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As candidate to become KU football's permanent head coach, Emmett Jones plans to be himself

Id hire Jones simply because KU has screwed this up so many different ways previously, it can' get worse.

And my guess would be he'd at minimum supply a level of leadership that hasn't always been there.

They certainly could go wrong by hiring him. But we've seen them do it wrong other ways.

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Transfer portal not for everyone, but it can be a win-win for all even if it takes some getting used to

There's no stigma to transferring anymore. It used to be perceived (unfairly or not) that there was an issue -- usually with the player, not the school.

Now, it appears to be an elevator for everyone, as you point out. I to believe that kids should stick it out at their schools more often than not. But that's not how a lot view this anymore.

And im pretty sure, it's here to stay, even if the transfer portal isnt this nuts all the time.

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KU junior Ochai Agbaji declares for NBA draft, plans to retain college eligibility

The reality is Agbaji is good, but not great player. It's probably smart for him to do this, but I have trouble seeing him get drafted. He's probably an G-League player. Which is fine, by the way. But he's bound to get a 2-way deal at best.

The question then becomes, will he jump up the draft board if he waits? I'd doubt it. Which is why he should declare.

Im quite sure Self will be able to fill the spot as well.

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New AD Travis Goff taking 'open-minded' approach to future of KU football program

Normally I'd say the "stick with Jones" idea is crazy, but considering a decade of incompetence in the most important sport in an athletic departments fold, maybe it's not.

Unless there's something or someone out there who absolutely blows the doors off, It's worth giving him a shot.

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KU basketball lands former Drake guard Joseph Yesufu

Im a KU grad, but have a lot of connections with friends and business that are MVC school fans/alums. This guy can play. Have no idea if he'll be a star, but after seeing him in the MVC tournament and the NCAA's, he's going to make some level of impact almost assuredly.

It's an odd season of course, but the direction things are heading SEEM like it's going to be a situation where more and more P5 schools go after transfers. Unless your bringing in high end freshman prospects, this might be the way more schools go. Not saying that's good or bad, but it's happening.

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AD Chatter: Could KU's search be over on Monday?

The Athletic is reporting that Goff is the one getting hired.

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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self signs lifetime contract extension with KU

Functionally Calapari has this same type of deal.

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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self signs lifetime contract extension with KU

Curious about this. Clearly he's in charge of the athletic department... as he signed this deal without an AD around.

Something like this has to have been in the works for awhile.

How old is Self again? Didn't he say he wasnt going to coach into his mid to late 60s?

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KU junior Tyon Grant-Foster enters transfer portal

It does seem that if Self doesn't trust you to crack the rotation, your simply not going to get much run. For walk-ons that's probably not a big deal. But this guy was recruited by multiple high end programs. Im sure it's not what envisioned -- or did Self.

Regardless, I don't hold it against the players. For 99% of them the time they have playing organized ball is the time they have left in school. I hope he finds a place he can fit.

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Tristan Enaruna tests positive for COVID-19, KU's roster status more clear for opening weekend of NCAA Tournament

The reality is, even at our "peak" this year, I would have been somewhat surprised to make the 2nd weekend of the tournament. It's no different now, although probably the odds are less we'd make it there. Of course upsets happen.

I commend this team for sticking to protocols and making it THIS long into it without positive tests. If im correct, KU played all it's conference games and a lot of non-con games.

The timing stinks, but this wasn't a Final Four level team anyway. I'd be ecstatic if they make the 2nd weekend. And would have been with a full roster.

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