think a lot of that was being pushed on him by Zenger knowing he wasn't going to get to hire a third head coach.

Thanks you Girod!! You certainly made my day.

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Tom Keegan: Billionaires latest to hear Matt Baty's stadium-renovation pitch

I don't recall hearing a single fan complain about facilities when we were competitive under Mangino. Then when we had the '07 season it turned into a bigtime environment. We'll just look that much more ridiculous after spending all of this money and still struggle to beat NDSU.

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