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Notebook: Ribordy returns to offensive line; 'Fire Zenger' banner flies before kickoff

Well said! This isn’t 30 years ago when Snyder took over at K-State either.

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Notebook: Ribordy returns to offensive line; 'Fire Zenger' banner flies before kickoff

Man, it’s always easy to just “Fire” someone and the expectation is that things will automatically be better with a new hire? Out of curiosity, what does that look like if Zenger is fired? What is the plan? I think Sam Mellinger’s column less than a few weeks ago was wrong. I’m not really sure what Sam Mellinger was proposing as a solution if Zenger is fired? It’s always easy to make comments or write a column as a journalist about firing a guy because that’s what’s “juicy” and will get clicks.

The individual who had the stage yesterday should have poured money into the athletic department instead of paying for a couple hours of a cheap back alley trick with a rented plane and a sign. Seems counter productive.

I’m not sure Kansas fans understand that the football program even when Charlie Weis was hired back in 2011 was almost an impossible job. The Kansas football program is not going to be fixed over night. It’s not going to be fixed over a 5 year period. Kansas Football is lucky to be turned around by 2022. I remain hopeful but I really think most Kansas fans expectations are completely unrealistic. It’s a process! Let me remind you what we are talking about here...Kansas Football!

Is firing Zenger the answer? Not in my opinion! Is firing Beatty the answer? Not in my opinion! You have to look at the bigger picture and it’s just not inside the lines at Memorial Stadium or on the road against the other Big 12 schools. Zenger has brought KU Rock Chalk Park, Hall of Fame renovation, Dorm facility and is in the process of the 350 million renovation project of memorial stadium and a new football practice field. In my mind, that’s the bigger game being played than the one between the lines.

Sure, it would be great to have a better football product but let Beatty do his thing. This is his third season. Changing coaches is not the answer. Maybe at other schools but not at Kansas. Not right now. Firing Zenger is not the answer. Not right now! I think most are forgetting that the Grant of Rights for the Big 12 will be up by about 2021/2022 which will be the time of the next conference realignment talks. With all the projects currently in the plans and Zenger’s Big 10 ties why fire Zenger?

Now, if in 5 years Kansas doesn’t get in the Big 10 and Kansas is still putting up 1-10 records, and memorial stadium didn’t get the complete renovation that was promised...then yeah, I may agree to fire Zenger but right NOW? No way! It would be completely wrong timing to do so.

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Carlton Bragg Jr. leaving Kansas

Wally Judge 2.6. Amazing the same trajectory of their careers .

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Hall of Fame Material: Bill Self has 'perfect DNA for the job,' per Roger Morningstar

I don't doubt anything you've said. I hope you're right that he's here for a long time. With that said, I'm of the stance that I never faulted Roy for leaving. I don't blame him for leaving. Much respect for what he's done at UNC during the same time Self has been at KU.

Having said all that, I loathe UNC and everything about the institution. Living here certainly makes it worse I'm sure and quite possibly distorts my opinion but it does sting from my perspective seeing Roy win his 3rd. Nice response though, Hobbs.

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Hall of Fame Material: Bill Self has 'perfect DNA for the job,' per Roger Morningstar

Brett, i agree with most of what you said and also agree that Kansas has the right coach in Bill Self. I certainly wouldn't want any other coach representing Kansas.

With that said, how many fluff pieces is the LJW gonna write since the Elite 8 loss? I hope you're right and Mr Morningstar is right about Self's best year's ahead of him. You say he's about to kick it in overdrive. I think he's already there and that's the concerning part.

Bill Self, while deserving of every accolade he receives and has done a tremendous job, although imo he isn't open to ridicule, being criticized, and questioned with his decision making by the LJW when it's warranted.

We get the fluff pieces. Just make them stop. Roy Williams is getting all the fluff pieces right now and deservedly so by the national media.

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Jayhawks take over No. 1 spot in latest AP rankings

I've said for the last couple weeks that we as fans should want Duke to keep winning so they don't stay on the 4/5 seed line. Duke is the only team I don't want to see in the country before The Final 4. Beating a team twice is so hard. Especially the caliber of a Duke program coached by K.

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Ranking KU's top perimeter trios of the past 25 seasons

Definitely a lot of flaws with this list. I agree with the poster that involved Cedric Hunter, Calvin Thompson, and Ron Kellogg towards the top.

I don't have an exact ranking but Mario, Sherron, and Russ Rob with B-Rush has to be at the top.

Also, I love me some Paul Pierce but Jacque Vaughn and Jerod Haase should be towards the bottom of that list. Jacque Vaughn is the only PG in the last 30 years that hasn't guided his team to the Final 4.

I love me some Mason, Graham, and Jackson, but they need a Final 4 to cement their legacy imo.

Also, as much weight that is put on Adonis Jordan and Rex Walter...the same amount of weight should be put on Adonis Jordan and Downtown Terry Brown. Yes, Adonis Jordan is one of my all time fav KU pg's.

I also believe TT, EJ and Relly should get their due. And miles, Hinrich, and Langford as well as Miles, Hinrich, and boschee get their due.

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Gameday Breakdown: No. 2 KU basketball at Oklahoma

Mason also has 1431 career points. He sits just two points behind the great Wilt Chamberlain (1433 career points) for 24th on the All-Time Scoring list.

Here is a mind blowing fact. Wilt Chamberlain has 1433 career points in just 48 career Jayhawk games (29.3 ppg). Not to take anything away from Mason but tonight will be Mason's 125th career game. Can we please have 4 more years of Frank Mason?

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Gameday Breakdown: No. 2 KU basketball at Oklahoma

Those stats are insane for Mason. Field Goal percentage was mentioned twice (52.3 percent and 53 percent). I think you met to say that Mason leads the Big 12 in 3 point FG percentage st 52.3.

Good stuff by Mason! What's crazy is that he's shooting 61 percent from the 3 point line Big 12 games (8-13).

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