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Freshman Frankamp brings hot shot to KU

Man oh man! I can not wait for this season.

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Basketball notebook: Top 2014 recruit considers KU

Kansas University

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Charlie Weis: I'm paying

Yahoo front page. Fantastic!!!!

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Tyler Self to play for dad

is going to be interesting.

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NBA Draft Stock Watch: March 2012

Forgot to mention Robinson is the reason Withey is getting looks. Robinson draws tripple team every time he touches the ball.

Am I underestimating Withey playing alone without T-Rob? Yes maybe. But he had me wrong this season even with T-Rob. What a monster season he is having.

Calculated choice would be to go to NBA. But that is just my opinion.

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NBA Draft Stock Watch: March 2012

I think Withey is gone if he is projected in first or second round after this season.
I really dont see him coming back.

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NBA Draft Stock Watch: March 2012

lol. Thought about writing a script for a comedy movie?

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NCAA football moves kickoffs to 35, touchbacks to 25

Why not on side kick everytime now? On average onside kick goes to 15 yards. so we are almost at the mid field. If the team has bad defense and knowing the other offense is going to score no matter what, why not risk it and try to get the ball back with onside kick.


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