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Jayhawks back on campus, ready to dive into preseason hoops work

Wow, no love for the most experienced PG on the team. IMO, Charlie should be our starter since he's been in the system for a year. That said, starting PG is for Devon to take and Charlie to keep and we'll see as the season goes on.

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Kansas Basketball Record Watch 2018-19: Dedric Lawson

UK and Duke have no need to talk about themselves. They let ESPN do it for them. And Matt hasn't said anything that anyone who follows basketball and watches these young men play a couple times can't figure out.

What I want to know is the one with the most career wins and if anyone on the team can beat it.

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Nick Reid, James McClinton, Charles Gordon deserving of ultimate KU football honor

Third Team All-American still equates to Top 2% off all D1 football players in the country. So if Top 2% is a low bar, where should the bar be?

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Junior guard Sam Cunliffe leaving Kansas

Or Wake Forest

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New Kansas AD Jeff Long addresses still-defunct KU-MU Border War

Now that the MU leadership that took the to the SEC has either quit or been forced out, I don't mind playing them again. But only once a year per sport and at a neutral location. I wouldn't welcome them to Lawrence and would sure not go there.

But what I really want is for KU to play exhibition games against UCM. Phog Allen coached both schools so we could have the "Phog Allen Cup' or some other item (Doctor's bag) as a trophy. And Mules don't like Tigers anyway. There's also a small but nice memorial display at UCM's football for Dr Allen. It even has his old med bag.

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Tom Keegan: Credit 12-1 Orange Bowl team's leading rusher with recruiting assist

"If you are a student-athlete who plays football, you may be able to compete immediately if you meet ANY of the following conditions:
•You are transferring from a Football Bowl Subdivision college to a Football Championship Subdivision college and have at least two seasons of eligibility remaining."

Sounds like he is a senior. If he red-shirted once then that gives him the two years of eligibility to play right away.

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Tom Keegan: Next season's Kansas basketball roster deeper, more balanced, greener

What about this:
We could get a local DII team to be our farm team: Washburn, PSU, UCM, ESU. It would just need a coach that would work with and run a team like Self does. Instead of red shirting, send the kids to DII for a year to bulk up and get playing experience. Then if they are ready, we bring them back next year.

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How Mitch Lightfoot put his handprint on KU's Elite Eight win without playing a second

He's Senior Day is going to be AWESOME. And it seems to me that one day some team will be lucky enough to call him Coach.

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Clemson hopes stingy defense travels with Tigers to Omaha

Watched part of the Clemson/Auburn game. Clemson looked good, but not as good as Auburn looked bad. They had plenty of open shots that were just off. Reminded me of when we went to TCU years ago and got spanked when we should have won by 30.

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Udoka Azubuike sparks KU in bounce-back win over ISU

Was looking at the recap. Did Vick get credited for the 2 points he scored for ISU?

I know they gave them to some ISU. But I think it would be cool to at least see the note in the recap.

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