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KU basketball's Big 12 schedule features 4 Big Monday dates, opens Jan. 4 vs. West Virginia

ESPN+ usually works out to be only a couple dollars per game. The trick is that once the game begins, you have to watch it live.

So if you miss the start, and want to watch the game from the beginning, you'll have to wait for it to be uploaded and available as a replay - usually takes 30-60 minutes after the end of the game.

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College basketball recruiting fixer with ties to KU sentenced to probation in corruption case

If you think it's soooo last quarter, then don't read it.

The kid got an assignment and went about his job. It's kind of pathetic of you to chastise someone perhaps barely out of college, AND assume a motive for which you have absolutely no basis. Project much?

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Agbaji, Azubuike impress at Nike Skills Academy in California

"blend into the spectators," suggests Dirk thinks there is an element of camouflage that comes into play (smaller player, blending into the background). Whether that's the case or not, the comment seems based on visual perception, not on race.

However, I am unclear as to his "inmates" reference.

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Self: Veteran pieces important for KU basketball

Now playing left field for the Off Tangents ...

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Teammate says Kansas freshman Christian Braun 'ready for whatever it takes'

According to a close family member, it's pronounced like "Brown."

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Point guard Dajuan Harris commits to Kansas

i believe Travis Releford and landon lucas red-shirted freshman year, Brady morningstar maybe his sophomore year? Those are the only roster players i can think of.

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Point guard Dajuan Harris commits to Kansas

Ryan - is this for real? If so, your uncle was a classic. Yoda with an attitude. I hope the two of you were close, and could opine together often and at length.

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4-star wing forward Jalen Wilson signs with Kansas

I like our look for 2019/20. Could quite possibly bring some unanswered prayers.

Duke is Duke for now. They hooked Hurt and Stanley. Villanova somehow grabbed Earl. And Precious went with the shiny new object that is Memphis. Many higher ranked players - looking to start - committed in the Fall and/ or early Spring when it sure looked like we would be set with Dotson, Grimes, and Abagi/ Garrett.

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Iowa grad transfer Isaiah Moss signs with Kansas

Great news! Moss gets to play a year at a Blue Blood program with a pretty good chance at a national championship. KU replaces the experience and productivity of Grimes/Moore.

If his upward trajectory of continues, this will be a huge get. If it flattens out, we still have a veteran body on the bench providing a breather and extra fouls. Congratulations to all!

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KU guard Marcus Garrett still on the mend from high ankle sprain that hindered him last season

Kind of like baseball - catcher, 2nd/SS, and CF.

1, 3, 5. Dotson, Garrett, Dok + the x-factors. Gosh I just want everyone healthy this year to see what happens. They deserve that opportunity.

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