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Langford spurns 76ers for Russia

I know a kid who I went to grade school with shiny white kid millionaire parents. Huge drug dealer cops pulled him over with 16oz of cocaine and he hasn't served a day in prison and he was 19 when arrested.

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Seldom-seen Brannen Greene trusts in KU program, coach

Greene played at least 3x more than Andrew white did and 4x more than Andrew white played his freshman year.
Mark my words Greene will avg 23 points in a few years.

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Top basketball preps ‘package deal’

He's a 7'1 sophomore that can do this
He is the future.

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Top basketball preps ‘package deal’

Maker is the best player to ever touch a basketball.

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KU duo’s likely destinations revealed at NBA draft lottery

I hope bucks get wiggins and that their starting lineup of Brandon Knight Gainnis Antekutempo Andrew Wiggins John Henson Larry Sanders dominates in the future.

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Florida-Kansas rematch set for Dec. 5 in Allen Fieldhouse

Andrew White is transferring so that sucks.

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Former Jayhawk Michael Lee coaching at prep level

Imagine this 2015 Ku lands Tako the 7'5 kid. He stays another year and Ku gets Thon Maker, KU's front court is now 7'2, 7'5.

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Kansas lands PG Devonte' Graham

50 something
90 something

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Kansas lands PG Devonte' Graham

Great to have good size at the point guard spot at 6'2 he can defend taller pg's. I really like that he 6'3 it's so great I mean 6'4 is such a good height at 6'5 he can really help this team.

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Self confirms Naadir Tharpe transfer

Oubre won't play pg and he will start.

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