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Kansas claims epic win in Border War finale

Obviously, the game is an "instant classic." Does anyone know where & when it will be rebroadcast?

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Bobby Knight only semi-right

Bobby Knight has always been a polarizing figure & a contradiction in so many ways. While undoubtedly a very successful coach in his previous career, he has a long & undistinguished record of treating other human beings with disdain & disrespect. & there is NEVER any excuse or justification for that.

Now, as a media broadcaster & analyst, he has become a member of the sports press community that he so routinely critized & disrespected as a coach. He fails to adequately prepare for his broadcasts & frequently makes glaring mistakes as a result (The following observations are from the KU vs. KSU telecast). KU should go far in the NCAA's because of their "deep bench" that goes 9 deep? When have you ever heard a broadcaster call out "nope" or "miss" when a shot is in the air? When have you ever seen a broadcaster roll around & suck on a piece of hard candy in his mouth, on-camera during the pre-game while talking at the same time? It's as if the broadcast powers that be are afraid to correct or criticize Knight's misbehaviors & faulty comments & just allow him to be "himself" on camera. Regardless of whether you like Bobby Knight or not, there is no excuse for his lack of preparedness or unprofessional behavior.

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Frank Martin: Game was ‘men’ vs. ‘kids’

One more Knight rant for now...Near the end of the game he commented that KU should do well in the NCAA tourney because of our "deep bench." He stated we go "9" players deep which gives us an advantage. "Deep bench"? This year? Does he ever do any research or at times, even pay attention?

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Frank Martin: Game was ‘men’ vs. ‘kids’

Bobby Kinght is still a terrible broadcster & on top of that, he's just strange. Ever see a broadcaster have a cough drop in his mouth + roll it around + suck on it while he's on air? How about late in the game when he explained how K-State blew the in-bounds play and then a few seconds later when the same play was on replay, say that they executed it well, but the shot attempt should have been made? How about the incredibly annoying announcements when it would say "NO" or "OFF when a shot was in the air & he thought it would miss? After years of treating the media terribly, he's become part of the same media he depised & disrespected + what a surprise, he sucks. .And yes, he's better than when he 1st startred broadcasting, but he's still stange and NOT a good commentator.

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FINAL: Withey's career-high 25 points lead KU to 68-54 comeback victory over No. 6 Baylor

Yes, Self & Drew differ greatly. Bill Self can coach AND recruit. And once again, it appears Scott Drew can ONLY recruit.

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Styles of Self, Drew differ

Yes, Self & Drew differ greatly. Bill Self can coach AND recruit. And once again, it appears Scott Drew can ONLY recruit.

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FINAL: Missouri scores game's final 11 points, rallies for 74-71 win over KU

Regardless of the refs & late questionable calls, we didn't CLOSE OUT the dam game when we had the chance. This is NOT a typical Kansas team & our "BASKETBALL IQ" is very low.

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