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Team USA vet Frankamp eager for second international tour

And Tyrell Reed.

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Column: Call Thompson anything except overwhelmed by U.S. Open debut

Great story Tom. Are you in Pinehurst this week?

It's awesome to see Thompson having a good year. I heard an interview with him on the radio earlier this week, and he sounds like a great, down-to-earth guy. What' he's accomplishing at 37 years old is incredible.

I'm with Keith. "Go Casey!"

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Bounce back: Selden shows off healthy hops in KU camp game

I'd love to see an early-season starting 5 of all returning guys:

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Bounce back: Selden shows off healthy hops in KU camp game

I'm wondering the same thing about Ellis. Is he in town? He definitely needs to be this year's leader.

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Kansas center Hunter Mickelson fired up to contribute

It's kind of like if one our wide receivers transferred to another school and it's coach said he needs to learn how to catch the ball.

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Heavy topics dominate Kansas Athletics meeting

I know I'm stating the obvious here, but we need to sell some tickets before we have the money to do that. And we probably need to win some games before we can sell more tickets.

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KU coach Bill Self still in favor of shorter shot clock

Joe, I agree with your first sentence. A shortened clock would reduce scoring, because defenses won't get as tired. One thing I like about Self's offense is that it often wears down the other team, giving us a better shot, and a stamina advantage toward the end of the game.

I believe a shorter clock would encourage sloppy offense - just jacking up 3s. I'm against it.

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Seldom-seen Brannen Greene trusts in KU program, coach

We need to remember that Greene was just a freshman this past year. Until a few years ago, freshmen got very little playing time. Greene has tons of talent, just needs to work on his understanding of the system and his concentration. I wouldn't be too surprised if he gets more playing time than Oubre early in the year. I wouldn't mind starting the season with Mason/Frankamp, Selden, Greene, Ellis, and Traylor/Lucas.

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James Sims still looking for shot in NFL

I can't believe a team hasn't picked up Sims yet. Like Charlie says, he racked up huge yardage behind a horrible OL. I'd love to see the Chiefs pick him up. He has great talent and an even greater drive to win.

Turzilli, say it isn't true. But I can't blame him if he wants to finish his career with a team where the QB actually gets time to throw.

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Top basketball preps ‘package deal’

Brian, I agree with you that the best player should play, not necessarily the best athlete. Look at what Self did with Brady Morningstar. He wasn't the best athlete, but as much as people complained about him on this site, he got the job done, and we were a much better team with him.

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