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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self aiming to listen, learn more about role of race in America

"... time for the minorities to get active in the same manner?" Where have you been? And what did culpability have to do with Justin Howell? Sean Monterrosa? Ahmaud Arbery? Michael Brown??? etc, etc, etc. Easy to kneel for the anthem? How'd that turn out for Kaepernick?

Since talk is so cheap, what you have accomplished to further racial justice and equality, Jerry?

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NCAA moves toward allowing athletes to be paid sponsors

"California’s law does not go into effect until 2023 while a Florida bill awaiting the governor's signature would go into effect July 2021."

So does that mean that - all other things being equal - projected OAD's or 2-year players with the potential to reap benefits from endorsements will be signing with schools like Florida or Florida State, rather than for instance San Diego State or UCLA?

Wouldn't these differing dates affect recruiting (and signings) in a big way for the next couple of years?

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Sophomore big man David McCormack the latest Jayhawk to announce return to Kansas

Really, Adam. Go read an actuarial report if this is too boring for you. God, I hope you live alone for the sake of others.

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Sophomore big man David McCormack the latest Jayhawk to announce return to Kansas

Maybe because it somewhat relates to the fact that today is the deadline to request evaluation from NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee. Maybe because it's a way for those players to show love for KU, and celebrate the fact that they are looking forward to next year. And that we can too.

Maybe because there are folks like me who have been indefinitely laid off. We are earning no income, anxious about the future, and can escape for a few moments to read about a few kids we care about (until we run into your whiney, juvenile, not funny comments).

Maybe because without March Madness and the draft timing uncertain, our dedicated young journalists look for something - anything - to write about.

I work in sports television production. My friends and co-workers are out of work, and many are in dire straits. My family works in the travel, hospitality and entertainment industry and are laid off. My neighbors are in health care or veterinary care, and are risking their lives by working overtime.

How about you just answer your own snarky question, and shut the F up unless you have something intelligent or positive to add.

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KU junior Marcus Garrett named Naismith Defensive Player of the Year

And fans need to have a little trust and patience.

When I watched him freshman year, I saw a kid who looked to be a starter from soph to senior year. Same focus and attack as Releford, but more explosive (higher center of gravity) and longer, quicker arms. I saw a kid who seemed extremely poised and not easily rattled. A kid who looked like he bought into the system, and was on the same page as Self. He just needed more time.

The game isn't one dimensional, and you could see an intelligent player who was going to round it out. We (thought we) had scorers in Devonte, Svi, Newman, Dotson, and Grimes. Last year, we didn't have the pieces - with Dok hurt, Lawson our "big" man, Dotson a freshman, Grimes underperforming, and Vick being Vick. But Marcus elevated the defense anyway, and his attack mode never went awol - regardless of his shooting.

I was baffled by those who constantly called for his benching. One idiot even made fun of his hair. Shame on those fans. (Some of the same ones who bemoan the lack of 3 and 4-year players who develop their game over time.) This is exactly what we are privileged to witness with Marcus.

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Production, planning for annual NCAA Tournament often a 9-month process

Hope you're volunteering at your local hospital then, if you're not concerned.

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Pre-draft process could look unrecognizable for NBA prospects, such as Devon Dotson

Don't they have some kind of a court in their dorm building?

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KU freshman Jalen Wilson not planning to go anywhere this offseason

Agree. This is like a sell moment in the stock market. With his history of injuries, he shouldn't risk another 10-game season. We may not have a post-season to play for in 2021. His value and options will not increase.

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NCAA VP Dan Gavitt explains why no NCAA Tournament bracket was released on what would have been Selection Sunday

nah ... it hurts more to lose something you love. And we truly loved this year's team - even though it took some people awhile to get on the defense-oriented bandwagon.

Rather have loved and lost, than never have loved at all.

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