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Chalmers chipper despite slipping

My bad...I was referring to Riley. I forgot that he stepped down. It is still a great fit and the organization obviously thinks highly of Mario giving up draft choices and cash.

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Chalmers chipper despite slipping

A couple of years from now, Chalmers will look back on this and realize that the circumstances that brought him to Miami were one of the best things that ever happened to him.He could have ended up in some hell hole of a city to live and been playing for a loser coach and team that would have undoubtably short-changed his career potential.Instead he gets to live in one of the coolest cities in the country for a young single guy that is soon destined to be rich. Also, he gets to play for a team that will provide him a tremendous opportunity to develop under one of the best coaches in the country.He will get his contract and this situation is all good. Good luck Mario!

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All's well that ends well

Did Shady end up signing with an agent before the draft? I think I recall that he did.If so and I were Shady, that idiot would have been fired before the bell rang midnight on draft night. That is by far the worst representation that I have ever seen.With a known pending problem and a seemingly perfect explanation collaborated by Washington, this guy should have squelched this before costing DA $1+M. Isn't that what these guys are paid the big bucks to do?Maybe there is more to the story...but this fires me up for DA.

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Who goes where?

WTF!! KU bias aside...these teams are picking some rediculous dumb picks. Noone will even know who half of these people are in 2 years.

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Collins' lawyers answer lawsuit

This whole thing amazes me for multiple reasons:a)For starters:I am astounded that something this ridiculous could possibly reach this level of escalation.b)Sherron should have taken care of business. I am sure he is intelligent enough to understand that notices to appear in court are serious enough to warrant a response. However; with that said, I give Sherron the benefit of the doubt that there is more to the story regarding the other attorney business. Making a statement that something like that occurred in an affidavit will guarantee that it will come under the scrutiny of the courts. No attorney I know is going to risk getting disbarred for collaborating something that has no chance of withstanding hearsay alone. Lawyers keep great records and I expect something will be corroborated from this.c)I have been down the Towers elevators before back in the day and as others have suggested it is a very quick ride from top to bottom. From the alleged life altering damages the woman claims she experienced in a 10 second ride, one would assume that she was sodomized, gang raped, pillaged and left for dead by the side of the road. Are you kidding me? Something smells extremely exaggerated regarding whatever may or may not have happened that day. d)How opportunistic? I wonder how motivated the woman would be had the incident not involved a high profile athlete.e)I am dying to know what the purported evidence is. I will recount my skepticism regarding this woman's claim if the KBI comes back and indeed announces that they have confirmed a Sherron short hair was found lodged between her ear and hair weave as a result of a violent struggle between Sherron's man pipe and her unwilling orface. I mean seriously WTF?f)Where were the Kansas coaches and Administrators during all of this? I got to believe that in a town like Lawrence, news would travel pretty quickly at the first inclination that a star athlete was involved in any legal dispute. The fact is that young athletes don't always make good decisions:for that someone should have been involved before we got to this point to provide some strong armed guidance about taking care of business. That said:this would have been dismissed a long time ago.g)Does anyone know who the attorney is that is representing the woman? I would like to look him up on Martindale Hubble. I bet he is an esteemed member of the legal community.h)I could be wrong, but I am guessing this woman doesn't deserve $0.75. Too bad the courts don't have the authority to b-slap someone when they file frivolous crap like this and send them on their way.i)My prediction: upon appeal the woman gets nothing, the case gets dismissed, the woman will be discredited upon evaluation of her personal character and this is black eye all athletes should learn from:YOUR ACTIONS SEAL YOUR FATE:make them count.

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KU remains perfect, edging Mizzou 76-70 in ugly, foul-marred road contest

WTF with Comcast not carrying the KU vs. MU game. Seriously...I have 1000 stations and 10 games noone with any 800 miles of here gives a crap about.

Someone needs an ass kicking!!!! This is unbeleivable!

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