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KU players' tattoos tell life stories

Anyone who believes that kucmb stands for Kansas university college men's basketball is crazy..

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Kansas-Carolina more than coaches

Seems like all player interviews are rehearsed same lines over and over... Nobody wants to give up any bulletin board material

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Solitary swipe: Ben McLemore's late steal turns tide in 69-62 KU win

Rockem and then chalked.. Here comes the best time of the year!!!

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Solitary swipe: Ben McLemore's late steal turns tide in 69-62 KU win

What a perfect game to have before Almost Big Twelve play begins. These guys play like seniors who know this is the end of their career in college and seem to enjoy each game out. Elijah was clutch along with others, but seems to be only a shell of what he was the last few years.. Maybe we can find some games to rest him and let him get healthy

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Prospect Perry Ellis trims list to four schools

Hey beatlayer are you new to the message boards or what? The topic of Kansas University or the university of Kansas has been hashed and rehashed over and over again...Your embarresd? Plain ridiculous? Really?... What does the initials KU stand for? Yes its officially " The University of Kansas" but to be that anal about It to the point of being embarressed?... I could see you at the games trying to shhhhshh everyone during the KU chant.... in your Erkle voice... Guys guys come on, we shouldn't be chanting KU, guys its actually the university of kansas! We should be chanting T U o K!!! Come on everyone T U o K!! T U O K!!!! You guys are so lame chanting KU... Get an Fn clue T U o K... T U o K...

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Obama: No. 1 seeds will rule in NCAA Tournament

typical obama.. go with whats popular instead of doing his own research..

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President Obama picks Kansas as NCAA Tournament champion

The president doesn't know a thing about how to lead a country but he knows basketball... Priorities....... now off to vacation he goes so he can dodge questions about all the chaos in the world right now..

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Charlotte Bobcats withdraw offer to Sherron Collins after undrafted rookie misses two flights

He has that degree from KU, now he can get a real job teaching at a university

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Notebook: Tyshawn Taylor out ‘indefinitely’; Thomas Robinson returns

did someone say lack of respect for AFH and KU? Its an awesome atmosphere but its not a church... I bet a lot of things have gone on in that building he just got caught.

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Notebook: Tyshawn Taylor out ‘indefinitely’; Thomas Robinson returns

I like Tyshawn.. Doesn't seem like a bad guy.. People calling him a headcase? .. Yes he is a junior but go to a club around two oclock in the AM and see all the headcases coming out the door.. Should he pay for any mistakes he has made? Yes but don't bash him for being a youngster.. Think about it people.. Do any of you remember college? Parties? Women?.. Oh and then classes sometimes too... If he is still getting in fights or drinking too much or whatever,. at thirty then he has a problem, but right now he is still a youngster.. A bunch of perfect people posting today..

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