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Tait: Fine gets a shot with Bills

"Collins and Talib were blessed with All-American talent. Henry was given all-world speed and employed a strong work ethic to figure out how to use it. Fine was blessed with All-American heart.has managed to stick with the Bills. Listed on the Bills' depth chart as the third-string tight end, Fine faces an uphill battle for playing time at that position. "I guess this is an opinion column. I thank you for your assessment of his heart but feel you insinuate he is lacking in other departments. I don't believe he would be in the NFL without talent and work ethic. The items about the uphill battle & managed to stick---is that substantiated or purely opinion? What was the basis for that opinion? It would be nice to see a quote or the reasoning for your opinion. I really think you meant this to be positive but the lurking negative innuendoes overwhelmed me.

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Beyond the highlights

Derek Fine did not graduate until 2002.

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