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Jayhawks take over No. 1 spot in latest AP rankings

I've said for the last couple weeks that we as fans should want Duke to keep winning so they don't stay on the 4/5 seed line. Duke is the only team I don't want to see in the country before The Final 4. Beating a team twice is so hard. Especially the caliber of a Duke program coached by K.

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Ranking KU's top perimeter trios of the past 25 seasons

Definitely a lot of flaws with this list. I agree with the poster that involved Cedric Hunter, Calvin Thompson, and Ron Kellogg towards the top.

I don't have an exact ranking but Mario, Sherron, and Russ Rob with B-Rush has to be at the top.

Also, I love me some Paul Pierce but Jacque Vaughn and Jerod Haase should be towards the bottom of that list. Jacque Vaughn is the only PG in the last 30 years that hasn't guided his team to the Final 4.

I love me some Mason, Graham, and Jackson, but they need a Final 4 to cement their legacy imo.

Also, as much weight that is put on Adonis Jordan and Rex Walter...the same amount of weight should be put on Adonis Jordan and Downtown Terry Brown. Yes, Adonis Jordan is one of my all time fav KU pg's.

I also believe TT, EJ and Relly should get their due. And miles, Hinrich, and Langford as well as Miles, Hinrich, and boschee get their due.

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Gameday Breakdown: No. 2 KU basketball at Oklahoma

Mason also has 1431 career points. He sits just two points behind the great Wilt Chamberlain (1433 career points) for 24th on the All-Time Scoring list.

Here is a mind blowing fact. Wilt Chamberlain has 1433 career points in just 48 career Jayhawk games (29.3 ppg). Not to take anything away from Mason but tonight will be Mason's 125th career game. Can we please have 4 more years of Frank Mason?

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Gameday Breakdown: No. 2 KU basketball at Oklahoma

Those stats are insane for Mason. Field Goal percentage was mentioned twice (52.3 percent and 53 percent). I think you met to say that Mason leads the Big 12 in 3 point FG percentage st 52.3.

Good stuff by Mason! What's crazy is that he's shooting 61 percent from the 3 point line Big 12 games (8-13).

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Notebook: Jackson 'lost composure' during technical foul; Jayhawks make key free throws

I actually think Jackson deserved the technical. Slamming or not slamming the basketball isn't the issue. It's the intent and the behavior where Jackson showed up the official. IMO it's an easy call. I have no issue with the Technical being called by the official.

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Opening Act: Mason, Lucas lift Jayhawks to 86-80 win in Big 12 opener

Fun Fact: With Mason's 22 career points he finishes 2016 with 1390 career points. He passed Marcus Morris (1371 career points), Adonis Jordan (1373 career points) and Richard Scott for 25th on the all time scoring list at Kansas. Next on the list is none other than the great Wilt Chamberlain with 1433 career points.

If Mason were to only score 241 more points on the season (he currently has 258 total points this season) and tie his total of last season with 489 points...he would wind up with 1631 career points. Good enough for 13th all-time and sandwiched between Mark Randall and Kevin Pritchard.

Personally, barring injury and a full compliment of games with a deep NCAA run...I think Mason has a shot at 1800 plus career total points and somewhere in the #6-#9 all time scoring list. David Robisch is #10 with 1754 career points followed by Paul Pierce with 1768 career points, followed by Perry Ellis with 1798 career points, followed by Keith Langford with 1812 career points and Darnell Valentine at #6 with 1821 career points. Mason IMO won't catch Sherron Collins at #5 with 1888 career points.

Observation: I know that Josh Jackson had a nice 4 game stretch before this TCU game but I don't understand why Self and Staff dont half post Jackson to find him some different looks and isolate his skill set so he can exploit that mid range game? It just doesn't make any sense to me.

Svi, Vick, and Jackson...who are bigger guards try to play like Graham and Mason as constant slashers. That's fine part of the time but why not expand on Jasckson's skill set and rare talent level to take advantage of some of these matchups. When Jackson was struggling slashing last night, isolate him in the half post and use him like Marcus Morris.

IMO Self has never completely fully exploited the talents of guys like Xavier Henry, Andrew Wiggins, and or Kelly Oubre. All those guys are 6'8 and Self always has them playing like they are 6'3" guards. Jackson included. What's Jackson's go to if his slashing is cut off? His hustle? His defensive prowess? His athleticism? Well, I saw what happened in 2014 when Andrew Wiggins disappeared and was a non factor in the third round (round of 32) against Stanford.

