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Mario Chalmers celebrity basketball game

How do you know when you get it...when you make appearances to support communities in and around places you love when you have the means to...and when as much as the University of Kansas dislikes Missouri, you invite former MU players to be involved in the process because you realize it isn't just about you. Good call, Mario. Always a Jayhawk!

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NCAA South Regional Practice Day

Agreed. I wonder if the players provide that service at the adult basketball camp KU offers. If so, I'm in. Of course, at least on my end, the downside would that the players would end up on the DL with hernias and ruptured disks.

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Opinion: Could KU be too nice?

Granted, EJ has been playing substandard, but I think Keegan pointed out a much more glaring shortcoming. We don't have a dominant post player. We are used to having guys underneath the basket be bullies, whether it be scoring the ball or rebounding. I love Withey's presence defensively, but teams just simply don't fear him getting the ball on the low block, other than maybe to pass it out. When is the last time a Bill Self team had so few baseline alley oop dunks? It's a well known fact, if you can't score inside consistently, you aren't drawing double teams to free up guys. And, if you aren't hitting from outside, teams can also play off. Simply put, no player on this roster right now deserves a double team, so we have put ourselves in a position to be easily guarded.

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Breaking down KU football's latest recruiting class three at a time

What about that McDonald kid? Did he push for time on the field before he left and still Smiley over Mundine? ...interesting, but I trust your word. And no love for Love at the LB spot?

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Rise & Sign: National Signing Day rockin' and rollin' as letters arriving quickly in Lawrence

If Faifili is anything like Steven Johnson, I'll take him. Not only did Johnson lead the team in tackled two years straight, but he also went from walk on to making and sticking on Tait's beloved Denver Broncos roster.

Matt, how late do you expect the last of these letters to be coming in (might have already answered, but thought I would ask)?

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KU quarterback Turner Baty leaving the program

Matt, is this truly a situation where Baty needs game experience to return and get back into the QB mix or is it more of a seeing the writing on the wall? Maybe a percentage wheel on who the starting QB is following Jake Heaps (Baty, Cummings, Darling, Cozart, unknown candidate...)! Cummings is an athlete. Maybe makes the move to receiver?

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Opinion: Ben McLemore's game never stops soaring

The only comment I have pertains to the box score...the way the numbers are spread out. You can tell a lot about a "team" effort by looking there. Starting to look eerily familiar circa 2007-08 where multiple guys are just stepping up. Just a thought

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Sights and sounds from KU's stellar day on the recruiting trail

I love it. Football talk during basketball season. Hoping it keeps going and translates to the field

Tait, is there a shot that there are any impactful player transfers we are after that we might get that we haven't heard much about, especially at receiver? Or is McKay expected to be that guy?

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Opinion: Dayne Crist can still help KU

Actually in all fairness, he didn't look too bad on Saturday and his throws weren't the problem in the passing game. There were still way too many dropped balls and a couple of the completed passes to Mundine weren't passes an average QB completes. We just don't have receivers that can create separation except Pierson, and he isn't a reciever. Maybe it's route running. Maybe it's not seeing the holes in coverage...something both Briscoe and Meier were exceptional at. Not blaming the receivers for everything, but Crist wasn't the problem. Hopefully, we at least have a decent showing against West Virginia. Going to be rough, but Tech did trounce them.

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Monday Rewind: Texas Tech

I still believe

Perseverance -

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