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Lions’ Bledsoe open-minded about college destination

No place like Lawrence. I'm a Chicago now BayArea Jayhawk.If he handles himself and puts in the work he can go anywhere he wants for over half the year. Please, stay and help. KU needs you!

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Longhorns wonder about late no-call


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Beaty fires up KU football fan base

The last thing I could stand is watching KU fall into irrelevance like UCONN, CINCI, or Memphis, yes they both have football teams, but this article below of adding Houston when we had a chance at Louisville is absolutely absurd. If we add Houston, our time as a power 5 conference will come to screaching halt when the TV deals reset in a year and a half. Over half the conference in Texas? It would be called the Texas conference not the Jayhawk conference. It would officially kill the conference.

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Beaty fires up KU football fan base

Fans are gonna be dissapointed and thats a shame, but thats how it is and thats how it is going to be for the next couple years. As much as I hate to use the reference, "keep sawing wood", keep trying and making strides we'll get there eventually. By the time we do I just hope the league hasn't fallen apart.

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Bathing in Victory: Jayhawks grab first win under interim head coach Clint Bowen

This is the KState troll. I remember his whack avatar.

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Who should replace Charlie Weis as KU football coach?

2nd ex-patriot OC? He's proven himself to fail (Denver), and has ridden Belicheck's coattails to having a name for himself, just like Weis. As seen versus the Chief's last night: Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, Int, Fumble, Punt... I hope this was a joke just like Kiffin!

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Column: KU QB Cozart ‘on fire’ — Weis

I'm of the opinion that cockiness is a good thing for a football team and a leader. When you look at the Miami Hurricanes of the 80's-90's their cockiness was not a downfall, and the swagger they had did nothing to hurt them, if anything it helped. I think it is a much better attitude than the "expecting to lose", or even "expecting not to lose" type mentality that has seemed to be customary of our teams demeanor for a while now. I like the fact that there is an attitude and I believe it is needed. You don't see teams like Alabama go in and expect to lose, they have demeanor about them to crush the other team.

Going along these same lines, of "poor sportsmanship" or "running up the score" (such as what Miami was criticized for when playing Notre Dame for instance) well, if your 2nd and 3rd stringers are killing the other teams starters- what are they supposed to do? Lie down on the field? Punt on first down? "You play to win the game"... this isn't pony softball where everyone should get a chance to score, or "be special". Competition is necessary or it isn't a competition at all and that rewards lackadaisical, not caring, and non-competitive elements that defeat the purpose of competition itself. Perhaps that is what is wrong with society today. I'd much rather be of the state of mind to crush the other team and believe that you will win, rather than lie down and not score because "you are winning by too much". If you take that type of loser mentality then you can expect to lose. Overconfidence can occur as we've seen first hand with our Jayhawks in the NCAA tourney by taking teams lightly, but I'd rather have a cocky team than one with a lackluster, limpahem, team of chumps. Save that type of "we are all special and everyone is a winner" for the little leagues, please.

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Column: KU QB Cozart ‘on fire’ — Weis

Critiquing the critics there, eh? Interesting view, but I don't think it solves much. I'm assuming you're in in the spectrum of cautiously optimistic but won't give an opinion- which isn't meant to be a knock on you. But despite your knock on these complaining lingerers...that's what these boards are unfortunately used for-- to complaint, or to give an opinion whether it be on the article or team. I'd agree that everyone that has no hope and dismay/ negative things to say I prefer they take it elsewhere, such as a misery website. The last thing our team needs is more negative energy.

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KU hoops offers Eudora’s Ballock

I agree that what he is doing is working, I just question his methods. I'm also expressing our needs for ball handlers in Self's system.

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