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KU senior Landen Lucas believes progress is a big picture thing

Yeah, I'm not buying that as the main issue, but Lucas needs to adjust.

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KU senior Landen Lucas believes progress is a big picture thing

I think Lucas will be fine. I think he will return in some fashion to his phenomenal 15 game "Stretch" of last year. I still think knows he's the 5th scoring option when he's on the court. He just needs to catch a break (health wise and ref wise) and find that groove. I think he will. I've said this a lot...I'm not worried about Lucas.

I honestly don't think he's far from getting back to the point of finding a groove. Im not sure he will get back to last year but I think he can find a nice rhythm with this roster. I also think it's unrealistic for Lucas to get back to last year because he's gonna have a different "role". At least in terms of his outlook of the front court because there is no Perry Ellis alongside him.

Sure, his confidence is a little shaken but he's smart, experienced, and he's been in Self'a system for 5 years now. He knows what is expected of him and he knows exactly where he stands with Coach Self. I think that right there is why Lucas is an asset regardless whwether he is getting 29 mins, 15 mins, starting or not starting.

Now, this is just my opinion...what's hurting Lucas ultimately is the "Perrry Ellis Effect". Perry was so good and garnered so much made Lucas' job so much easier and it took pressure off him to perform.

Kansas doesn't have a Marcus Morris, T-Rob, Darrell Arthur, or Perry Ellis to help compliment their other big men.
Let's face it...Bragg is struggling and Doke is young. Lucas is suppose to shoulder that scoring load? Not a chance. Be nice if Bragg could have stepped up just a little to be a D.Arthur, Marcus, T-Rob, or Perry.

I'm more disappointed in Bragg than I am Lucas because I know what Lucas is. D-Jackson had Arthur. Morris twins had Aldrich. Kieff and T-Rob had Marcus. Withey had T-Rob. Lucas had Perry Ellis last year. Who does Lucas have this year? Doke? Bragg?

I just don't think it's Lucas as much as it's not having the "traditional" 4 that Self has always had in his tenure at Kansas. Lucas is adjusting to the 4 guard lineup and it impacts him more than anyone else on the team so I'm cutting the 5th year senior some slack at the moment.

Let's revisit this mid January and see if Lucas adjusted or if his game improved. That's where I am on the Lucas issue.

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Need for speed: No. 4 Jayhawks blow past Long Beach State, 91-61

LBSU: I've grown spoiled thinking Mason was gonna drop another 20 last night. He only scored 8 points but he played a great game. He rebounded and got others involved.

He did pass Jerod Haase (1264 points) on the All Time-Scoring list last night for 1269 career points. He sits 12 behind Eric Chenowith and 16 behind The Great Jo Jo White.

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U-dunk-a: Azubuike dominates in first career start, 95-57 victory

I absolutely loved what I saw from this team last night. Granted, it was UNC Asheville but the way Graham and Jackson (to some degree Mason) got Vick and Udoka possesssions and were trying to get them more invlolved in he "System".

If Self is gonna start Vick (I have a feeling he won't) or at least go more small ball with Jackson at the 4...I would like to see Self incorporate Jackson on the half post like he did with Marcus and T-Rob.

Loved how the team was setting up Vick and Udoka last night, but at least thru Christmas I would like to see some Jackson on the half post if he's gonna play the 4. It's there if the team focuses on it.

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Tom Keegan: Frank Mason outplays his size yet again

With 19 points Frank Mason (1240 points) ties Steve Woodberry for 32nd on the All Time Scoring list at KU. He's 24 points behind Jerod Haase (1264 points).

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Tom Keegan: Frank Mason outplays his size yet again

“Frank’s got a lot of heart,” Jackson said. “His ability for a guy his size, I’ve never seen a guy be able to finish as well as

Wayne Selden could never understand this either.

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KU's Jackson, Mason and Graham combine for 58 points in win over UAB

With Frank Mason's (1221 career points) 20 point and 5 assist performance, he just moved passed Jacque Vaughn (1207 points), Greg Dreiling (1209 points), and Scot Pollard (1209 points) for 33rd on the all-time scoring list.

Mason is currently 19 points behind Steve Woodberry (1240 points) for 32nd on the all time list. I will continue to update his climb to Top 10 scoring and Top 5 assists in the KU's All-Time list throughout the season.

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The Jayhawks' one-two punch: Mason, Graham bring ‘assassin mentality’ to team

Graham better figure out the cramps issue so he can live up to his intrepid perception.

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The Jayhawks' one-two punch: Mason, Graham bring ‘assassin mentality’ to team

With Frank's super impressive start to his senior year, I was curious how he currently stacked up with KU's All time greats and where he is projected to finish.

Scoring: Frank currently has 1183 (51 points this season in two games) career total points, which would currently rank him tied at #36 all time with none other than the great Aaron Miles who has that exact same amount and one spot behind behind #35 Jacque Vaughn who has 1207 points.

Some other notable point guards on the all time scoring list:

5th) Sherron Collins 1888 points

10th) Kirk Hinrich 1753 points

11th) Kevin Pritchard 1692

14th) Tyshawn Taylor 1580 points

15th) Jeff Boschee 1560 points

25th) Adonis Jordan 1373 points

27th) Mario Chalmers 1341 points

29th) Jo Jo White 1286 points

Frank scored 452 points his soph year and 489 total points his junior year and he's already crushing it this year. So, let's say on the conservative side he scores 550 points this season (his senior season)...that would put him at 1682 career points and 12th on the all time scoring list 10 points behind Kevin Pritchard.

Now let's look at assists:

Frank currently has 403 assists and he had 142 his soph year and 175 his junior year. So, let's say he gets 200 assists this year (he has 14 in two games this year) that would put him at 603 for his career. Let's see where that would stack up.

Aaron Miles 954 assists

Jacque Vaughn 804 assists

Cedric Hunter 684 assists

Kirk Hinrich 668 assists

Adonis Jordan 568 assists

Tyshawn Taylor 575 assists

Sherron Collins 552 assists

Kevin Pritchard 499 assists

If Frank got 200 assists this season, he would end up with about 600 assists for his career which would put him in the top 5 assist leaders at Kansas.

Hovering around the 10 in scoring and the top 5 in assists at Kansas...Frank Mason, I'm not ready for you to leave. He just needs to add a Final 4 and or Championship to his resume to cement his greatness IMO.

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Seldom-used 4-guard lineup coming to a Kansas basketball team near you

You think Landen Lucas has limitations as a basketball player? Landen Lucas is great for Kansas because he knows his "role". Landen Lucas has a lot of weaknesses as a player, but he's a good fit for Kansas. Yes, he's very limited but I would rather have a guy like Lucas as a redshirt senior than an incoming Alexander or Diallo.

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