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James Sims quietly becoming one of KU's best

Not to bring up any discrepancies, but didn't Christian Matthews and Tony Pierson score our touchdowns. Beginning of the story states that Sims scored one...wish he would have, though.

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Former Jayhawk Chris Harris' huge performance on Monday Night Football

I love to keep tabs on former 'Hawks, especially Harris. This guy just has a knack for making plays and is often used on corner blitz packages as well. Although days have been dreary hear in KU football land, I think if you take a peek around the league, there are more Jayhawks in the the league than have been for a while (scroll down Denver's roster page and you will find another...actually Stuckey was on the other side of the field). It just shows we have had some good players come through here, so there is hope that better days to come. RCJH #25!

By the way, there wasn't any extra pleasure because it was the Broncos, huh Tait? Keep up the good work. Much appreciated.

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What caught my eye at Day 1 of Fall Practice


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The 12 worst scandals in college sports

Although it seems harmless compared to today's standards, for the impact, what about the cheating scandal at West Point?

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KU officially adds Anrio Adams to men's basketball team

Heard this kid is legit and will start day one. I am pretty excited about getting this kid on campus.

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Prosecutor alleges KU basketball players got pot from dealer

So let's see college kids buying pot...hmmm. Not saying its right, but it happens. No players ever tested positive at least on record and my guess is this guy didn't keep detailed receipt records. Unless there is hard evidence other than hearsay, then give me a break. Tait starts covering this story, then I will buy in that its a big deal!

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Completed chat with KU football beat writer Matt Tait

Alright, here's a name...Questions from the Sports Matt-icts and anyone who participates is a sports Matt-ict. Or, Sports Tait-ers or a Side of Tait-ers. Obviously, the hyphens can go. More for emphasis and separation. Not intended to make fun, just thinking of few.

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KU men's basketball leads conference in home attendance for 26th straight year

The average home attendance is actually kind of a cool number considering AFH only holds 16,300 - meaning we average more home attendance than our building holds. Unfortunately, our arena isn't as large as some of the multipurpose facilities (ex: the Carrier Dome, where Syracuse plays football and basketball). However, don't need numbers to know we have the best home court advantage in the country. All you have to do is get inside for a game. Not knocking your comment, just adding to it...sort of.

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Completed chat with KU football beat writer Matt Tait

Here is my vote although good call plotku.

Not a bad second option...

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Looking back at the 2012 KU football spring game

"My kind of team, kind of team!" Wasn't able to make it, but excited. I love the names back, I love that we are keeping the light blue jersey, and I love that the players came over to sing the alma mater. RCJH!!!

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