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What if Kansas paid its basketball players? It already does, sort of

You don't think the $600,000 is fair market value for a Kansas basketball player?

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What if Kansas paid its basketball players? It already does, sort of

Very good story! Finally, someone in the media is starting to talk about this and actually break down the numbers. Kudos to the athletes. Long overdue!

Still a lot of gray areas that need to be worked out but it's a step in the right direction. More percentage of the $$$ still needs to be increased for these athletes but it's a process.

I've been advocating this for years and I'm finally glad to see it come to fruition. Baby Steps!

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Report: Diallo agrees to three-year deal

Apparently, "he has a nice left- and right-hand jump hook."

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Report: Diallo agrees to three-year deal

At least your analogies are spot on today. Couple days rest seems to have gotten you back on track.

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Report: Diallo agrees to three-year deal

KFC, wouldnt almost anybody be considered more mentally stable than Dennis Rodman?

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Mykhailiuk nets 12 in win

My apologies, Dirk. I got lazy and just assumed since I said Ukranian and then shortened it to UK thereafter people would know that I was still talking about Ukraine. I will abbreviate properly with UKR from here on out. Wish I had an editor. Anyway, back to basketball.

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Mykhailiuk nets 12 in win

His role will be different for one thing. On the Ukranian team he's having to do all the work so from one stance that is good, but from another perspective it can be bad. You would hope that maybe him trying new things and being more aggressive offensively, as he's one of the main guys on the UK team, would help him going forward. Key word there is "Hope".

The good thing about playing with Mason, Graham, and Jackson this next season is that is should take all pressure off of Svi to perform. Between those 3 and their ball handling abilities and abilities to get in the gaps of the will help guys like SVI, Lucas, and Bragg.

My only fear is that SVI becomes too complacent again and "Settles" because Mason, Graham, and Jackson are doing all the work.

I think somehow though Vick is gonna find himself in the lineup somewhere. I think Vick spells Mason and Graham at times and Svi will spell Jackson and anytime Self decides to go small ball with Jackson and Svi at the 4.

I think Vick is gonna be a big surprise this season.

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Mykhailiuk nets 12 in win

I've watched his games and while he may be getting from point A to point B in the open court and with one defender on him bringing it up the court, his handle certainly isn't confident nor is it graceful but it it gets the job done .

Where he's getting into trouble is in the half court. He's trying to use his dribble to take it deep in the gap of the paint and create but that's where he's most shaky. For whatever reason he's picking up his dribble prematurely (causing his travel woes) or he's jumping in the air with no place to go and throwing errant passes.

There is that extra dribble in traffic (he's not taking it) or that extra step to the rim (where he's leaving it short because he's in no mans land) where he's completely indecisive. Its like when he gets that gap and gets in the paint he tightens up and stresses and your instinct is to pick up the ball with your momentum causing you to slide your pivot.

He's good about getting to the paint, but he's not good about what he should do with taking an extra dribble or keeping his dribble or taking that explosive step to finish at the rim.

Personally, I would just like to see him come to a jump stop and take the pull up jumper instead of taking the 1/2 step running in the air with nowhere to go and passing it out of bounds or throwing up a weak finger roll because the defense stepped up when he wasn't expecting it.

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Mykhailiuk nets 12 in win

It is kind of cool to see all the rosters of the final 16 teams in The Basketball Tournament. You can watch the second half of the FOE vs Team Maryland game by hitting "Recap" in the link below. It was fun watching EJ and TT play together.

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