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Report: NCAA won't punish programs caught in Adidas fraud trial until after 2019 Final Four

The only core value of the NCAA is money in their pocket.

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A Les Miles' recruiting tracker, Tony Hull staying or going and more in today's "Ask Us Anything"

Coach Tony Hull needs to stay! I'm very excited and optimistic about the future of our football team, which is something I haven't been able to say in a long time. Rock Chalk!

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Tom Keegan: KU forward Dedric Lawson already looks like a pro

I think it was actually the Boston Herald

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Tom Keegan: KU forward Dedric Lawson already looks like a pro

Wow, Dedric looks incredible. I'm sure KJ's shot will fall soon - as Bill would say, he's really laboring out there. Keegs, I learned about your new opportunity from Bill's presser -- I thought that was a nice shout out, and I wish you the best

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Latest testimony in college basketball corruption trial goes into further details on KU's involvement

Don't be naive Al, I don't think this is an instance where a principled stand is even a possibility. College bball is tainted to its core by shoe cartels and the NCAA and its insistence on "amateurism" to protect their monopoly

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Self on KU forward Dedric Lawson: 'He's the best passer we've ever had here'

Right? This I will have to see to believe!

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Freshman Focus: Kansas PF David McCormack

Haha, great comment Dirk

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Chris Harris Jr., Todd Reesing, Larry Brown to join KU football's Ring of Honor

Charles Gordon was incredible. I still get shivers thinking about the end of his NFL career

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Albany grad transfer and KU target Joe Cremo commits to Villanova

And we lost to them in nonconference play a couple years ago off Archidiacono's buzzer beater, so it would be 4 straight

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