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Opinion: Jayhawks set at QB for future

I have no idea what you're talking about. Being a backup QB is one thing but the game plan on Saturday was obviously much different. That was a planned exchange at QB. I've whined about putting Cummings in and rolling him out for two years. However, Heaps was doing a fine job early and I did not understand why you would interrupt the flow of the offense at that point. Weis has no clue and he'll be fired at the end of this season. Problem is, Zenger should go first.

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Opinion: Jayhawks set at QB for future

Hey ralster, how were your seats on the 50 yardline? Bet you were lonely by the end of the third quarter.

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Opinion: Jayhawks set at QB for future

Who knows what Cummings really looks like? He got one snap in the first 3 games and then was launched into a situation where he didn't know from down to down if he was going to be in the game. The only reason he played at all was because of pressure on Weis so he put him in almost impossible situations.

.........."Millweard, who signed with UCLA out of Coffeyville, Texas, originally committed to Virginia Tech and then Arizona State, before following the assistant coach who recruited him to ASU to Westwood. Beaten out by talented Brett Hundley, Millweard transferred to Kansas in August."...........

Sorry but this doesn't look any more promising than Crist, et al. Maybe Brett Hundley doesn't know that our coach has 4 Super Bowl rings. That surely would've gotten him to transfer too.

Got a little hope that Cozart could pan out. Actually, Joe Dineen from FSHS looks better at the position than anyone we've got suited up right now. I understand he's not even being considered for the QB spot.

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

The only renovation needed at Memorial Stadium is wearing black(?) every home game and staring out at the turf looking for answers. Oh yes, hot water in the upper concourse would be nice along with turning down the volume on the big TV set.

I loved Oubre's dad's comments about getting an education. That is so lost in college athletics these days. Amazing that I don't think there's been a single post to this article that even noticed that.

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

Hat's off to your non-emotional approach to breaking down the KU program. Here's a couple of things to think about:

1) If Zenger can't fire Weis, he equally can't extend his contract. That means that after this year Weis will only have 3 years left on his contract. That becomes an almost impossible scenario to recruit under. The only players that want to come play for a lame duck coach are more juco's.

2) I think you're confusing the "pro style" offense with what most Big 12 schools run today. The 5 wideouts was not the pro style that Weis seems so fond of. That's a spread offense meant for a mobile, play making, quarterback. Cummings is much better suited to run the spread but I have to agree that the way he was used against TT made no sense.

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

Actually, that was a meaningless game that had been re-scheduled due to 9/11. There was a debate over whether to postpone or cancel and it should've been cancelled given the circumstances. If you think that was dismal wait until Novermber 30, 2013.

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

Wow, I want what you're smoking. "These guys were kids that other good programs wanted"...... I didn't see any other "good programs" knocking down the door for Dayne Crist or Jake Heaps. What about the (what's his name that transferred from Oklahoma)? We've lost 7 of the 20 juco players that took up space for freshman. About 10 of the others have already shown why they ended up at juco's. Zenger will have to let him go after 2-10 this season. Then we'll see if he really deserved this big raise he got.

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

You are so right. He built this house of cards himself. We were all ready to give him 4 or 5 years to do it right. Instead we've seen bonehead transfer move after bonehead transfer move. Sorry, the honeymoon runs out quick when there appears to be know clue how to build for the long term.

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

You don't get it. It has nothing to do with being a bandwagon fan. In fact, quite the opposite. Those of us that are appalled at the juco movement want a long term, established program. Not a mish-mash "try this and try that" program. I don't know where you're coming from but obviously you have very little knowledge of building a college football program.

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

Wouldn't it be better to eventually get to a point where you recruit freshman, redshirt them, and then have them for a full four years? Sure, fill a hole once in awhile with a juco player but don't try to quick fix the program with them. Take your lumps (as we are anyway) and build it the right way. Fans will be patient with that approach.

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