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Prep Oubre expected to announce today

The burning question is if Selden is one and done, can Greene or White actually play significant minutes at the 2? Can either actually defend a lightening quick wing with great handles? Ball handling and lateral speed does not seem to be AWIII's forte. We need to see Greene in action, but hopefully he has the chops.

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Elijah Johnson takes over against Iowa State

Ben just does not look comfortable handling the ball and at this point he is more of a spot up jump shooter hanging around the perimeter. Looking at the ISU and OSU games this past week, he seemed to not want any part down the stretch and was usually passing the ball as soon as soon as he touched it. We've seen him dominate big games this year against Ohio State and KSU, and we know what he's capable of. I am eager to see how he performs at Baylor in the final Big 12 game - they are going to be fired up in Waco.

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Ex-KU basketball player Eskridge dies at 89

Fascinating stuff. Where in Texas was he teaching and coaching??

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Ex-KU basketball player Eskridge dies at 89

Great story!

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KU freshman Rio Adams bringing energy, on and off court

We go through this EVERY year it seems. McMorris, JuJu, etc., etc., etc. You can play him all you want at the 3 on offense, but who does Ellis guard on defense? There is really no chance he will get anything other than spot time at the 3 throughout his entire KU career.

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Game time set for KU-Temple basketball game

Kellogg is one of the best today? You have to be joking. He adds absolutely nothing to the broadcast - no insightful analysis, constant generic points, as if he never picked up a basketball before. There are quite a few bad color commentators out there today, but he is pathetic. I wish CBS would consider replacing him with Gottlieb.

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Notebook: Perry Ellis scores most points in a KU debut since Josh Selby

I'm not sure that Shabazz is out for the entire year - they haven't ruled on that yet as I understood it.

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Perry Ellis to start; Landen Lucas to sit

I don't know that Self has redshirted a freshman yet during his time at KU. Morningstar, Releford, and Little really benefited from redshirts - seems like Self likes to get a look at their value for a year first though.

Lucas looks like he has a good idea of getting position inside and boxing out compared to your typical frosh, but if Self redshirts him this year, that has to signify he's not going to play much in the rotation this year, he'll be particularly valuable his 4th and 5th year and they really need a big man next year if they strike out on recruits.

If Self strikes out on Embid, Johnson and anyone else that pops up on the radar, the bigs for next year are Ellis, Traylor, Wesley, Peters and Lucas. I would guess that Lucas plays a good chunk of minutes in that group.

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Oklahoma City Thunder trade Cole Aldrich to Houston in James Harden deal

Harden is still in the midst of his rookie contract and even though he comes off the bench, he plays starting minutes. He would be taking a pretty big pay cut to stay in OKC after they already inked massive contracts to Westbrook, Durant and Ibaka. The writing has been on the wall for a while.

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