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Self: Don’t count on Olympics call

Okay, but why force the consuming outside of Boulder to other communities so that Boulder feels so good about themselves ..because that is what they are doing.

Those inside Boulder are only forcing consumption along their Broomfield, Westminster, etc so everyone in Boulder can feel good that they are so respectful of nature.....while they force the real issues on other communities.

And reducing population, not sure you defined can you reduce the population when you improvetheir health?

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Self: Don’t count on Olympics call

Boulder caring and concerned about the earth but people not so much ...

They have so many building restriction there that the middle class cannot afford to live there; the so called worker bees that support their life style have to live outside Boulder and commute in. There are people from Boulder who go to Denver to rent as the rentals in Boulder are so scarce and expensive.....the Denver Post had an article just last week about the scarcity of rentals around U of Colorado and the increase in rentals.

But hey all those who live in Boulder can afford to preach to the rest of about saving the earth....we are just too narrow minded to understand and beside we are too busy trying to find a reasonable place to live.

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Europe must wait day for KU

If you are not a big mayonnaise fan...beware the boat load of mayo on burgers at some McDs in Europe....

Also if you like coffee try the coffee in France. I had a really great cup of coffee in Cannes, France....but beware the thief who broke into our room the night before and stole jewelry .....carry anything valuable with you or leave it in a hotel safe. In many hotels in Europe especially Italy, the maids open all the doors on a floor when they are cleaning and I dont mean just unlocked ...I mean unlocked and wide open so any one can walk right in if the maid is working in another room. Many times in Italy I returned to my hotel in the afternoon to find my door wide open and the maid no where to be seen.

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Which guard had a better career at KU?

Hard choice.

I picked RR although I really liked TT. But in the tourney this year TT was flat.

On the other side I am not sure RR gave all out from day one. Wasnt there a game when RR was a freshman or soph when he did not start and Self called to put him in a game late and RR said no thanks?

I picked RR becuase he was on a team that won a championship but really in the second half of the final game he was replaced by Sherron as point guard against Memphis' point guard. However RR never seemed to make the news with discipline problem

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Coach: Recruit Anrio Adams ‘big-time talent’

Great Kentucky proud to produce so many potential Allen Iversons. Their players know they cant graduate so they leave after one year.....maybe make a lot of money...then spend a lot of money...then end up broke......

That is a great tradition for such a great collegel....They ought to change their school chant to...Leave No BB Player Behind to be Educated

After all who wants to educate them...that clogs up recruiting...we couldn't tell recruits that they will start day 1..and that is such a great advantage!

Wow what a great college tradition!


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