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Svi Mykhailiuk sparks Jayhawks in rivalry win

Sorry Jared, I think it's too late for Vick. While I love his potential going forward Self IMO needs to shrink the rotation. I think he needs to choose between Svi and Greene and go with it. He's starting to shrink the big rotation but I would much rather see more Bragg than traylor.

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Svi Mykhailiuk sparks Jayhawks in rivalry win

O where O where did this Svi come from? Granted his 3 point shots didn't fall, but he looked confident, smooth, and in control. Outside of Graham and Mason it was refreshing to see another Jayhawk have the ability to get by their defender and take it to the rack. That was the most refreshing part IMO about Svi. I hope that Svi sticks around the rest of the season. It unfortunately will limit Greene's minutes of Svi can play like that but not everyone can be happy with PT.

Joe Ross, completely agree about Selden. This is what has frustrated me with Selden his whole career. I was very curious about this game in terms of how Selden would play. I think because Selden had a career game against "Kentucky" that can sometimes be misleading. John Calipari has the better team, better athletes, better talent, and bigger name, but those kids at Kentucky aren't as disciplined defensively.

Bruce Webber and K-State aren't near as talented and not even close to being a good team but one thing you will always get from a Bruce Webber team? A team focused and disciplined on defense regardless of their athletes and talent. That's why Bruce Webber was so good at Southern Illinois and those Salukis squads back in the day because they were so tough to play against because of their defensive mindset.

This his why I think Self and staff need to seriously consider getting Selden in spots (the half post) where he doesn't have to operate and focus so much with his dribble. Let him catch and face or catch and post and let Selden do work and damage from more comfortable spots from 8 to 17 feet.

Last night was a prime example of K-State guards focusing on Selden and they prevented Selden from getting comfortable because simply stated, they were quicker out beyond the 3 point line than Selden. If Selden isn't hitting his shot there has to be other ways to get him going and get him in the flow. He's just not quick or fast enough to get his shoulder past people. Where Selden goes Kansas goes.

Good post Joe, Ross.

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Tom Keegan: Bill Self busts out junk defense to top Kentucky

Both were used in that 4 minutes.

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Tom Keegan: Bill Self busts out junk defense to top Kentucky

Let's be honest, Jay, Svi was never gonna be that. The "Talk" is what destroys these kids.

Selden was talked about in a similar manner and he's no 2 guard. Hell, they talked PG with Selden and he's never been close to that either. He's a 3 and we're finally seeing him get comfortable in that role. The scouts get things wrong too.

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Extra incentive: Wayne Selden Jr. helps KU win battle of blue bloods

in the NBA melo draws a completely type of defender but when he was in college he was drawing 6'3"/6'4" Keith Langford types. Sure, Selden is smaller, but his shooting ability still allows him to have the space he needs.

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Extra incentive: Wayne Selden Jr. helps KU win battle of blue bloods

Height doesn't matter. It may be a little disruptive at times and I'm sure the defense will some battle, but Selden's efficiency as a shooter would allow him more opportunities to work if he can properly utilize his footwork create scoring opportunities for himself or create opportunities for his teammates.

Would you rather have Selden with the basketball creating in this position having this opportunity or Mason driving to the basket and not giving it up or looking for his teammates? I would rather expand the offense in this manner and allow Selden more decision making and more opportunities to flourish.

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Extra incentive: Wayne Selden Jr. helps KU win battle of blue bloods

I'm a firm believer that you have a philosophy but you have to mix and match that philosophy to the personnel you have on your roster. You can't just run a system the same every year and just expect everyone to adapt to it. I think a coach has to adapt to his personnel. Even though Self went back to the small quick 2 guard lineup (A change that had to happen) Ive still been disappointed the last 3 years over Self's inability to adapt to his players especially with Wiggins, Oubre, and now Selden.

You can't run a Hi-Lo offense if you have no freaking center who isn't capable or talented enough to create the "Spacing" the Hi-Lo offense needs.

As much as I hate to say it, this offense needs to run through Wayne Selden 1st and that means getting him in spots that are successful and allowing him to make decisions to distribute properly (It would increase Selden's game but it would maximize KU's potential) I think at times when Mickelson or Bragg in the lineup (Because they can knock down the FT jumper) that's putting him in the half post and allowing Selden to create without having to use his dribble.

I mean, it's essentially what Boheim did with Melo against Kansas in the 2003 Championship game and it's basically the triangle version for the college game. You just can't do it as often in college because there just isn't enough "spacing" allowed in the college game. And, you have to have the right "big's" to create that spacking. I think Bragg/Ellis and Mickelson/Ellis would do that for Selden.

I think Ellis is a great second option and I think Selden can create opportunities (not by driving), but working that block all the way out to about 17-18 feet where Selden can work his "Melo" moves. I really do believe Selden would flourish in this role if it was just talked about or put in the game plan to give a "Look" the defense has never seen before.

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Tom Keegan: Bill Self busts out junk defense to top Kentucky

It just gives yourself options. You can play them together like those 3 or you could go standard like Chalmers, Russ-Rob, and Collins did. Either way, having a third ball handling guard gives you options by playing together or bringing somebody off the bench. Be nice to give Graham and Mason a break and not drop off in the ball handling department when either exits the game.

Opportunities Jay! Like I said, the point is it would be nice to have a third ball handling guard on this roster.

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Tom Keegan: Bill Self busts out junk defense to top Kentucky

I'm fine with Graham and Mason. Sure, I wish Mason was a better distributor and made better decisions. Sure, I wish Graham could take the concrete blocks off his feet so he could move laterally on defense, but I wouldn't trade them. They are typical Kansas players IMO.

With that said, Kansas needs a third ball handling guard (Not Wayne Selden) or someone to disrupt things offensively. That guy may be Vick, but he's not ready. I would love to see a third ball handing guard on this squad.

That's why I love watching OU play. Hield, Woodard, and Cousins can all get to any spot on the floor with their dribble anytime they want. It's a huge advantage for them and takes pressure of their mediocre "Big's".

That's why I want to put Selden in on the half post and utilize him in a manner where he doesn't have to use his dribble to create (Melo, Kobe, Paul Pierce moves).

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Tom Keegan: Bill Self busts out junk defense to top Kentucky

Because of the score 90-84? Usually when you score more points you win.

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