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Former KU LB Ben Heeney: Beaty thrown into program left in shambles by Weis

Some of the reasons with ANY coach with head coaching experience would have been better:

1. Beaty is a horrible play caller. His one year of experience as a play caller at Rice was so bad that he was not retained for a second year. Most head coaches have enough experience on one side of the ball to help their coordinators find success. Beaty has never possessed this competence, so his coordinators have been on their own. When his more experienced assistant coaches disagreed with them, he has let them go. There is no other football program on the planet where someone who failed as a coordinator would be promoted to HC.
2. Weis proved that consistantly taking more than 8 jucos in a recruiting classes will eventually leave a program in shambles, and then Beaty was stupid enough to double down on that strategy. Beaty originally had a long leash, and could have rebuilt the program the right way. Recruiting kids for 5 years, and coaching them up. Instead Beaty offered incoming scholarship slots to transfers and jucos.
3. His inexperience as a head coach, caused him to publicly throw his coaches under the bus. Do you remember when he took over coaching punt returns? Or when he paid a coach to be a "walk-around-guy"? Or fired Meachum?
4. Good coaches run the best system for their talent. Beaty has embraced an air-raid-or-bust mentality before he arrived. He still believes that the way you win in the Big 12, is by out air raiding an air raid conference where every other team from top to bottom is more talented.
5. His game time decisions have been a joke. He actually agreed to a running clock against TCU last year, until the Big 12 intervened and told him that he couldn't throw in the towel like that.
6. He literally has the worst coaching record in the history of college football. If Saban is the Goat, Beaty is the Woat.
7. Every QB that Beaty has touched has experienced a regression of talent. Willis and Cozart both did much better once they left. Not to mention non-QBs like Sternberger.
8. Beaty could not pick a starting QB if his life depended on it. When we look back at this chapter of KU football, the one thing we will all remember is the guy who had a 4-year QB controversy.
9. Look at the roster. Evaluate who is leaving, and who will be left. There will be very little difference from the program Weis left to the one Beaty is leaving.

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks rewarded by sticking with Bender at QB

Andy, Tom was eating crow. You know...admitting he was wrong. He was owning the fact that he had been writing that Stanley should obviously be the QB, and that Beaty was a bad coach. It is called integrity. He had to admit he was wrong, so we all know he will ho!d himself accountable.

There are commenters on this site who have accused Tom of being out to get Beaty. When Tom has really just been objective, and Beaty really is horrible. This is actually a brilliant move by Tom. This proves that Tom is objective, and should silence his critics like you. He could have easily taken a different approach of reporting that this is "too little, too late". Most of his critics are silent now because they have put two and two together on their own. You apparently need it spelled out for you, so you are welcome.

The reality is that the rest of the football fans around the nation are not crediting Beaty with the win. The story the rest of the world is seeing is that a Butt Fumble beat TCU. The better team lost on a fluke play. If KU had won by 20, the story would be different.

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Tom Keegan: Why does Carter Stanley keep drawing the short stick?

Beaty is a moron. When he was hired, I thought it was a huge mistake because of his lack of successful experience as an OC, DC or HC. His only experience as an OC was so bad at Rice that he was fired after one year. I thought his only chance was hiring some amazing coordinators, and leaning on them heavily to overcome his own short comings.

I think he has deferred to Bowen on the defensive side of the ball, but it looks like he keeps overriding the judgment of his more experienced offensive coaches. Beaty keeps hiring assistants with much more coaching experience than he has, and then cutting them off at the knees with his own poor judgement.

Beaty is a great cheerleader, but he is an absolutely horrible football coach. He has demonstrated a complete inability to evaluate talent, make correct game time decisions or call plays. A good head coach should be the smartest guy in the room. He should be a guy who his coaches look to for their own development, but I get the feeling that Beaty's assistants probably avoid him so it doesn't make their jobs more difficult than it needs to be.

Remember that last year, he agreed to a running clock against TCU... think about that for a second. The Big 12 had to intervene - preventing him from throwing in the towel. This is the guy who runs the program. It is not the off-season hype man... it is the guy who requires intervention to save him from himself.

Long knows he is a lost cause, or he would have intervened himself by now. If he wanted to save Beaty, he would have prevented the Meachum firing because of the optics.

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KU football coach David Beaty fires offensive coordinator Doug Meacham

The offense has been horrible, but it is much better than when Beaty was OC.

Perhaps Beaty thought that Meachum was the most likely interim HC, and wanted to pull the rug from under him.

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Tom Keegan: KU defense did its part in loss to WVU

Silver lining: At least we precisely know the formula for Beaty to win. 4 turnovers isn't enough. Beaty needs a defense to have 6 for him to win.

The KU Athletic department should create "6 turnovers or bust" t-shirts.

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Tom Keegan: Ryan Willis makes big splash for Virginia Tech

Beaty is not only the worst HC of all time. He is also the worst QB coach. Every QB regresses under Beaty.

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Tom Keegan: KU AD Jeff Long responds to questions on reeling football program

I wonder who would be named the interim HC. Bowen did a good job last time replacing much so that many wanted Bowen to continue in that role.

Bowen made a lot of changes when he took over, and they were the right moves. He replaced the OC and starting QB. Bowen didn't win a lot of games, but it was the last time KU played competitive football. Beaty's Texas game was an anomaly. They gave up the ball 6 times. KU didn't win that game so much as Texas refused to win it.

Things were starting to turn around enough under Bowen that it created a controversy about keeping Bowen, and if I am Long I dont want the controversy if my intention is to hire someone else. Meachum is probably the next best option, but it would be hard to make him the guy when our offense has been so bad.

Bowen has not been much better than Meachum, but at least Bowen showed progress last time he was in the role. I personally would like Bowen to be HC for the rest of the season just to see what changes he would make. I dont think he wins any games this year, but I do think KU would play competitive football for the rest of the year. KU has nothing to lose by making Bowen the guy right now. We cant get any worse.

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Notebook: Pooka Williams unavailable in Week 1

Put a red shirt on him, and hope the new coach will be able to get something out of him in the next 4 years.

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Quick recap: KU football falls to Nicholls State in overtime

Where is rock bottom for KU football? It feels like this is it, but look at the list of players coming back next year. It will get even worse before it gets better. I don't know how the on the field product can get worse, but there are not enough bodies to even compete at this level next year.

When we look back 10 years from now, what will be the lowest moment? Has it happened yet, or is it still to come?

KU does not need a new head coach, it needs a priest.

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KU Kickoff 2018: Why the Jayhawks could win only 1 game — or none

I have a personal challenge for Jackson, Keegan, Smith, Tait (if he still cares about football) and any other staffer I may have missed.


Write a column identifying a real head coach at this level who you feel that Beaty has out performed on the field. Ideally someone who has coached in the last 40 years (finding some obscure coach from the 1920's would be kind of lame), and make a case for how KU fans should be thankful they have Beaty over the other coach. Please make it based upon on the field production. It would be going against the spirit of the challenge to say that you would want Beaty over someone like Art Briles because of the off the field stuff.

If you are up to the challenge, at the end of your article, you have the option of challenging another sports writer to take on the challenge.

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