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Tom Keegan: Resumption of rivalry with Missouri would help KU football

Let the divorce be final. If Mizzou wants to resume the rivalry, they need to join KU in conference play (maybe later in the Big 10?).

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New Kansas AD Jeff Long addresses still-defunct KU-MU Border War

Mizzou skipped out on the conference. Buh-bye forever...

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KU coach Bill Self on new AD: 'Our place got better today'

Some of “you people” need to visit with a psychologist. Starting with Suzi...

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Confident, more mature K.J. Lawson ready to find role with Kansas basketball through whatever means necessary

If K.J. can bring some defense, it would help a lot. Garrett cannot be our lone defender.

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'Group of Five' countdown, No. 9: Scott Satterfield, Appalachian State

Keegan has been way too kind.

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KU acknowledges having received federal subpoena in ongoing FBI investigation into college basketball

I don’t mind that the FBI is looking into some of the sleaze in college basketball - and bringing subpoena power unlike the feeble NCAA.

I just wish the Feds would speed it up a tad.

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Tom Keegan: A report card on Jeff Long's past football hires

KU has had very little success in football EVER. It will be fascinating to see if Long can breathe some life into this sorry football program.

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Report: Feds seeking more information regarding KU forward Silvio De Sousa

Well, De Sousa won’t be playing for Maryland.

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Tom Keegan: Next football hire will determine new AD Jeff Long's KU legacy

Who wants the Kansas job? Who wants to walk into a mammoth black hole? It ain’t gonna turn immediately.

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Matt Tait: KU maximizes reach in hiring Jeff Long as new athletic director

Long is facing a breathtaking challenge: getting the KU football program to look alive. This may take years off his life.

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