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'Everything looks better' for KU in Hawaii

The best part of this game was Franny going off on "Hu" and saying that if "Hu" kept scoring, Self would be like..."what" the rest of the game.

I love me some Franny.

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'Everything looks better' for KU in Hawaii

I know SVI shot the ball well but he took 12 total shots and 11 of them were 3's? That's a great way to get your overall offensive game going (sarcastic statement). I'm sure UCLA will just close out and force SVI to put it in the floor. I wonder what will happen then?

I don't know, there isn't a whole much of anything to take away from this game. Just a big tease game imo. I'm still ticked about Michigan State.

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Shoot! Kansas guards couldn’t

“I definitely have to work on finishing, maybe pulling up (for a) midrange jump shot and not going so far to the basket down there with the bigs".

I think Wayne Selden needs to take note of Graham's statement.

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Jayhawks can't stop Denzel Valentine, fall to Michigan State

Kentucky would have crushed KU last night. It could be an ugly January night in the Phog if Self doesn't figure out something with his lineup and this roster when Kentucky comes to town.

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Notebook: KU band doesn't travel to Champions Classic

I'm sorry, but the decision to not take the band to the Championship Classic is just inexcusable. Who are our education leaders who said "No" to this decision? Chicago is a market that is crucial to the success of KU's out of state tuition. Many kids come from Chicago to KU. Chicago is a hotbed for KU. To my understanding...the yellow brick road has led it's way to Chicago many times.

The brand of "KU" needs to be marketed at all times, especially in a city like Chicago that has proven to be a pipeline for kids attending the University of Kansas.

I can understand if you don't want to take the band to Indianapolis or Atlanta for the Championship classic, but not taking the band to Chicago to play in the United Center on National TV or up to New York in Madison Square Garden is a lack of leadership and responsibility to the brand of "KU" IMO.

Free The Band (One of the best bands in the country)

Free Diallo

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Jayhawks can't stop Denzel Valentine, fall to Michigan State

Just annoyed by this loss. I'm not mad, just really really annoyed at this loss. Just another example of KU not being able to finish a game on the National spotlight outside of conference.

I was actually encouraged at the way Greene and Svi looked on the court because I think they are moving well. Svi looks like he was "pressing" a little. I don't know what it is, but something doesn't fit or doesn't look right with Selden, Greene, and Svi. The combinations based on the minutes played last night just weren't meshing.

It's gonna be interesting to see what happens with Selden, Greene, and Svi when 1 of Graham and Mason aren't in the game. It's quite the logjam with those 3 and I'm afraid 1 of them is gonna be on the outside looking in towards the end of the season. I'm still mystified by the fact that Greene, Svi, and Selden are only able to pull down a combined 2 rebounds for the entire game? 2 rebounds between 3 guys in 48 minutes of play and they are 6'5", 6'8", AND 6'8"? 2 REBOUNDS!!!!!!

I was actually encouraged by Selden at the WUG's and I'm trying to give him benefit of the doubt because he's an upperclass Junior now, but he looks like he did the previous two years. Slow, not explosive, not able to get around anybody on the perimeter, not able to finish at the rim, and just another example of not making an impact against "Better Athletes" on the court.

Selden's shot has improved and I will give him that, but he is gonna have to impact the game more in some way and in some manner. Right now, he's a 6'5" 220/225 lb glorified spot up shooter. Gonna have to bring more than that Mr. Selden.

For me, the question marks the rest of the season are pretty simple.

1) How is Self gonna incorporate his better players into this lineup and find "Roles" for Svi and Greene? Right now, I'm concerned at the combinations and the manner in which those two guys fit with this squad. What is their role and will either one buy into it?

2) We saw Izzo use some Frosh I've never heard of down the stretch in McQuaid and he came up big with 2 big 3's, and a timely block shot that went off Mason in a crucial part of the game.

Is Self gonna bring Bragg along slowly and then leave us all wondering why Bragg still hasn't "Gotten it" come conference play?

Bragg needs minutes. Svi and Greene or whichever guy Self is gonna use need minutes. Self went away from all 3 of those guys in the second half of this game. A half where KU was outscored 44-32.

If Diallo gets cleared...Bragg and Diallo need their minutes. At this point, I will be gladly to accept and sacrifice a couple more losses if it means Bragg and Diallo get the experience to feel comfortable for February and March run!

Free Diallo!!!!! The only smart thing Vitale has said in the last 10 years.

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Big stage: Jayhawks wary of Spartans, Valentine

KU lead for the majority of the game. MSU might have been the better team, but KU gave up a 5 point lead the last 3 minutes of the game. Outside of 30 secs in the first half and a 3 minute stretch in the middle of the second half. KU lead for almost 34 minutes of the game. KU gave the game away.

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Big stage: Jayhawks wary of Spartans, Valentine

I'm interested in watching Tum Tum play for Michigan State. KU had a legitimate shot at that kid since he was in KU's backyard.

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Big stage: Jayhawks wary of Spartans, Valentine

Izzo shouldn't have won the 2009 Sweet 16 matchup either, but it always seems to find a way to even out.

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How former Jayhawks fared in NBA games of Nov. 5, 2015

Just it too much more to ask if they "Won" or "Lost" and their + or - during their minutes played? I think just the basic stats 1) doesn't give enough information 2) are just that...too basic.

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