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KU football unveils five new helmets for 2013 season

KU football in black? BLACK?? The happiest people in the Jayhawk nation on that day will be the idiots that designed the KU Band uniform with BLACK as the base color. They took all the money we donated to buy them new ones, then flipped us all off and made the predominant color that of our most bitter rival. KU football in black will, sadly, validate these idiots -- except that they all are all now on other campuses laughing at us.

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Report: McLemore’s AAU coach took agent money

This is going to come down, one way or another, on Lori Williams, the Athletic Department's Director of Risk Management and Compliance.

Because I am in the Sports Risk Management field myself, my first interest was in the disclaimer at the top of the complementary pass signature list photocopied in the USA Today article. It protects KU against athletes receiving monetary compensation, but not against pass recipients who may have a present or future financial interest in the athletic skills of the student athlete. My guess is that this disclaimer is standard for NCAA institutions, which means that the NCAA may not consider a name on a pass list as a warning flag of agent contact. Someone in compliance had to have vetted Blackstock; because he is not an accredited NBA agent, nor is he an employee of one, KU probably had no real reason to suspect the level of involvement he was was developing, and, even if it did, had no real means of discerning it short of violating Blackstock's privacy.

Understand that Lori Williams was the Associate Director of Enforcement at the NCAA before she came to KU. Her reputation in the business is very, very good. The good news is that if anyone can navigate the enforcement machine of the NCAA, it would probably be her.

The bad news is that the facts are the facts...Cobb's behavior puts Ben's eligibility in question. However, those facts were not disclosed until AFTER Ben was no longer a part of the KU no opportunity to proactively rectify the situation. Also remember that the documents were supplied to the reporter under the Freedom of Information act about 2 weeks ago...they had to know something like this was coming. They have probably been working on this under the radar for about a week

Lori Williams competence will either keep KU out of any sanctions, or will become a source of her firing.

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Report: McLemore’s AAU coach took agent money

What strikes me is the total lack of consideration on the part Cobb as to the implications this has on the KU basketball program...whose environment, national exposure, and coaching expertise provided the vehicle to develop and nurture this kid. It shows how little control schools have over the outside interests.

Blackstone is slime. His foundation purports to educate vulnerable athletes as to 'bad seeds and influences', then proceeds to compromise a vulnerable athlete's eligibility by paying Cobb to steer Ben to an agent. This effectively puts and end to both his foundation and any aspirations he had of being an agent.

Want an exercise in absurdity? KU athletics is the only entity in the entire situation that followed every rule, dotted every 'i', crossed every 't', made every effort to do things the right way, and in the end, may be the only entity to suffer any negative consequences.

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Joe Dooley wins over Gulf Coast players

Coach Self and our program needs to put its foot down. You can come to our Late Night, and our students will chant your name. You can play the recruiting game if you want...we can't control when you make your decision. But the minute you decide to include us in a hat ceremony, we pull the scholarship offer immediately. No exceptions...even if you choose us.

If you will use the Jayhawk logo as a prop to glorify yourself for 15 minutes, there is no reason to believe that you won't do so when you arrive here, and for the duration of your time here.


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Opinion: Bring back wishbone

I'll tell you what, Keegan. I will tolerate the Wishbone for one week if you will promise NOT to bring back Bud Moore...ever.

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Reluctant recruits: As KU, others eye Penn State football departures, players vow loyalty

No, people who THINK will not ask that. I have two KU degrees, and I can honestly say that I had never seen the terms “Ephebophilia” and “Nepiophilia” before today, and don’t feel any less intelligent or uninformed for it.

There were, at the most, 5 people with the power to stonewall a heinous situation, and they did. PSU is going to suffer because it created and allowed a closed administrative culture in which a few people could make gross, sick decisions on behalf of many.

This being said, if a recent graduate applies to me with a degree in Sports Science from Penn State tomorrow, I am not going to suddenly throw his resume in the trash because of Jerry Sandusky and 5 high level idiots. I am going to jump at the chance to interview them because of the reputation of PSU’s Sports Science program. If I don’t, I make a judgment of their ability on criterion having nothing to do with their ability. Now I’m the stupid one.

I also do not believe that these kids are making decisions off the cuff. They’ve known about this for 6 months, and they are not stupid. They’ve thought about where they would go if PSU received the death penalty, or if they would have the options they now have. They have undoubtedly talked about it among themselves.

I know this may be a foreign concept to you, but athletes do base decisions on non-athletic factors. If they fell in love with PSU the way I fell in love with KU, a majority of them may stay. They may see themselves as PSU’s version of Kentucky’s basketball “Unforgettables”, which may put them in huge standing with Alumni in terms of jobs after graduation, notoriety within the PSU community, etc.

Even if I am an underclassman football player, a degree from Penn State still means something. My chances of going pro are as miniscule as they always were. When I THINK for myself, and not listen to the pundits who view me only as a piece of athletic meat, I would be inclined to stay.

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Time to pick teams for an all-Jayhawks game of H-O-R-S-E

Jo Jo White, in his prime. I think when I was a kid, he won the NBA HORSE competition they played during the halftime of NBA games, and was a finalist in the 1-on-1 competition. He was smooth, and his stand-and-shoot range went out to 35 feet. You'll have to press him a little bit, but if you want stories, he can give them to you.

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Charlie Weis trying to drum up game-day tradition

Good points, NE., I have also noticed that instead of stepping high like they always used to, now they kind of walk. Most of the bands who generate pride within their fan base actually march with their knees high.

Maybe we ought to re-name them the "Walking Jayhawks" and let HCCW re-build THEM!

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Charlie Weis trying to drum up game-day tradition

I think what you will also see will be the re-emergence of the Marching Jayhawks. In the 1970's and early 80's, even during the Bud Moore years, I remember the Band as being kick - a--- , and ABC commentators saying so--back when they actually televised half-time shows at halftime. I think their decline started when Bob Frederick moved them from the student section to the corner of the bowl, and eventually all the way into the end zone to sell their seats. I remember taking a picture one year of the Band sitting right in the middle of a purple K-State victory celebration -- in their HOME stadium. You don't publicly disrespect your leading student support group like this and expect them to pull on the same end of the rope.

HCCW GETS IT! He's an extremely perceptive guy -- but I find it ironic that he has learned more about the KU environment and how to use it to build a long-term, respectable program in 5 months than 5 athletic directors have in 30 years.

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Basketball recruit Tony Parker picks UCLA; KU in running for Xavier point guard Mark Lyons

In the end, I will take the players we have in Self's system than Shabazz and Parker in Howland's. Parker said a lot about wanting to work under someone like Hudy...I honestly don't think he really wanted any part of her.

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