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Lopsided Sunflower Showdown ends with all-out brawl between No. 3 Kansas and K-State

Anyone still think Silvio De Sousa is worth all the trouble he's caused KU? Billy Preston?

Maybe KU needs some better judgement when it comes to these kids. I don't care how good they are -- and it turns out neither is consequential to the team. Except for negative stuff off the court.

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Lopsided Sunflower Showdown ends with all-out brawl between No. 3 Kansas and K-State

DeSousa and McCormick are going to miss time. Whatever the punishment, will be earned.

That said, the K-State player not in uniform better get hammered as well. He instigated the physical action that turned into a brawl. If that guy doesn't go after DeSousa, it does not turn into the cluster #@%#$^ that it became.

Disgraceful all around though. Not a good night to be a Jayhawk.

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Ex-KU football coach David Beaty to subpoena ESPN for ‘Miles to Go’ footage, contracts

Give Beaty credit. He's going for the "run around the village three times and light it on fire" approach.

That said, the sheer absurdity of KU's unwillingness just to pay him to make this go away seems bizarre. Especially when you consider how much money was thrown at Perkins, Gill, Weis, etc.

Regardless, it seems silly. At some point the lawyers fees likely starts to exceed the cost to just make him go away.

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Former KU forward Carlton Bragg Jr. kicked off team at New Mexico after DWI arrest

When you get the number of chances this guys has -- how many transfers is that now? -- and you still don't learn from it... you've got issues.

To think how highly touted this guy was coming out of high school, compared to where he's ending up is pretty amazing.

Character counts in life.

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Bears 'better' than Jayhawks in Baylor's first ever win in fieldhouse

For the first time in a long time I felt like Self was grossly out coached. The players were certainly out played.

It's as if Self didn't realize Baylor was going to play man-to-man at all... even though they did it virtually all game.

Having Dotson hampered certainly affected KUs offensive ability... but it wouldn't have changed the outcome.

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Kansas defense enjoying one of its best stretches in last 3 decades

At least this one is actually on national television.

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Notebook: KU coach Bill Self focused on recruiting impact of games being on ESPN+

I love ESPN+ and the unreal amount of sports content for 5 bucks a month. It's great.

I hate, HATE the fact that KU has T E N basketball games on it. The last few years almost ALL of those 10 would have been on ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPNU. There's ZERO question this will affect both the fan base and recruiting.

If your going to make people jump through hoops for it, don't complain when your not getting as many people to watch. Your only getting the true believers. Your certainly not growing your fan base.

The WVU / KU game this weekend I found particularly galling. It was likely the Big 12's best match up of the day -- two ranked teams going at it in Allen Fieldhouse. Sounds like an CBS or ESPN primetime game right? Nope. It's on the internet... behind a paywall no less. The kids love to use the "Epic Fail" expression. I don't know if this was epic, but it was a failure to be sure. Especially when you consider the number of games on this past weekend. Only a few of them were up to par with that matchup. But all those were on national TV.

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No. 3 Kansas earns tough win over No. 16 West Virginia in Big 12 opener

The ESPN+ thing still sucks all around. And I say that as a consumer of ESPN+ who loves it.

The fact that KU put T E N games on it (1/3rd of the schedule) is absurd beyond belief. THAT is what has to change.

Sorry, there's not enough voltage in the world to convince me that having a conference game with two ranked teams playing on a broadcast EXCLUSIVELY on the internet -- behind a paywall no less -- is good for the fans, or even the programs.

If all KU had on ESPN+ was some of the more unappealing non-conference games I'd really be okay with it. 4 or 5 games would be fine.

Considering how many games involving lesser teams were on over the air TV and cable yesterday, its an abomination that KU and WVU were on steaming only.

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Kansas basketball games on Big 12 Now/ESPN+ a new source of frustration for some KU fans

I posted on another thread, but found this one... which is where the topic is...

I for one hate that it's on ESPN+ now. Not because the technology -- I happily subscribe to ESPN+ and think that the content level for the value is unreal.

But I hate the idea that TEN (10!) KU games aren't on TV anymore. When was the last time TEN KU games were not available on TV?!?!?!? I can't recall at all.

I hope like crazy Jeff Long pushes back on this. Sorry. KU's BBall ratings on ESPN are only trail a small handful of teams. His argument is essentially that's why ESPN+ wants those eyeballs.

This is a huge slap in the face to KU Alums and fans in my opinion. So on a January Saturday a game between two ranked Big 12 teams is only available on the internet... behind a paywall. Brilliant move for the fan base!!!

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Bill Self points to Bob Huggins' 'colorful' style, coaching talent as reasons for spirited Kansas-West Virginia rivalry

Am I the only one that finds it shocking at Big 12 Saturday game between to ranked teams is on ESPN+ instead of ESPN? Even if it was on ESPNU, ESPN2, ESPNews... it'd make sense.

I actually subscribe to ESPN+ and enjoy it, but find it insane that a game like this against another ranked Big 12 opponent isnt on TV.

Or am I just charging at windmills at this point?

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