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Opinion: Seniors Travis Releford, Jeff Withey huge for Kansas


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Kansas’ Chris Gilbert tied for golf lead

How many teams were competing? Must we do this every time with golf?

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James Sims tops ratings in return

Haha, Crist doesn't have 1 point and I don't disagree at all. Sad.

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McClure paces KU at men’s golf meet

You guys need to update the men's roster, especially the coaches, when you get a chance.

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KU women’s golf in 15th place

Why do the golf writers NEVER put how many teams are in the tournaments??? 15th out of 50 is good, 15th out of 16 is terrible but how are we supposed to know? Judging by the scores though I'm gonna guess there were 15 teams.

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Sheahon Zenger’s pick: Take it or Leavitt

I think its irresponsible and trite on your part that after that 10-day, thorough search in which very, very little was leaked that "on the national map" was the only thing you had to pull from Zenger's HC search and subsequent hire. Not sure what it is, but over the past couple of years you are trying SO hard to seem objective to your readers and peers in your coverage KU that it comes across as if you go out of your way to be derogatory. Just so you know, it is possible to write a column that appeases your journalistic colleagues AND puts a positive spin on KU....they are not mutually exclusive.

The fact that you claim this hire can be validated by hiring Leavitt as the DC proves my above point. It obviously would be a great hire, but is that really the only way this hire can proven acceptable to you? Suddenly Weis hires Leavitt and suddenly Zenger's a genius? Cmon. I promise that if your work for LJW is good you will move on to bigger and better things, even if you throw in an occassional column that includes the words "success", "positive", and "support".

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Cliff's Notes: Turner Gill at KU football media days, 8/9/11

It's Pat Lewandowski, not Robert.

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RB Darrian Miller drawing attention

I find it very hard to believe that we are thin at LB. Sure, we might not have as much experience, but Sims is the only returning contributing RB so its not like we are experienced there either although Keegan suggested otherwise. I would argue that we have as much speed/skill at LB than we have had in a long, long time. Maybe since Nick Reid's era. It's just that not many have seen them play yet. Watch out for Tharp, Willis, Bakare, Walker, Johnson because I think they are going to be an explosive group that moves much better in space than last year. HUGE step up.

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Woodland CAN win Masters

One of Gary's strengths is his putting, actually. Bad counter point. Gary has as good of a chance of winning this tournament as anyone, sans about 5 players that will have the edge on him.

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Football highlights: KU vs. Texas A&M

Wow, Webb. Wow, Gill. He's got a tight ship there.

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