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Self not surprised with preseason poll or going on?Its just an assumption...Turgeon likes us (he's an alum). Doc and Bill are buddies. Of those 2 I'm pretty sure. Bzdelik is more of a guess.

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Self not surprised with preseason poll

Our 3 Votes:Mark Turgeon, Doc Sadler, and Jeff Bzdelik...

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Prep hoops forward torn between Memphis, KU

Lots of good points so far...I think Memphis does have a good "Wow!" factor with High Schoolers. These kids are going to gravitate to those things that are shinny and bright. Also, they have become very good as of late.I've heard a lot about about how below average C-USA is. We must remember that is Calipari's formula to winning and getting solid recruits.1 Coach in a NON BCS Conference2 Win 27+ games a year3 Get a high seed in tourney (1 or 2)Remember when he was about to take the NC State job but ended up staying at Memphis? Had he been in the ACC with NC State, would he be getting top recruits? Probably not. He used the same formula at UMASS. Is that the reason why he has yet to coach at a BCS conference?I that forumla is a little weak, but it works...gotta give the man his credit.Plus now he has a track record of producing the CDR's, Derrick Roses, and Marcus Camby's of the world.

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Big 12 perfect 12-for-12, but so what?

number1Its monday...I apologize. There...the sarcasasm meter light is "on". :-)

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Big 12 perfect 12-for-12, but so what?

KU...Is your Minuteman Patrol shift over yet on the Rio Grande?I bet you're borderline racist aren't you?

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Darnell Jackson's letter to KU fans

Two Words: Class Act

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Freshman Jayhawk basketball player gets court date after BB gun incident

You've got to be kidding me...he better grow up quick.

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Hoops recruit Henry adds Texas, UCLA

jayhawkinatl...Reading this story reminded me of the Willie Warren saga last year.Kansas was always at the top of his list, he adds more favorites and ultimately goes elsewhere.I wish we can land the guy but won't be holding me breath.

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'Hawks in the NBA: Live on Draft Day 2008

B-Rush Baby!!!!!!!

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'Hawks in the NBA: Live on Draft Day 2008

The other Robyn Lopez looked like Side-Show Bob with that hair...

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