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Power forward Silvio De Sousa officially cleared to join the Jayhawks

In one of the more disinteresting non-conference seasons I’ve watched under Self...the season completely flips and makes for one of more interesting conference seasons Self has ever had at KU.

We all know Self likes his routine, rhythm, and and progression consistency with his rosters. He’s always had his different seasons within the season.

For once, it’s kind of nice to see Self squirm, get frustrated, and have to work harder than normal because of his current roster make up.

Imo it’s been one of the more unusual and quite frankly boring seasons so far but on the flip side, I’m enjoying watching Self squirm and now I’m quite tuned in on how he’s going to juggle Cunliffe, De Sousa, and hopefully Preston soon in the lineup.

We all know Self can’t stand losing conference games and it’s very hard for him to venture away from guys he trusts and what he knows like the 7 guys who have been playing all season.

I mean, look at how slow Self has incorporated Cunliffe...and those were non-conference games. We’ve also witnessed what happened with Diallo and he only missed 5 games of the season a couple years ago.

I’m very very very...let me say that again...Very Interested to see how Self incorporates De Sousa into this lineup after missing 12 games. I’m even more interested to see how Self incorporates Preston if he ever gets eligible.

I’m actually laughing as i write this because i do think it’s going to be comical watching De Sousa and or Preston try to catch up to speed in the middle of the conference season. Self has never had a blueprint for this.

How quickly and frustrated is Self going to get when these two kids just screw up back to back in the middle of an important conference game?

I mean, we all thought (at least i did) that Diallo got a raw deal and wasn’t able to play through mistakes when he was in the roster but it’s going to be really eye opening to see how Self handles De Sousa and Preston with PT, especially with so much on the line during the middle of the conference slate.

Is he going for 14 or is he going to prepare this team for a Natty run? Is it even possible to do both? Can self manage not 1 but 2 very inexperienced frosh big guys after missing 12-13 games and incorporate them into the conference season in probably the most important conference race of any season in college basketball in 4 decades?

I’m buckled in to see how Self’s production plays out. What’s turned into a very boring season thus far has all of a sudden gotten quite entertaining. Get the popcorn.

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KU football players react to hearing David Beaty will remain head coach

Hey Brett, Tennessee’s outcry reversed George Schiano’s hiring. You wearing Orange today?

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Tom Keegan: Future as bleak as the present for Kansas football

Well, your first mistake, Brett is thinking that KU football is on the same level as any of those schools in ASU, UCLA, Tennessee and Nebraska. Two warm climate schools, 1 plays in the SEC, and Nebraska is like Kansas Basketball. I’m sorry, you can’t compare The Kansas Football program to any of those schools and if you do...”you really don’t get it”. I would expect more from a season ticket holder than your knee jerk reactions.

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Sheahon Zenger: Beaty will return as coach in 2018

I will take this bet.

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Sheahon Zenger: Beaty will return as coach in 2018

Good thing Rock Chalk Park, The Hall of Fame, The Basketball Dorms, the Football Renovations, the weight room, and the football practice facility won’t wver built. Oh..wait...

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Sheahon Zenger: Beaty will return as coach in 2018

I will take the Over.

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Notebook: Ribordy returns to offensive line; 'Fire Zenger' banner flies before kickoff

Well said! This isn’t 30 years ago when Snyder took over at K-State either.

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Notebook: Ribordy returns to offensive line; 'Fire Zenger' banner flies before kickoff

Man, it’s always easy to just “Fire” someone and the expectation is that things will automatically be better with a new hire? Out of curiosity, what does that look like if Zenger is fired? What is the plan? I think Sam Mellinger’s column less than a few weeks ago was wrong. I’m not really sure what Sam Mellinger was proposing as a solution if Zenger is fired? It’s always easy to make comments or write a column as a journalist about firing a guy because that’s what’s “juicy” and will get clicks.

The individual who had the stage yesterday should have poured money into the athletic department instead of paying for a couple hours of a cheap back alley trick with a rented plane and a sign. Seems counter productive.

I’m not sure Kansas fans understand that the football program even when Charlie Weis was hired back in 2011 was almost an impossible job. The Kansas football program is not going to be fixed over night. It’s not going to be fixed over a 5 year period. Kansas Football is lucky to be turned around by 2022. I remain hopeful but I really think most Kansas fans expectations are completely unrealistic. It’s a process! Let me remind you what we are talking about here...Kansas Football!

Is firing Zenger the answer? Not in my opinion! Is firing Beatty the answer? Not in my opinion! You have to look at the bigger picture and it’s just not inside the lines at Memorial Stadium or on the road against the other Big 12 schools. Zenger has brought KU Rock Chalk Park, Hall of Fame renovation, Dorm facility and is in the process of the 350 million renovation project of memorial stadium and a new football practice field. In my mind, that’s the bigger game being played than the one between the lines.

Sure, it would be great to have a better football product but let Beatty do his thing. This is his third season. Changing coaches is not the answer. Maybe at other schools but not at Kansas. Not right now. Firing Zenger is not the answer. Not right now! I think most are forgetting that the Grant of Rights for the Big 12 will be up by about 2021/2022 which will be the time of the next conference realignment talks. With all the projects currently in the plans and Zenger’s Big 10 ties why fire Zenger?

Now, if in 5 years Kansas doesn’t get in the Big 10 and Kansas is still putting up 1-10 records, and memorial stadium didn’t get the complete renovation that was promised...then yeah, I may agree to fire Zenger but right NOW? No way! It would be completely wrong timing to do so.

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Carlton Bragg Jr. leaving Kansas

Wally Judge 2.6. Amazing the same trajectory of their careers .

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