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Seldom-used 4-guard lineup coming to a Kansas basketball team near you

You think Landen Lucas has limitations as a basketball player? Landen Lucas is great for Kansas because he knows his "role". Landen Lucas has a lot of weaknesses as a player, but he's a good fit for Kansas. Yes, he's very limited but I would rather have a guy like Lucas as a redshirt senior than an incoming Alexander or Diallo.

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Seldom-used 4-guard lineup coming to a Kansas basketball team near you

Limited being you have Landen Lucas and Carlton Bragg. Limited being that Self may have to play a player like Jackson at the 4 for extended amount of minutes which has never been done under a Self squad.

Despite Bragg's potential and his NBA resume...he's still an unknown. While Landen Lucas is solid and a good anchor, I think it's unrealistic to expect anything more than the great play he concluded with last season. He was great.

Being "limited" isn't necessarily a negative. Had Udoka come in last year he may not have gotten any time last year. This year is different. He may be awesome and it will allow much needed PT. He may not be great but he will still have longer leash than Bragg or Diallo had last year.

The front line for Kansas is thin, a lot of unknowns, and is limited (you may not like the term) because of depth. Because of those unknowns and lack of depth...that gives way to the possibility of why this article was published today.

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Seldom-used 4-guard lineup coming to a Kansas basketball team near you

That's not the point that was being made though. There is a difference in players like Ellis thinking they are 3 or fans thinking players like Ellis are 3's in the NBA. Never did I mention that Ellis, T-Rob, Arthur, or Marcus would transition to a 3 in college let alone the NBA.

The point was players like Ellis always seem to think they need to play "smaller" in order to prove to the NBA scouts that they can play the perimeter in the NBA.

Regardless of all that it's actually refreshing for once to possibly entertain the exact opposite idea and mindset that a 6'8 2 guard/wing/shooting guard can play the 4 and create some mismatches not necessarily on the block but on the half block extending out to the perimeter.

Love him or hate him, Coach K does this better than most as he's played Jabari Paker and Brandom Ingram (he's a better example) at the 4 with smaller lineups.

Maybe this one time you will agree that we are saying the same thing and in agreement for once. Maybe? Is that possible? It's okay to admit it.

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Seldom-used 4-guard lineup coming to a Kansas basketball team near you

Oubre and Xavier as well. It's not necessarily Iso situations. It's exactly what Marcus Morris and T-Rob did in each of their junior years by not lining directly up on the low post. The difference is you basically have this tremendous athlete who is 6'8" with guard like skills either exploiting a smaller defender or putting the ball on the floor against a bigger, slower opponent. It's still within the confines of the offense but you just have to create and be more cognizant of the "spacing" issue in college.

Who knows if Self will really go with but this year for whatever reason, I think he's gonna be forced to do so because of the roster. I will say this, whether it's 2009 and Self is forced to play the Kieff twins and TT as frosh or its 2012 and maki g the national title game with the thinnest bench ever...good things have usually happened when Self is forced to do something because of the limited perceived aspects of the roster.

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Seldom-used 4-guard lineup coming to a Kansas basketball team near you

That's what you took away from that post? Ellis? This is one time I'm trying not to go back and forth with you Jay.

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Seldom-used 4-guard lineup coming to a Kansas basketball team near you

You know, having read the quote about playing small, I would have just said that's just typical Self pre season talk, rolled my eyes and tell myself... I will believe when I see it. However, I watched the interview and I actually believe Self is gonna follow thru with a small lineup strategy.

Here is what I find interesting about Self talking about Jackson and the idea of putting him spots to post up more in a lineup that could feature him at the 4.

Here is why it makes sense. Well, it doesn't totally make sense but like Self said, the make up of the roster is gonna force Self to play Jackson at the 4. That's actually tremendous and here's why.

I've never understood why in the past Self didn't utilize Xavier Henry, Andrew Wiggins, and Kelly Oubre more in half post situations.

I've always felt that guys like those 3 never reached their full potential at Kansas because Self didn't try to isolate them from time to time with the "Melo Moves" (Kobe moves, durant moves, Paul Pierce Moves) down on the half block or half post in order to create mismatches and to fully exploit their talents.

I know what you're gonna say...Chris, we've always had 2 Big's that have clogged up the paint. You need spacing to do that in the college game, right?

That is certainly true but I still think it could be done with a stretch 4 that can drift towards the perimeter if you are really trying to utilize Xavier, Oubre, or Wiggins.

Anyway, if you have ever noticed The 3 best players under Self at the "Melo" half post have been 1) Marcus Morris 2) T-Rob 3) D. Arthur. Honorable Mention: Perry Ellis.

Now, I know Self doesn't like to distinguish between 4 and 5 and instead just calls them "Big's" but in this case those guys were strictly 4's.

What I find interesting in all this is that for the first time ever under Self...a guy who is more directly comparable to Xavier, Oubre, and Wiggins...we actually may get to see what a ball handling 6'8" guard/wing can do at the 4 spot on the half post. Svi may get this opportunity at times as well.

I just find the dynamic interesting because we have all seen technically post guys (Marcus, Arthur, and t-rob) trying to stretch the floor and prove they could maybe play the 3 in the NBA and and now we actually may get to see technically a 2 guard do what I've been advocating for years in a KU system and get A guy like Josh Jackson on the half block at KU to exploit his athleticism, talent, and his half post game.

I'm pretty excited if this all comes to fruition.

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No. 1 overall recruit DeAndre Ayton picks Arizona over Kansas, Kentucky

50/50 he ends up at Zona on Day 1

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No. 1 overall recruit DeAndre Ayton picks Arizona over Kansas, Kentucky

Good Post Aaron P. As Aaron stated, Ayton is most definitely a PF 4 in center's body. This wasn't a case of Udoka vs Ayton or Ayton vs Udoka. Always have to love the "belittling" of a recruit that doesn't choose Kansas. No post moves or face up game and he's too raw to be a OAD? Too soft? Always love the "Raw" commentary on a kid. He would be the #1 player picked in the 2017 or 2018 NBA draft. Take your pick.

Despite choosing Zona, Ayton may be my favorite recruit of all time. The manner in which he held his recruitment was top notch. It was classic. Less than 3 hours before his announcement he had everyone and I mean all the recruiting "experts" completely scrambling and at a loss when it came to updates and social media updates right up to his announcement. The fact nobody knew anything was refreshing to see for this big of a recruit in this day of technology.

Lastly, Big 12 and SEC have stricter policies on the admittance of "Partial Qualifiers" so UK and KU may not have been able to admit even if he wanted to go to either school. It will be interesting to see if he qualifies.

Regardless, one of the better shock announcement recruitments in quite sometime. Chalk one up to the kid. That was great.

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What if Kansas paid its basketball players? It already does, sort of

You don't think the $600,000 is fair market value for a Kansas basketball player?

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