Get Jackson comfortable in other spots on the floor. We know he can drive and get to the basket. What happens when he's struggling and not making those runners?

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Big second-half scoring burst lifts Jayhawks past Davidson

Key Stat: Mason passed Mario Chalmers (1341 points) for 28th on the All-Time Scoring list. With his 18 points he has 1355 career points and is looking to pass Marcus Morris (1371), Adonis Jordan (1373), and Richard Scott (1375) to move into the Top 25 all time scoring at Kansas.

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Tom Keegan: Zenger had no choice but to extend his football coach

I'm not a big football talker but the "Contract Extension" does make sense. Kansas football can't compete "Nationally" with other major football programs across the country. Let's face it, this is the stonecold truth and we as fans have to start accepting this.

With this said, sometimes history can repeat itself. Kansas can't just fire and hire coaches and expect to be "Successful". Kansas also can't expect to be on the same 4/5 year plan as everyone else the country.

A great model for doing things right is just 90 minutes down the road in Manhattan, KS. If you remember, back in the Mid to Late 80's Kansas and Kansas State was playing what they called the "Toilet Bowl."

Bill Snyder was apart of that "Toilet Bowl", but slowly he started scheduling smarter and positioning his teams where "W's" turned into confidence for not only his players, but his program. Sure, it took almost a decade for the Wildcats to gain respectively Nationally, but Bill Snyder is a Hall of Fame Coach now that isn't an easy game on the schedule.

I'm not sure if Beatty is the right man or not, I'm hoping they trust and stick with this guy and I'm hoping Beatty shows the loyalty back and doesn't leave at the first sign of success. If he has the ability to turn the program around.

In order for KU to be successful again...KU is gonna have to commit to a Snyder like (Hopefully it's Beatty) coach and think outside of the box in terms of scheduling and then hope the Big 12 schedule allows KU to get some "W's" so it can it work it's way back to a .500 program.

IMO that's the only way a football program like Kansas is gonna turn around. Patience, faith, loyalty, a Kansas guy first, and someone who truly believe in the Kansas Football program is the only way it's every gonna turn around and then sustain that success.

I like the Beatty contract extension if and only if he's the guy they believe can turn the program around for long-haul. This isn't a short-term fix.

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KU senior Landen Lucas believes progress is a big picture thing

Yeah, I'm not buying that as the main issue, but Lucas needs to adjust.

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KU senior Landen Lucas believes progress is a big picture thing

I think Lucas will be fine. I think he will return in some fashion to his phenomenal 15 game "Stretch" of last year. I still think knows he's the 5th scoring option when he's on the court. He just needs to catch a break (health wise and ref wise) and find that groove. I think he will. I've said this a lot...I'm not worried about Lucas.

I honestly don't think he's far from getting back to the point of finding a groove. Im not sure he will get back to last year but I think he can find a nice rhythm with this roster. I also think it's unrealistic for Lucas to get back to last year because he's gonna have a different "role". At least in terms of his outlook of the front court because there is no Perry Ellis alongside him.

Sure, his confidence is a little shaken but he's smart, experienced, and he's been in Self'a system for 5 years now. He knows what is expected of him and he knows exactly where he stands with Coach Self. I think that right there is why Lucas is an asset regardless whwether he is getting 29 mins, 15 mins, starting or not starting.

Now, this is just my opinion...what's hurting Lucas ultimately is the "Perrry Ellis Effect". Perry was so good and garnered so much made Lucas' job so much easier and it took pressure off him to perform.

Kansas doesn't have a Marcus Morris, T-Rob, Darrell Arthur, or Perry Ellis to help compliment their other big men.
Let's face it...Bragg is struggling and Doke is young. Lucas is suppose to shoulder that scoring load? Not a chance. Be nice if Bragg could have stepped up just a little to be a D.Arthur, Marcus, T-Rob, or Perry.

I'm more disappointed in Bragg than I am Lucas because I know what Lucas is. D-Jackson had Arthur. Morris twins had Aldrich. Kieff and T-Rob had Marcus. Withey had T-Rob. Lucas had Perry Ellis last year. Who does Lucas have this year? Doke? Bragg?

I just don't think it's Lucas as much as it's not having the "traditional" 4 that Self has always had in his tenure at Kansas. Lucas is adjusting to the 4 guard lineup and it impacts him more than anyone else on the team so I'm cutting the 5th year senior some slack at the moment.

Let's revisit this mid January and see if Lucas adjusted or if his game improved. That's where I am on the Lucas issue.

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