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KU coaches meet with Thornton

Yes please! I was wondering why it took so long to go after this kid. It's perfect timing for this kid to red shirt next year for his transfer and be ready in 2018 with either a graham/Thornton duo or Young/Thornton duo.

Internet rumors were spilling over the last couple weeks. Good to see staff going after this kid. Timing is almost perfect IMO for this kid to wear the Crimson and Blue.

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Tom Keegan: Latest No. 1 like Wiggins

JJ may not score as much as Wiggins but IMO JJ will make more of an impact on the overall game than Wiggins did.

Despite Wiggins being more athletic I don't think Wiggins utilized his athleticism as much as he should have as he settled for jump shots. Even when he drove he was a little unorthodox. JJ's ability to create off the dribble IMO is what is gonna separate JJ from Selden, Oubre, and even Wiggins in a Jayhawk uniform.

I'm just looking forward to 3 guys in graham, Mason, and JJ that can create off one another, attack the paint, and get in that crease whenever they want. It's gonna be fun to see those 3 feed off each other. Gonna be a big difference from Selden at the 3.

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Diallo projected to go 26 in draft

What is the damn hurry? His stock plummeted and yet he wants to be a "borderline" first rounder all because of a projection?

How did that projection work out for Selby? How did that projection work out for Alexander?

What was the point of recruiting Diallo again? If he stays a second year I get it, but I honestly don't see the "value" in recruiting a guy like Diallo for the kind of coach Bill Self is.

Self's recruiting tactics annoy me. Find me or get me guys who want to be at Kansas that don't have handlers, guardians or baggage camps.

Hey, maybe if Self was going to more Final 4's, I would understand his recruiting strategy.

At this point, I would rather have more mediocre years like 2014 and 2015 building towards something then have kids like Selby, Alexander, and Diallo. Too much baggage.

Amazing, Roy Williams is about to win his third National Title. So annoying! Brice Johnson would clean Diallo's clock. Hey Diallo, why don't you watch Brice Johnson tomorrow night. He's gonna be a lottery pick and deservedly so. $$$, value, and timing apparently have gotten lost somewhere along the way.

Not gonna lie, I would have rather watched Diallo play and whatever happen with the team then watch the stubbornness of Self flub the big rotation thru mid January. Watching another Elite 8/second day tourny meltdown while Roy is about to win his third title just leaves me shaking my head.

Hey, but bring in those "talented" kids you want so badly so you can show them the way by putting them at the end of the bench. If you're gonna spend the time and resources to bring in top 10 talent then play the kids. If not, then build your program around the top 30/top 100 talent and live with it. I would respect that far far more than what I witnessed burning two McDonald's All Americans (a term that is Overrated) at the end of your bench.

Its a shame the roster isn't gutted every year and then self would be "forced" to play these kids like he had to with the the twins back in 2009.

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Aaron Miles misses playing days

Is it it a coincidence that Aaron Miles (one of my fav pg's at Kansas) named his son after another one of my fav PG's at Kansas? Adonis (Adonis Jordan) Miles!

Between Adonis Jordan and Aaron Miles Kansas has 4 Final 4's. Come on down Adonis Miles!

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Turgeon: KU bittersweet (16) foe

I'm just glad Kansas got the extra day of rest, got the extra day to scout, and got the extra day to regroup as a team. Would have loved to have seen an inside look on what the coaches were watching last night during the Maryland/Hawaii game.

Sorry Turg, I know you're being humble and respectful to your alma mater, but you already sound like a defeated coach.

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Tom Keegan: Blood will be blue in Iowa

"The ninth-seeded Huskies face Colorado for the right to play Kansas in the second"?

Uh, let's get past Austin Peay first. Don't ya think, LJW?

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KU’s glue guy: Kansas won 11 of 12 with Lucas as starter

What a nice, steady, and consistent prescesnce Lucas has turned into. Now, You will never convince me the path in which Self finally committed to Lucas was the best way the situation could have been handled.

With that said, I'm just glad Self committed to "Someone" when it was needed most for this team and I'm glad to see it working out for Lucas. I always thought Lucas could give this kind of production as a junior and senior (5 and 5 and 55 percent shooting in 12-15 minutes a game), I just never imagined that Lucas would be doing it with starter type minutes in this "Role". Kudos to Lucas and Kudos to Self for "Committing" to it.

It is crazy to think how confident I am with Lucas on the floor. I'm not saying Lucas is anywhere near the defensive stopper or has the defensive prescence that Jeff Withey had, but the second half of Withey's junior season and all of Withey"s senior season I never wanted Withey out of the game. That's the same confidence and trust I have in Lucas at the moment. His ability to keep opposing posts out of sync and away from their spots has been impressive. He's not the most agile or athletic guy, but the way he is using his body to move people and go straight up vertically has been impressive during this stretch.

I will leave you all this. There was a guy named Jake Voskuhl who averaged 5.5 pts, 6.4 boards and shot 51 percent from the field as a junior on the 1999 Championship UConn team. I remember that team well and it is uncanny that Lucas' 5.3 pts, 6.3 boards, and 61 percent from the field are also eerily similar as redshirt junior.

I'm not sure what this means or what Kansas will do in the NCAA tournament, but I haven't seen a center like Landen Lucas on a #1 caliber type team since Jake Voskuhl and that 1999 UConn team. Hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come.

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Big week vaults Jayhawks to No. 2 in latest AP Top 25

It goes both ways, Michael. The officials swallowed their whistles. Which do you want? 1) You want them to call the foul to put Grayson at the line? 2) You want them to call a travel and take away the 2 points? Which do you want? The officials let the players play and decide the game and Grayson Allen ended up hitting a tough shot for the win. Can't have it both ways.

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Bill Self borrows a little from Bulls' Fred Hoiberg

It was necessary! If LJW isn't gonna do anything about it than I will make my comments accordingly. I stand by my comments.

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